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Avocado Beef Burger (~$24): a DOUBLE PATTY!!! Burger that wasn’t too oily the way most burgers can get, but it was still really juicy, though the patties were quite thin! 🍔 Medium rare patties weren’t the best seasoned ones but together with the other ingredients, this was deffos a good burger!
I expected guacamole in this burger but instead got half an avocado, which wasn’t entirely bad, just not the easiest for eating 😂🥑 .
Change your fries to sweet potato fries (+$2) and you won’t regret!!! Trust me!! It tasted WAY better than normal paprika dusted fries 🍟

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Shackburger (~$9.70), a well seasoned and salted beef patty between 2 potato buns, wasn’t oily but the patty wasn’t dry which was pretty good! 😋 Potato buns were superrrr soft and not dry at all! But I doubt it can justify the price for it? 🍔🍔
Cheese fries (~$5.90), crinkly fries 🍟🧀 with loTSA CHEEESE!!! Cheese wasn’t those fake nacho cheese watery stuff but it was like super legit cheese and it was pretty obvious once you tasted it! Probably the best part of this meal tbh cos it was guuud but would get jelak halfway so share this!
Pandan Shake (~$7.80): I feel it’s a hit or miss bc I couldn’t take it after 5 sips but my Friend drank 3/4 of it 😅 Pandan taste was evident for sure and gula melaka was went well in the drink! But it was toooOoo sweet for me and Super filling so I’d pass on this :-(

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Third time here and this time I decided to get chicken instead of beef (again). The Henne (~$16), which had avocado cream, orange mayo and chicken breast, was impressive for a chicken burger. Most chicken burgers I’ve had always turned out too oily or too dry, but thankfully this one hit the sweet spot 😋, being juicy but not heart-attack inducing.
Avocado cream was done well too, not sour or too chunky like some guacs! Didn’t really fancy the orange mayo because it kinda tasted strangely sour, and ended up ditching the bottom bun with the mayo 😂
The dinner set (additional ~$15) came with a side and a cocktail. Got my sweet potato fries as usual which can’t go wrong, and GOLDREGEN (vodka cocktail)- which was really sweet and refreshing!
Personally still prefer the beef burgers as compared to the chicken but I’d say the chicken is good too


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Baby huey burger (~$17) with a 150g beef patty was so juicy and mouth-watering 😍 patty was charred well, with the bottom slightly burnt and the inside still red. Seasoning was on point as it was flavourful without being too salty. Cheese was oozy and brioche bun done very well too!

Fries were double fried, crispy without being too oily. Was really really amazed by the ketchup!! Didn’t taste as sour or tangy as normal ketchup and it paired so well with the burger and the fries 🤩

Would be back for this again once I burn off the calories..... heh 👅


Original legendary burger was juicy, oily but great! Topped with a thick patty, bacon, and a large fried onion ring, it felt really guilty but good 😍

I also had the chicken fajitas (~$29) which was probably one of the healthier things on the menu. Chicken was well Seasoned and not oily at all, making it tasty yet healthy(ish)


Finally tried this place and I’m impressed! Read many reviews and decided on the avocado beef burger (~$17) with a beef patty, aged cheese and avocado cream. Burger was tasty and juicy without being too oily, something I really appreciated since I really disliked overly oily burgers 😌 topped up $5 for the lunch set for a side (sweet potato fries which was great but slightly too salty) and a drink (had a elderflower original).

Really nice place with a comforting atmosphere. Would be back to try the other beef burgers or even the chicken burgers


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Burgers slightly on the dry side, but not much of an issue. What I had an issue with was the poor service received there. Staff was cold and ordered an extra item that we had to pay for.

Would not bother to rate/10