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Food Hunt

Food Hunt

Featuring Fat Belly, Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Meat n' Chill, The Wine & Gourmet Friends, Teppei Syokudo x Yama Udon (Fusionopolis)
Adeline Leow
Adeline Leow

Dropped by with a colleague after work for a bite and no regrets were had. We had the aburi shimesaba which was highly recommended by our friendly waiter, and it was definitely the best decision. the mackerel was soft, chewy, and juicy, and the mix with vinegar really enhanced the flavour of the dish. also highly recommend the parmesan chips for cheese lovers - dip it into the honey and experience how the taste evolves.

it was pretty packed for a weekday night so you'll want to make a reservation to avoid disappointment!

met my sis for a chill dinner which we enjoyed thoroughly. we ordered the Buffalo wings but added the YOLO sauce because we really wanted to try. the wings were really good even on their own, the default hot sauce is slightly peppery and easy to down. the yolo sauce doesn't hit you at first, but it definitely built up and had me reaching for my drink. we also had the journey to the yeast ribs which were soft and tasty, and peeled off the bones easy. couldn't resist adding the premium side of chilli con carne and there were definitely no regrets there! we also had the steak main which was pretty good! definitely a place i wanna visit again.

Decent portions for great value meant a very filling and satisfying meal for my friend and I during our dinner catchup. I absolutely loved the mentaiko fries which had a generous amount of sauce so every mouthful was packed with that flavour. Adding foie gras to lotus leaf rice is such a great idea and added a different dimension of flavour to a dish that most of us would be really familiar with. We also ordered the Hei Zou which was tasty and the roasted pork belly was nice and soft, so we were stuffed by the end. But the Choconana we'd ordered for dessert was so yummy that we gobbled it up. the sauce they served with the banana cake made it even better, and the coconut ice cream was delicious. Will def want to visit again.

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Dropped by with a friend to try the food after hearing good things about this place. I have absolutely no regrets, the food was awesome. The star of the night was hands down the beef; i had the onglet wagyu which was tender and slightly chewy with a robust beef flavour. tried some of my friend's cut which was fattier and more tender and great too, but the onglet is highly recommended for those who love a good beefy taste.

the sides were tasty too, had the sautéed mushrooms and truffle fries. the cheesecake was a perfect note on which to end the meal - it was so soft, and the raspberry sauce added a tangy sweet flavour that goes down so easy.

definitely will visit this place again!

Went for a quiet dinner with my friend on a Monday evening. It's been a while since I've gotten Teppei (used to do the DIY at the ION branch), so it was nice to know their sashimi is still fresh and tasty! Had the July Special and the yellowfish was super yummy! idk what sauce they glazed it with but it really enhanced the flavour of the fish. Added the tonjiru soup which was tasty and a nice way to finish the meal.

price wise, it feels pretty average for a nice bowl of kaisenson in sg, so no gripes there.

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