Tantalizing Thai

Tantalizing Thai

Sweet! Spicy! Tiding through my mind

Came here because I saw they offered one for one main dish. I thought it was a small Thai eatery on its own but nope, it’s housed together with a few other stalls at this hipster coffee shop. All payment for food from different stall was done at one centralized cashier.

Sorry my picture doesn’t feature what I felt was the better dish but anyway, the sweet and sour fish (back plate) was really well fried, without having the thick starchy batter. It came with peas and carrots. Garlic chicken was rather normal. Still a worth it meal, the mains came larger than I expected!

I love the omelette here. I had it with prawns. This is one of the omelettes that I’ve had that’s closer to the ones in Thailand, fluffy enough but you’re probably consuming 4/5 eggs so watch the cholesterol levels. The other dishes were so-so. Tom Yam Soup was a bit too sour, the honey chicken had too much skin, kang kong was nice but tasted a little too sweet!

I would love love love to return for the omelette though. Paid around 30 bucks for the 4 dishes, rice and 2 thai ice tea.

No location tag for Hansa Thai but this omelette is really yum. I think I made my point 😆

This Lala noodles was a bit too spicy for me with the chili padi that can kill you silently but still quite shiok in a way (if you get what I mean). I liked the kang Kong here the most and my friend enjoyed the Tom Yum which was slightly on the sweet side, as compared to the usual more sour taste. Maybe don’t order the chicken ball with soft bone (even though it looks cute on the menu) because it’s quite meh unless you like soft bone.

Overall, I think the prices are reasonable considering it’s town area, would return again to try the other dishes if I’m around the area.

I’ve always been a ‘leafy vegetable’ person but my friend convinced me to try this and it was surprisingly good. Texture was on the crunchier side but still easy enough to eat. My friend commented that today’s was spicier than usual, we spotted quite a bit of chilli padi, do request if you can’t take the spiciness! Overall, a great neighborhood find, I also enjoyed my crab meat fried rice which was more on the sweet side.

Felt that the dishes I ordered this time round were good. The green curry is not thick and I like that it didn’t feel starchy. Another favourite is the dry pork (featured in the background) which looked dry but was rather tender! Reasonably priced, no GST or service charge.

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Beer Thai’s so hidden at the corner you won’t realise it exists unless a friend brings you. The thing about Thai food restaurants are that most places have their own specialities so I wouldn’t want to place one on a higher ranking than another.

I would say the green curry is good here, it’s rich without being too heavy, can easily drink the curry without feeling too jialat. Pls take the pork while it’s hot to avoid it becoming too dry. Ordered the yellow curry prawns as it resembled somboon seafood in Thailand but I was quite disappointed in the sauce that was not anywhere near. We paid around 24 each between 5 of us for about 8/9 dishes.

In any case, not hard to find reasonable Thai food here in sg but you gotta remember the favorites at each place. I personally remember better meals at diandin leluk but then again, dishes ordered were not completely the same.

Look at the beautiful colors. Even with the condiments, the fishy smell was quite strong. I personally enjoyed it, but I guess it really depends your own tolerance for the ‘fishy’ smell. Was pleasantly surprised to find that Jiak is a halal restaurant because the dishes are so chinese. Other dishes I enjoyed were the har jeong gai and the mee goreng. The noodles were not over cooked and super flavorful. I would return to family friendly Jiak again. Do make a reservation, it was fully packed on a Friday night.

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Look at the generous portion for this bowl of boat noodles at 6.90. Much better as compared to many other boat noodles stores. The broth is fragrant, there’s lard in it, but did not feel overly oily. Would return for this again!

Omelette without the usual French beans but with finely chopped kailan. A refreshing take on the omelette, went really well with the chili and a great dish to go with rice! Will wanna order this interesting dish again.

Eat eat eat repeat! Perpetually thinking about my next meal 😌

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