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Featuring Burnt Ends, Wheeler's Yard, Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Creamier (Gillman Barracks), The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), The Carvery, Madrinaa Italiano, The Black Swan, Moc Quan (UE Square), The Clifford Pier
Bai X
Bai X
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Sad that today is the last day for Burpple beyond offer at Creamier, Caught the last chance to enjoy a nice afternoon snack filled with joy. Tried Earl Grey lavender and PB&J (left) and sea salt gula malaka and Thai milk tea (right) at $13.6 with the waffle set offer. Loved them all! But I feel like the gula malaka one is probably my favourite among the four since the taste didn’t end up as a boring one even at my last bite.

Ordered the all day breakfast at $25++, and got a small cold plate like this. The salad was stale, the cheese was hard, and look at the poached eggs! like used tissue paper in the plate and not appealing at all. Simply VERY SAD, worst all day breakfast ever tried.

Ordered two half-half pizza at $29++ using the one-for-one offer: cheese and seafood (shown), pesto chicken and vegetarian. The cheese was my favourite! Very rich taste on nicely crisped thin crust. Good value.

Used Burpple 1-for-1 offer for this and the Bo Luc Lac, feel like this bun thit nuong actually tastes better! Noodles were dressed with refreshing sauce, and the pork with grilled with just the right amount of char. Perfect for a light dinner/lunch!

Finally got to try this well-advertised samsui chicken, and seemed like every table ordered a plate. The chicken is well cooked, tender and juicy, half thigh and half breast. Portion is good for the price as well.
If you happen to be a Chinese soup lover, do try their soups as well, quite good standard for the price ($6-10++)

Good value ($19 on menu) if you are using Burpple beyond 1-for-1 here, and there’s no GST or service charge additionally. The beef is tender and well seasoned, rice is cooked nicely as well. We also ordered the burger, personally I prefer the burger over the rice bowl but it’s definitely too big a portion for a regular lady. Overall a pleasant experience.

Read many reviews about this place under the famous Burnt Ends Chef and its meat choices. But the reality didn’t really met our expectations. First of all, the 1-for-1 offer is only applicable for roasted chicken, pork ribs and beef brisket, no more platter feast enjoyed by many fellow burpplers. So we ordered the seasonal beef marmalade cheeseburger ($20), the brisket ($32) and the port ribs ($28, used offer). The cheeseburger was great: you could really taste the beef marmalade, and personally I think it tastes even better than the original course from Burnt Ends. However, The beef and pork were SUPER DRY, not smoky as described, not sure whether it was just our bad luck or anything.

Finally got to try this place after a Long wait of 3 months. Tried a number of highly recommended dishes by many reviewers, including leek, beef marmalade, pulled pork sanger, hanger steak etc. Good and unique flavours, but frankly speaking most dishes were quite heavy, including this onglet steak, especially when it comes all the other goodies. How much I wish the salad is just dressed with simple light vinaigrette. Nothing particularly great compared to steaks elsewhere, so I guess if you have a regular stomach capacity, go sample more appetisers rattler than commuting yourself to this!

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Finally got to try this place after a Long wait of 3 months. Tried a number of highly recommended dishes by many reviewers, including leek, beef marmalade, pulled pork sanger, hanger steak etc. Flavours are quite unique, but they were rather heavy, with much cream, butter and seasoning. Almost came to a total disappointment until this last dish of aged Pigeon came up - WHAT A LEGEND!! MUST TRY!!! The meat was cooked to rare-medium rare, and it was Super succulent and flavourful with the bird’s original aroma. If there’s one thing I’m going to recommend that will give you a sure-surprise, this is it, seriously, TRY THE BIRD!

Chose this main course as part of the $42 three-course weekday lunch (over the other choice of spicy grouper curry with rice). Frankly speaking, I was quite disappointed. The beef was stewed to tender, but all other sides (kailan, kimchi, fried onions) taste like.. you know, just regular kimchi or veggies that you can get anywhere else. All these are served on top of a huge portion of overly greasy sticky soy sauce rice. I mean, maybe the disappointment came because I was expecting some really nice food, given the great ambient and view of the restaurant, and the price we need to pay for this lunch set, but really, nothing more than average quality

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Famous for their bar and steak, the Black Swan also has nice choice for foodies that prefer to have a lighter meal. Cauliflower was succulent and beautifully seared, topped with Ibsen egg and black truffle pepper for greater taste. Lobster tail was nothing surprising, but good if you are like me who has to have some protein in order to get full XD

Weekend lunch buffet with great slices of roasted beef and lamb, variety of side dishes and cuts of cake. Good value for price, especially if you love roasted meat, but they can do better with the dessert section I think.

Bai X

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