Donbori / Protein Bowls

Donbori / Protein Bowls

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for $9.80, you get to pick a choice of base (pasta, lettuce ) , 4 toppings, 1 protein and 1 sauce.

i opted for just the pasta for my base, sous vide egg, corn , tofu and cauliflower for the topping and teriyaki chicken for the protein. i like that the chicken is diced so it’s easier to eat.

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my second time here. didn’t really enjoyed my first time maybe bcos i ordered the wrong ingredients. but this time round i chose the soba, chicken, avocado purée, corn, garlic sprinkle, onsen egg and some tofu.
everything was so good and i wiped it clean!!!

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laska popiah was an interesting dish and i think they pulled it off quite well. laska flavour was there but not super distinct. there were small bits of the noodles

loves the unagi bowl. nothing out of the ordinary- just unagi and rice but it’s was good

slightly disappointed - beef was tough to chew
will stick to my miso salmon soba the next round

my really healthy lunch

i enjoyed the soba as the base with the lemongrass grilled chicken and the avocado purée the most. the pumpkin was not bad either. brussels sprouts were a bit hard.

and my only disappointment was that the egg was very over cooked. it’s supposed to be an onsen egg with an oozey yolk but looking at what was served.. the egg whites just disintegrated with a solid egg yolk

decided to go for the plain beef bowl after trying the mentaiko one previously!! still as good even if it’s not eaten on the spot.

will try the truffle one next!
this place is better than tanuki raw for me.

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happiness in a bowl ◡̈
it’s my first time here and i was delightfully impressed. as someone who only eats beef that’s like fully cooked, i took the leap of faith and ordered this. i think the beef is seared to medium well? but they also have the option for it to be fully cooked.

the beef was tender and matched perfectly with the onsen egg and mentaiko. also ordered a side of karaage chicken and it was not bad too
it was super crowded during lunchtime

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Fuku Bowl

chicken was crispy, pretty generous amount of mentaiko and the sauce is actually on the saltier side. portion of rice is a lot

Woohoo saw that MFM was running a promo on grabfood - 2 bowls for $15.90 and that’s not all, pickup entitles you to an add 25% off !! So go do your maths and you’ll know this is a steal…

Anw I’m always a fan of their dory fish and butter rice and I find that this is rather balanced meal?

Bought a 1-1 deal via shopback so this box cost around $6

Have made countless visits to autobus for their protein bowls and I’ve always ordered the same combination - dory fish, onsen egg, curry cauliflower, pasta, roasted sesame sauce and parmesan cheese topping

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Love the cold pasta and teriyaki chicken. Chicken was tender but I think the sauce was a tad too salty.

Am a huge fan of this place... this is better then TDC

Love their dory fish and curried cauliflower and the the sesame sauce !!! Everything in this box is my fave. I prefer this place to TDC because of the choice of sauce and I think the portion of the fish is bigger here. Pricing wise is around the same

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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