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Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

On first bite, I noted that the salmon didn't taste fishy which I thought was good. However the more I ate, the more I wondered if I was really eating salmon, it didn't have much taste and the texture felt a little off. That asides, I liked the Ikura and the rice was decent. Overall a really reasonable price but my experience was disappointing and I don't think I'll eat here unless I need to.

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We ordered 2 sets of tenderloin and 2 sets of loin. Both had a wonderful crispy layer of batter coating the tender and flavourful meat. I preferred the tenderloin because well, its more tender, although the loin did not pale much in comparison! The half boiled fried egg that I got was soft and runny on the inside, held up with a good crust. But my friend got a hard boiled egg, so I guess it's not very consistent.

The free flow salad bar added some novelty to this restaurant and the variety of sauces to choose from made the dining experience even better.

Prices were reasonable. I would definitely come back when I crave for some good quality tonkatsu.

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The beef is tender and flavourful and the onsen egg cooked to perfect runny doneness. The serving size is a little small but for the price and given this location, I think it's appropriate. My only gripe about this meal is that the meat is cut up into too small pieces!

I'm impressed by this new store as the quality of salmon is pretty decent and they were definitely not stingy!

You can customise your own bowl and I chose 2 servings of salmon which was very satisfying. They did give a lot of rice which I could not finish. You can also choose your sauce and sides. Hanjuku egg was not the best but still a little gooey inside so it's just passable.

Overall, a really worthy buy and I would definitely bring my friends here again!

I like that they allow you to customise your ramen so you can choose the thickness of noodle, the amount of oil and the depth of your soup.

Overall it was a decent bowl of ramen that has an average price point. If you have a ramen craving, this should be able to satisfy your cravings!

The salmon was phenomenal! It was somewhat half done, which made it incredibly tender. I watched the chef blow torch the salmon and that's how he achieves this wonderful texture. They were generous with the mentaiko and it hit all the right spots. The egg was runny and I liked that there was some veggies on the side to complete the meal. Overall a wonderful meal. Initially, I felt like 10 bucks was too much to pay for a meal at a hawker centre but with this quality and standard, it's absolutely a steal!

I love their salmon sushi. Always fresh and satisfies my cravings!

I was looking forward to it as previous reviews said they were generous with the unagi. But to my disappointment it was quite small, about 7cm by 5 cm. The meat was quite thin as well, sometimes I felt that I was eating the skin and fat more than the meat.

The fried rice was really flavourful. There was a strong wokhei taste that brought this rice to the next level.

I got 50% off for this on eatigo so it was a reasonable meal. But at full price, given the size of unagi, I think it's not worth. (am hoping they did not reduce the size of unagi knowing I was on eatigo).

I tried Uncle Kiisu once before, a few days after it opened. I had a great experience then. The food was good and portion size decent too. I feel like they mightve cut back which is a tad disappointing.

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I got the soft shell crab one some time ago. I remember thinking it's worth it for the price because they give you one whole soft shell crab. But honestly I did not feel like my ramen cravings were satisfied after. So I won't go back unless I'm in the area and really need a bowl of noodles.

They sell only dry ramen so if you like ramen with soup, this is not the place for you. The noodles are different from our usual ramen noodles. This one is thicker and I suppose is more like our yellow noodles in SG. The meat is average, nothing to shout about.

Overall not my favourite ramen. Wouldn't pay full price for this again.

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The rice bowl was very value for money even without 1 for 1 with Beyond. The salmon slices were thick enough and I had a very good salmon to rice ratio (they are generous with the salmon). The salmon was also very fresh and obviously of good quality as I felt like it just melted in my mouth. The amount of roe given was satisfactory as well. The rice on the other hand, felt like there was a bit too much vinegar but I'm sure there are people who like it this way. Would totally come here again.


Love their salmon sashimi deals (5 slices for $3). Although the last time I went the slices were so small and not worth.

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