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Halal Food πŸ—πŸŒΆοΈπŸ›

Halal Food πŸ—πŸŒΆοΈπŸ›

Featuring Big Fish Small Fish (Bugis Junction), Penang Culture (Jem), Penyet Town (Junction 10), Rumah Sayang, Food Junction (Sembawang Shopping Centre), Red Ginger
Komal Salve
Komal Salve
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Priced at $7.95, this was an interesting experience. The soup was nothing like a normal laksa, no coconut cream at all! It was actually listed as an heathier option. There was a nice combination of sweet, sour and minty flavour. The spiciness can always be enhance with the sambal belachan, which was really good! This was my first time trying Penang laksa, so I'm not sure what exactly to expect, but I still liked it. Probably won't have it again tho. That's not because of the flavour, but because it comes with sardine, which I don't like. Or most seafood actually haha

Marinated chicken was wrapped in fried beancurd skin in a sort of kebab form, and cut up into pieces. It came with plain, fried tofu, too. Both were not bad! The sauces given were; the normal chilli sauce and I don't know what the black one was actually. It was probably the marinate used for the chicken as it had a similar, sweet, chicken-y taste. The sweetness of the chicken can be overwhelming, so do try it with the sambal belachan as it's sourness and spiciness balances out the flavours.
It was much smaller than expected, or than the picture in the menu. Price: $5.95

Rather decent fried rice. Went well with the sambal belachan- which was nice and spicy!
$7.95++ and the basket of crackers (veg) snack which were already on the table were actually $2++. We thought it was free.... They never said anything. We only realised while paying. But still, worth it, as they were super addictive!

Definitely not bad! I'll go back there to try the chicken cos the pieces looked huge. The sambal goreng was interesting as the green beans were so crunchy! The crunchiest green beans I've ever had in my life. In a good way. It made the whole dish feel so fresh.
$5.80 for 3 vegetables, though it's not technically 3 veggies haha!

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This is $6 and the rice is additional $2.
Ever since my favourite ayam bakar stall at Clementi mall closed, I have been usually disappointed by all the others I tried. But this was not disappointing! The chicken was a bit tough here and there but still tasted better than a lot that I've tried. The chilli is sufficiently spicy. Not bad at all.

There was nice big fillet of salmon which was not too dry for a fried fish but not as moist as dory would have been. The chips felt a little soft and cold compared to the fish as the fish would have been freshly fried unlike the chips which were probably left out. I always feel that these chips feel way more heavy and oily than french fries. The taste itself feels like just eating oil unless you dip into the sauces.
The sauces are always good and every time I go there's something new. This time there was a wasabi mayo which I had never seen before. It replaced the tartare sauce which I love but I didn't miss it because there are so many other good options like the salted egg and curry mayo.

The sambal goreng, veggie and black pepper sausage were all decent and the serving size was generous. The sambal belachan was a bit too sour and less spicy for me. Overall, still a nice little place to eat!

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Fried fish, potato and tofu. The tofu was different from other nasi padang stalls as you can see. It was not dry like usual and came with a orange coconut creamy gravy. It was interesting. The diced potatoes were nice. The chilli was great. However, the fish was so dry, it was hard to eat. The chicken curry was nice. $3.50

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