150g New Zealand premium grassfed beef, freshly baked & toasted potato bun, charred onions, red onions, house-made crisp pickles, OFC special sauce

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2x 150g New Zealand premium grassfed beef, freshly baked & toasted potato bun, cheddar cheese, special cheese, charred onions, red onions, house-made crisp pickles, OFC special sauce.
Burger was definitely juicy and the beef was well seasoned. The bun was soft balances out the well seasoned beef. Slightly on the pricier side but would come back again.

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Cheeseburger with Lettuce, Tomato. Opted out of their sauce so that I could just enjoy their beef patty which was juicy and flavorful enough. Burger is slightly in the pricey side.

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With over 70g of protein! Grilled steak, grilled chicken breast, white fish, scrambled eggs, sweet potato and broccoli.
Was extremely impressed with the chicken breast as it was well seasoned, tender and not too dry.

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Rib-eye Steak, Salmon Steak served on Pesto Past with toppings such as brinjal, carrots and cherry tomatoes. Definitely a healthy protein packed bowl.

Ground angus beef, cage-free over medium egg, caramelized onions, bread & butter pickles, cheddar cheese, dijonnaise in a warm brioche bun.

Was surprised with the whole sandwich at how everything came together. Brioche bun was fluffy, eggs were done right which balances the beef’s lacked of juiciness. The cheddar cheese definitely topped it off nicely.

Juicy angus beef patty with a fried portobello mushroom patty, topped with lettuce, tomato and their sauce in between the buns. This was slightly on the expensive side for a fast food but the quality makes up for it.

Was pleasantly surprised at how this tasted. Shake shack’s shallots are marinated in ShackMeister ale and the beef patties were juicy. The combination of the bun, shallots, cheese and patties was definitely mouthwatering and balanced really well. Highly recommend this as an alternative to their other burgers for a change.

Large make your own bowl allow you to choose 1 base (soba noodles), 2 mains (Baked White Fish Paprika Lime Seasoning & Grilled Spiced Chicken Breast) 3 sides (Pineapple & Cucumber Salad, 2x Boiled Egg), 1 dressing (Ginger Ponzu) and 1 topping (Crispy Garlic Crumbs).
It does make you feel healthier but it is quite pricey.

Customised aloha poke bowl with white rice, original tuna and salmon, pineapple, cucumber, edamame, lime wedge. Slightly on the pricier side as salmon and tuna’s portions were quite little though they do measure. Personally I do find the original tuna and salmon slightly salty.

Consist of 2x double mushroom swiss, 1x long chicken and 2x medium fries. This was a very good deal given the amount of food.
The double mushroom swiss was moist together with the swiss cheese that was melted, perfect.

Delicious, juicy premium chicken thigh patty that's grilled to perfection, topped with a tomato slice, freshly shredded lettuce and creamy mayo to bring out all the flavours served in between soft sesame seed bun.

Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs.

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