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pasta 🍝

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R Goh
R Goh

A tad unconventional, the Tonarellj Nero ($28++) features thin pasta infused with squid ink - it had a creamy consistency and slight brininess. It complemented the fresh crab meat very well and speaks volumes about the thought behind each dish! The spicy crumb and use of fresh chilli gave it a pleasant spicy kick. A very enjoyable, unique pasta!

Gambas Aglio Oglio ($19++) is a staple on most menus - linguine tossed in olive oil and seasoned with garlic. Found the pasta a little undercooked, and the spiciness lacking. But the prawns were extremely fresh and sweet! Didn’t like that the burpple set enforces the order of a mocktail, which was expensive and a tad sweet, but there’s a large selection of mains!

Fisherman’s Angel Hair ($19++) features a sambal sauce - a tad sweet, but with the requisite heat. The portion of seafood was generous with mussels, squid and prawns!

Had our reservations when ordering the ragout tagliatelle ($25++), given the many reviews lamenting its use of minced meat. The pasta itself was al dente with a good bite, the sauce thick and tangy. Unfortunately, it felt too much like a bolognese with the ground beef. Would have appreciated the use of better cuts of beef, especially given the price point and setting!

The duck confit tagliatelle ($24++) surprised me as I was initially skeptical of the contrasting flavours. Masala and lemon sounds like an odd combination, but it worked beautifully - a spiced creamy base tinged with lemon zest! The portion of duck was really generous and tender too. I much preferred this dish for how unique it was!!


Have heard so much about this dish ($24++)!! Was intrigued by the idea and I definitely had high expectations for it. The pappardelle was well made with a good bite, but the chocolate isn’t evident - I probably would have missed it if I was not actively looking for it. The dish was savoury on the whole, the acidity of red wine coming through the tender braised beef.

The Linguine Al Granchio ($26++) is a staple in my meals at La Nonna. However, I found my most recent plate a little different from how it used to be - the arrabiata sauce was much thinner, with almost a soup-like consistency. It was heavy on the herbs but lacked the natural sweetness of crab. The generous addition of garlic and roasted tomatoes made the dish more palatable, I much prefer the older rendition!

Have had many plates of pasta at La Nonna, and their handmade pasta wins me over every single time! Their lunch time 1-for-1 promotion is a huge draw too. This plate of Pappardelle Coda de Blue ($28++) features a simple tomato sauce seasoned with rosemary. The oxtail ragout was extremely tender and fell apart easily. It’s a little on the salty side, but each mouthful was a burst of flavour!!

Asian Flush ($13.90) sounded promising enough with its tomato cream sauce with curry leaves and chilli padi. Unfortunately, the portion was small and pasta undercooked. Penne is usually used to scoop up cream sauce but there was so little that it failed to even coat each piece :-( The bacon was largely fat and there were only three measly pieces of mushroom. Not sure I’ll be back anytime soon, and even then I’ll stick to the other pastas that I’ve tried and prefer.

Tried the aglio oglio previously and loved it, so I decided to give the tomato version ($13.90) a shot! The tiger prawns were similarly large and succulent. The sauce had a slight acidic tinge to its sweet base - would have preferred it to be thicker.

I’m not the biggest fan of cream pastas, so this chicken pesto cream pasta ($13.90) wasn’t my favourite. Would prefer the penne to be cooked a little softer, and the chicken a bit more tender. The sauce was too buttery for me with barely any hints of basil!

One of my repeat orders at Benjamin Barker!! The spicy crab pasta ($23++) features spaghetti in a tangy tomato sauce, topped with generous chunks of crab meat. Would prefer the sauce to be thicker (the pasta slid through and barely picked up any sauce), but I loved the use of chilli padi to amp up the spice and the sweet crab meat :-)

R Goh

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