Fast & Food-rious

Fast & Food-rious

For your midnight cravings or when you are kinda broke and just need a comforting meal (;´ρ`)
Eunice Pang
Eunice Pang

💸: $8.95

💬: The salted egg flavour is distinct & pretty fragrant, coating the batter well!
Worth a try for salted egg lovers

💸: $18

💬: I wouldn't have believed if you told me this was meatless 😳
The patty was super juicy, and the first bite hits you with a truffle punch, though it can hardly be tasted, but i enjoyed it still
Fries were a hard pass, but I'm here for the burger & that's a solid 10

💵: $9.20

🤔: Perfectly-charred beef patty, fresh greens and a fluffy potato bun, thought this is great for small eaters, I do think the double patty will provide a nicer bite!

💵: $5.90

🤔: Crisp fries, gooey savoury cheese and fragrant fried shallots - absolute faultless!

💵: $5.90

🤔: Cheese is pretty mild-tasting so I'd recommend bringing some chilli sauce if ketchup isn't your thing
Gotta gobble these up quick as the aircon @ this outlet is pretty strong on L2 and it'll leave ur fries cold n yucky

💵: $9.20

🤔: Chicken was flavourful, though not the moistest or juiciest
Would have preferred a burger of a more substantial size because this didn't fill me up at all...

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💵: $7.80

🤔: Exclusive to SG, so we decided to try and as much as I liked it, I wouldn't get it again...
Too sweet, too too too sweet in fact and there was this lemongrass-y flavour which I didn't like
Stick to their normal milkshakes! Still sweet, but way less diabetic and flavour still hella on point

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💵: $6.90

🤔: If only all fried chicken were this good.....
Marinated all the way through, but why was the chilli powder only on one side of the chicken....

💵: $9.80

🤔: The chicken was OOS so I opted for impossible meat, pretty good if I hAd to say so myself, and even my brother who loves meat was skeptical about it being 'fake' meat

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💵: $9

🤔: Used to say Popeye's my fav, but I think I have a new favourite...
Opted for the spicy version and it was fried PERFECTLY, juicy, tender and well-marinated all the way to the bone
BUT, the winner's gotta be the honey butter biscuit, it was moist, tender and a perfect balance between sweet and savoury omg #mustbuy

💵: $5.30

🤔: 2 patties, egg and bacon seemed like an overkill so i went w/o the bacon, but two patties was bit saltier than I would like.

💵: $22.40

🤔: Ordered the five piece chicken and also got a large cajun fries, biscuit and the mac & cheese. Chicken was delicious but breast was dry.

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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