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Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

It's a good bowl of assam. But I wasn't full after it, it could've done with more noodles and more fish. There's so much soup/sauce, such a pity there wasn't enough carbs to mope it up!

The eatery has a nice ambience and a lot of seats. I appreciate that they don't have service charge or GST and the prices are very reasonable for this area. But the portions are small. I liked my meesua but I was barely half full.

My partner ordered the Yong tau foo, the more expensive option that is supposed to come with extra ingredients. Yet when his food came, there were missing ingredients (the table next to ours also had the same issue).

My partner and I waited for 30-40 over minutes for our food with no apology or explanation as to why we had to wait for so long. There weren't many other customers either. We ordered the tuckshop rice as well but that never came. I asked for it twice when we were 50 minutes into our waiting time, mostly done with our meesua and yongtaufoo. The waitress never got back to me about the status.

We decided to just pay for our food and cancel the tuckshop rice.

I really wanted to support this establishment given that it's start up by two young guys. The food is decent. But the management needs improvement. Also, it was wrong to serve us less than what we ordered and paid for.

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Roast pork was on the salty side, but it has a really crispy skin and the meat was tender.

The charsiew on the otherhand, the honey glazed one was too tough for my liking while the other type was too bland.

I had to queue about 15 mins for this on a weekend lunch time. Not too long compared to some of the other famous stalls. But at this price point, I'd expect better (or at least more).

I would order the roast pork if I come back here again though. Only the roast pork.

Ordered in with some promo code on food panda. This is my second time ordering from here and I have to say it tastes very different. The first time I ordered, it was tasty, good amount of vinegar and spice. This time round it was rather bland despite me asking for more vinegar. They are generous with the meat though.

I have been dreaming of this wonderful dish since the last time I came here. The only thing stopping me from visiting more often is the distance and accessibility.

The biggest draw for me is the soup. It has a strong tomato fragrance, adding that extra sour note to complete the Tom Yum. But if you don't like tomato soup bases, this might not be for you.

Hidden beneath a golden crust, the fish is tender and firm, holding its shape with every bite. They are so generous with the fish that I find it difficult to finish, even though its so good!

I reached at 12 on a weekday and shortly after I ordered, a pretty long queue formed. It looked like it moved pretty fast though. This store is at the corner of the hawker centre. Quite hard to miss when you're here at lunch time because its the only store with the long queue!

The portion seemed small because of the bowl it came in. But at the end of the meal I did feel almost full. The chicken was on point, well marinated, soft and tender. The noodles were chewy and not at all soggy. The sauce was really quite 麻 and 辣 which was surprising! I felt that it was even more 麻 than most of the mala's out there. Overall a decent dish and I would definitely consider coming back for my soya sauce chicken noodle fix!

I am such a fan of otah but it's not a dish that is readily found everywhere. Initially I thought it was too pricey for otah but when the dish came I was just blown away by the size of it. Unlike most otahs I've had, this one was more soft and crumbly I'm used to. But I'm not complaining because every mouthful was flavourful and just a party in my mouth. There was some sotong in the otah which were also cooked well, because it was not overly chewy as they usually are.

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Typically served with crab, this dish usually comes with a less pocket-friendly price. So when we saw this on the menu we knew we had to get it. Sure enough, we were not disappointed. The tang hoon was cooked to the perfect consistency, with just enough bite to it. The prawns tasted really fresh and were juicy. This is definitely one of my favourite and I will definitely come back for more.


The meat was succulent and juicy with a perfect fat to meat ratio. I don't usually like eating fats but this one was flavourful and soft, although not quite melt-in-your
-mouth. The sauce that accompanied was sweet and went well with the meat but the meat is as good on its own. Although it was a fairly generous plate of meat, I just couldn't get enough of it!


The char siew is tender and is coated with a caramelised sauce. The roast pork has a good fat to meat ratio and the skin is crispy enough! This is one of my favourite 叉烧烧肉 places and I can't wait to be back.

I was quite awed by the chicken that was flavourful and tender. I loved every bit of this dish (not the rice though, which was too hard for me). There is a wide variety of drinks available and I got the honey lemon which was 95% honey and 5% lemon. Otherwise, it was a decent experience and I will definitely be back to try the other items available for 1 for 1 on Beyond!

The past few times I came here, they were already sold out! So I decided to come earlier and I finally got it, after queueing for 25 minutes no less.

The cha shu was flavourful and tender despite each slice being quite thick. They were also very generous with the meat. The noodles were springy and were good, even on their own. And definitely try their chilli, it had a good kick to it and it seems like its homemade.

We also got the dumpling soup which surprised me. It was substantial and chock-full with meat, certainly something not many places have.

Don't let the waiting time deter you. If you're already at TBM, you should give this place a try!!

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