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R Goh
R Goh

A relatively new addition to the neighbourhood, the eatery is tucked into a corner at Bishan Sports Hall. The cafe is well decorated with lots of natural light! It was empty when we arrived on a weekend afternoon but soon filled up quickly. The baked salmon ($13.90++) was clean and light on the palate with its mesclun salad and roasted potatoes. Freshly baked, the salmon was sizeable - really impressed me with how well it retained its moisture! The paprika yoghurt on the side was an interesting addition. Service is excellent and the staff are very friendly :-)

Have lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Rookery, but this was my first time trying something apart from pasta! The miso salmon ($27++) really impressed me - interestingly, the fish was cooked medium rare. It fell apart nicely with the insides a deep pink, retaining hints of the flavour we associate with smoked salmon while carrying the sweet tinge of cooked fish. The zucchini noodles balanced the fish with its simplicity, while the aioli and pomegranate added bursts of flavour!

The Parma chicken ($13) was definitely a highlight of the meal!! The thick battered chicken fillet was coated a layer of melted cheese, rich and salty. Was very impressed that the chicken remained tender and moist! And also liked the addition of olives, which balanced the heavy dish with its sharp tang.

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Charcoal roasted with spices and lemon, the quarter chicken ($13) was so good!! The meat was super tender and fell off the bone easily. Really enjoyed the inclusion of sour cream and the chilli, which were bright bursts of flavour when accompanied with the chicken.

Tried the roasted sesame salmon salad ($14.50)! The bowl was well balanced with mixed greens and quinoa. Drizzled with Japanese sesame sauce, it was topped with nuts, olives and egg. My favourite part was definitely the Atlantic salmon fillet, which was baked beautifully - super moist and flavourful, literally melt in your mouth goodness! Salads can get pretty expensive, but this one is a steal with burpple beyond. The set also comes with a small bottle of kombucha!


Snagged a great deal on burpple beyond - the set comes with your choice of meat and a small bottle of kombucha! We tried the grass-fed Black Angus ribeye ($15.90), which was served with broiled broccoli, coleslaw and sweet potato mash. The highlight of this dish was definitely the steak - it was surprisingly tender with a good proportion of fat, flavourful and not at all fibrous. Delish even without the onion sauce!!


There are two options for the lunch set ($14+), and we picked the curry pasta to try! The linguine was al dente and coated with a rich curry, but was rather dry as a whole. It comes with a drink, soup of the day and a toast. While affordable, portion was a little too small to be substantial.

Porta ranks amongst my favourite restaurants - it serves up delicious food of superb quality and with interesting twists. Was very happy to snag a $15 Chope deal for a 3-course meal! It comprises an appetiser (soup of the day or capresse salad), a main (seafood pasta or confit chicken leg), dessert (carrot cake) and a soft drink. I’m usually a huuuge pasta fan but this dish really impressed me!! The meat was incredibly tender and fell off the bone easily, flavourful and not too fatty. The vegetables were well roasted but what really amazed me was the taro purée - it’s my first time seeing yam paired with meat, and it lent a delightful sweetness to balance the savoury meal.

Pork & Broccoli ($21.90++) features sous vide pork collar, slow roasted broccoli stem, burnt onion jus and broccoli puree. Our first thoughts on receiving this item was that it was distinctly unlike most cafe food, and that the portion was really small.. the meat was tender and juicy but it’s flavour came mainly from the sauces, which were reminiscent of pear chutney. The crisp broccoli was an interesting addition!

Served with chunky mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and kale, the slow cooked beef cheek ($24+) was tender. The meat itself was very flavourful and paired well with the brown sauce. The breadcrumbs helped to give some texture to the meal!


Battered and deep fried till crispy, buffalo wings ($10, 6 mid joints) were juicy and tender without being too oily. Although the wings weren’t spicy, they came with the sharp acidic savoury flavour distinctive of buffalo sauce. The wings were also served with sour cream, which helped enhance the flavours even more!

I had visited TSB once before and quite enjoyed my meal then, so this was disappointing in comparison. We shared the TSB burger ($26++) which was highly rated but we found the “wagyu” patty dry, crumbly and cold. We actually enjoyed the brioche pepper bun more. Our other item was the roasted baby chicken ($22++), which fared better. While not flavourful, the chicken was at least moist and tender. We enjoyed the grilled brussel sprouts and garlic mashed potato - these gave flavour that the chicken was otherwise lacking. Service left much to be desired as it was difficult to get hold of the servers for simple things like water and the bill. Hoping that TSB will perform better on the next visit!

R Goh

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