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Land Of Cheap Thrills 🇲🇾

Land Of Cheap Thrills 🇲🇾

Malaysia, our neighbour that provides the ultimate comfort when you’re feeling a tad broke in sunny Singapore.
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Apart from the famous curry bun, we also got this egg dish which was almost custardy. Wobbly and soft, we paired the bun along with the egg and it tastes as good! The fried shallots further enhanced the flavours of the egg and we slurped up every last bit of the egg.

The coconut shake with vanilla ice cream was super thick and contained bits of coconut within. Almost every table ordered the one with ice cream!

Came for breakfast and was surprised to see the crowd. While the food isn’t the specialty here, these fried fish sticks, curry puffs, banana bread and other assortment of fried food goes well with their Coconut Shake!

Came here after learning about this cafe on multiple “JB Must Eat” list. Felt it was a little overrated tbh. No doubt the chicken was juicy but felt a little lacklustre. The wedges weren’t crispy and there was nothing special about the coleslaw. Worth a try I guess!

Wouldn’t recommend their other dishes like the curry pork ribs as I felt it was rather mediocre though decent, given the price point (RM 20).

The crayfish here (RM 80) was also pleasantly delicious! It was so fresh you could almost taste the sea in your mouth. Definitely coming back for their seafood if I’m around Port Dickson!

Along this stretch of road are 3 seafood restaurants situated side by side, talk about tough competition. But the lady that we spoke to at the previous eatery (中记) recommended Restaurant Fatt Kee, which is the one situated at the back. It was drizzling when we were here but that did not deter the crowd from coming in. Do come early to avoid the queue here! The seafood here, if I may say, was pretty outstanding. The butter crab was so fresh, fleshy and fragrant, I lick off the butter sauce as it drips down my hand. We got a plate of mantous fried to a crispy golden brown to go with the butter sauce too! Absolutely tasty and guess what, it only cost us RM 90 😍 •

Herbal bak kut teh was great! Drizzled the gravy over my rice and man, think I could just eat it like this. Special shoutout to the enoki mushrooms in a pot which was superb!

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As the name suggests, Lucky King Bun is all about them buns, and the curry. They basically work like 金枕头, with thick and flavourful curry hidden within the bun. There are various curry options, from chicken curry, to pork curry and even a yuan yang version where you could mix them. Went for the safer chicken curry option and was not disappointed! The bun was quite crisp on the outside and perfect for dipping in to soak up all that curry goodness. The portion could easily feed 2-3 pax, so bring your friends along!

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Gotta come here early before all the da paus get sold out (like my current situation 😭), heard that the queue can get pretty insane. Opt for the small pau and was pleasantly surprised to see that it’s rather huge hahahha can only imagine how big the 大包 is. Pillow soft and airy, alongside very flavourful fillings, got to say, this makes for a pretty good brekkie.

Old school toast with teh o to start the morning!

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