Featuring Mrs Pho (VivoCity), Red Sparrow, Moc Quan (UE Square), Fat Saigon Boy (Global Kitchens), Cô Hai Bánh Mì, Uncle Ho Tuckshop (Pasir Panjang), Cô Chung (Plaza Singapura), VIET LAP, Little Hanoi (Telok Ayer), B Ly's Banh Mi (Jurong East)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

The baguettes were very crunchy & crusty, and soft inside. I liked it and thought it was not bad, but I enjoyed the baguette from moc quan / co hai better. The bbq pork was quite good, it was nicely caramelised and sufficiently tender, the marinade reminded me of honey glazed chicken wings. The pickled veg was nice - it wasn’t raw but somewhat soft with a slight crunch, added a little bit of sourness to the banh mi.

Liked that they didn’t put too much margarine bc I’m not a big fan, it has a strange smell. There was a slight hint at the start but luckily it was covered by the other flavours as we had more of the banhmi.

Grilled fish is a catfish lol we had expected maybe like a grilled fillet. However, it’s actually more like fishcake... but with the texture of a mock meat almost. Was not great but it’s still edible, I wouldn’t call it bad just really won’t recommend it.

Also, the burpple deal is only for the egg pate & shredded chicken banh mi so we couldn’t use the deal for our order! It’s not stated in the exclusions so just take note if u wanna check this place out. Overall the banh mi left a decent impression, I wouldn’t mind returning but it’s not the best!


The baguette was quite decent, think it would have been nicer if I had it crisp and freshly toasted. Grilled pork was quite sweet, a bit fatty. The veg and cilantro gave it some crunch and freshness. Overall it wasn’t bad by any means, just not impressive but it’s decent enough for me to want to try it again, doing a dine-in next time!

The noodles were the thin vermicelli kinds, which I really like! The dish was refreshing, with the light savoury sauce and generous serving of carrots, cucumber and lettuce. The spring roll was quite good - it remained crisp throughout the meal and had a well-seasoned filling (meat and mushrooms I think).

Grilled chicken wasn’t dry, but I wouldn’t reorder the banh mi as the bread wasn’t crisp enough.

Viet coffee was very strong and gao, pretty good! Would consider returning to try their pho. This place seems pretty authentic :)

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SUPER huge portion my tummy was bursting ogosh - i really enjoyed the charred chicken in the chick pho and the soup was flavourful (no msg after taste) but the pho became “nua” after 5-10 mins of eating, could be slightly overcooked :-( the side was good too!! Slightly too much vermicelli inside but I enjoyed the pork and prawn wrapped inside

I’m happy to say that they serve good banh mi! The baguette was really fresh and delicious (we saw them coming out from the oven). It was nice and crusty, with a fluffy interior. The crisp tofu was silky inside and great as well, but the bread definitely stole the show!

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The second banh xeo I’ve ever tried, but this was lacking compared to Red Sparrow’s rendition of banh xeo. This came with shrimp, pork belly, bamboo shoot, bean sprout and green beans which were decently cooked, but the crepe batter was missing something, resulting in an underwhelming dish.

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First time having banh xeo (rice flour crepe) and it was good! Have tried a few more from other Vietnamese restaurants since then, but this is still the best so far.

It is like a cross between thosai and minjiangkueh; fluffy and soft on the inside with crisp edges, pairing well with the fried cabbage, onion, beansprouts and mushroom filling which was very tasty. Best eaten when hot :)

The barbecued sliced pork was a bit too charred, but it wasn’t dry and was flavourful. Enjoyed the springy rice noodles with peanuts and shallots that added crunch and fragrance to the dish. Sauce was tangy and savoury; the herbs and vegetables gave a refreshing taste. Liked this, but I think my favourite will still be from uncle ho’s tuckshop at Pasir Panjang!

My food buddy had just came back from hanoi and was craving bun cha, so we googled ‘best bun cha sg’ and this came up.

The broth of the bun cha is a delicious mix of savoury, sweet, tangy, and the flavour was so good! It came with 3 well-marinated meatballs, pork belly slices, carrot and papaya slices, and the thin rice noodles which had a nice bite to it.

The banh mi baguette is crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and very fresh! Definitely one of the better banh mis I’ve had in Singapore.

Needless to say, this was a really satisfying meal :)

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Chicken was grilled well and was seasoned nicely w some caramelisation; noodles were great - not clumpy and had good texture (soft but not mushy). The shallot and nuts added fragrance & texture, and the veg was refreshing. The components complemented each other and I enjoyed this bowl of noodles!

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The meatball had a slightly sweet sauce covering it, yums! Pork strips were grilled well, they were juicy and tender.

Love this type of noodles! It went well with the sauce, which was very mildly spicy & sweet. The veg provided a fresh balance, and I mixed it w the noods for differing textures in each bite. Also, the fried spring roll thing is very nice!! Super crisp.

I usually have pho soup when I’m at mrs pho, but I think this will be my go-to order in future.

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started off from eating school caifan together in 2014 Instagram:

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