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Donbori / Protein Bowls

Donbori / Protein Bowls

Featuring Rakki Bowl, Toss & Turn (ION Orchard), Wafuken (Asia Square), The Autobus, DOCO (International Plaza), Kei Kaisendon (Suntec City), The Tree Cafe (The Cathay), Kenboru, Cultures Specialty Coffee, Boufe Boutique Cafe (Income At Raffles)
Chu Ning
Chu Ning

Super healthy meal fr wafuken. Abit too healthy in my opinion. The olive pasta as the base was quite refreshing, something I don’t quite in fr other salad stores. The miso cauliflower was a bit tad salty. Onsen egg was normal. Prawns were alright too.. As for the chicken breast, it was super tender.

Chicken wasn’t too bad either but I prefer their salmon and unagi over this.

Found another fav shop on burrple 1-1

Salmon wasn’t over cooked and it retained its juice inside. Rice was healthy brown rice !!

Only wish was if there were more of that sauce.

Soba + bulgogi beef + broccoli + onsen egg

I loved how the gravy of beef complemented the soba since eating soba on its own is quite tasteless.

There were 4 crispy white fish served with mentaiko mayo. Enjoyed the little cubes of tamago placed on the rice.

It was enjoyable but I felt that it was slightly pricy given the portion.

The daily cut recently changed their menu slightly , including a range of new sauces and toppings.

Opted for my usual base of penne and the fish as my protein. Love the crunchy croutons!

Added $1 for avocado

Not really a fan of their yuzu sauce

I would often opt for their beef but decided to go for the fish this time.

Am actually quite impressed with the dory fish as the skin was crispy and not oily.
Preferred their cauliflower over their broccoli
Oh and for the onsen egg, the yolk was not that flowy this round. But overall, still a decent bowl.

Customers are allowed to mix and match their combos. Choices include red rice , soba and pasta. As for the mains, the highlights include the unagi with mentaiko and salmon sashimi/ mentaiko.

For $9.90, it’s actually quite pricey. Some places would include an onsen egg as part of the meal. But this counts as an additional topping at 90 cents.

Overall, food quality was reasonable but it’s slightly pricey.

Egg was poached perfectly and it’s always a must have in donburi.

The beef was not v enjoyable cos it was too tough.

Skip the beef and go for the smoked duck.

$2 off mains for students !!

I think the only item memorable about this dish was the deep fried marinated pork.
Everything else was meh. I expected the pasta to be those short penne kind which you would get from salad shops but it turned out to be the normal long thicker noodle version. The miso was more of a soup than a sauce ?? Not very nice as well. Not sure why they actually decided to change their menu because the duck confit I had previously was excellent.

Their matcha latte was not too bad.

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Shop unit was rather small and service was quite slow since there’s only 3 staff mending the outlet.

Food wise, the burpple set came with a main, miso soup, salad, hot tea and a prawn. The prawn was raw tho, would have preferred it to be cooked.

Enjoyed the unagi Don because of its huge portion and it was rather thick as well. Salmon was pretty good as well.

Major love for the tamogo with the mentaiko sauce !!! Yummy

The Burpple deal being $30.90 for 2 sets made this meal pretty worthwhile.

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This place never disappoints !!!!!
4th visit here and the standard is pretty consistent.

Food was served quite fast and the serving of the beef was pretty generous. Love that it’s only priced at $14.90 per bowl which I consider it to be pretty affordable as well.

Chu Ning

Level 7 Burppler · 271 Reviews

Forever hungry • Can be seen munching on a slice of pizza most of the times

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