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There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef ste...

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Yes, we're pho real! This place serves up Vietnamese food at affordable price tags such as Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup ($6.50), Vietnamese Char Grilled Pork Rice with Fried Egg ($6.50) or take a bite into ther Banh M, a Vietnamese French Loaf sandwiched with Char Grilled Pork ($6).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

always delicious. anyway it was a takeaway so i reheat it when i got home still tasted fine i guess

Co Chung is the latest Vietnamese Restaurant in town, with one of the outlet located in Plaza Singapura.

The Vietnamese Broken Rice, or the local called the Cơm tấm; a dish using fractured rice grains, but still get the same texture as the normal rice we have.

Usually they would come pair with grilled pork ribs and sunny side up egg, topped with fish sauce. For Co Chung they also added steamed omelette with meatloaf with it.

Definitely a worth try for their authentic Vietnamese foods.

First time trying An La Ghien even though it is relatively near me. Because working from home doesn’t justify me to order lunches that are $10+ 😄 but this place has always been quite crowded during meal times before phase 2 HA and it serves authentic Vietnamese food.. so I have been wanting to try!

Decided to be safe and ordered my typical chicken pho soup order. I thought it was quite funny that they have shredded ginger in the soup!? I don’t usually see ginger in other chicken pho soup I have tried. I also didn’t quite like how the chilli served was the sauce kind instead of chilli padi! IMO chicken pho soup is best eaten with spicy chilli padi :) I also like my pho soup to be more peppery!

Price wise it was $9.9 via grab food (not sure original price if takeaway directly, but I had a grab food voucher hence decided to use it for the order), comparable price to like namnam.

💸: -

💬: definitely not as shiok as the ones we had in Vietnam, but still a pretty good bowl nonetheless

Fast forward until today, we have not gotten the opportunity to travel safely and I am clearly missing all the wonderful Vietnamese cuisine. Fortunately, one of our local popular Vietnamese restaurants, Mrs Pho, has started their takeaway and delivery platform, so that we can still savor authentic Vietnamese cuisine at the comfort of our home.

Pictured are several of Mrs Pho’s signature dishes such as the elevated Premium Pho ($23.50), the classic rice noodle soup served with 36-hour sous vide short ribs that have been marinated in a secret spice rub. Definitely not your usual pho bo or pho ga, but a more premium version. To go with your pho, you have sides such as the Grilled Beef La Lot ($6.90), minced beef wrapped in betel leaf with lettuce, pickled vegetables and rice noodles and the quintessential Mrs Pho Fried Spring Roll ($5). There are also sharing dishes such as the Mountain Style Grilled Chicken ($9.50) that has been marinated with a new Vietnamese spice rub, Claypot Shrimp & Pork Belly ($15.90) that has a lemongrass flavour and the Stir Fried Crabmeat Vermicelli Noodles ($11.90).

For the entire month of June, you can get to enjoy 10% off delivery orders when you enter the promo code , with a minimum spend of $40, upon checkout (link below) or get a 20% off takeaway orders with the promo code when you pick-up from the Rangoon, Vivo City and 313 Somerset outlets. There are also set meals for 2, 4 and 6 pax for takeaway and delivery to which the promo code is not applicable for.
✨ Mrs Pho
📍 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, Unit B2-29, Singapore 098585
🌐 https://order.mrspho.com/
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Beef noodle with lots of thinly sliced beef belly & braised beef brisket; rice noodle is on the softer side but not too soft; sliced beef belly is a little hard but the braised beef brisket is really tender & soft; soup is flavorful with mild herbal taste; with beansprouts & onion..

Salad version noodle; cold vermicelli with greens, beansprouts, carrots, cucumbers, fried shallots & garlic; sauce at the side is mildly spicy, moderately salty, very sweet; pour the sauce in, give it a good toss & there's different dimension of taste; marinated chicken is tender with sweet & smoky taste..

Fresh spring roll with mixed greens, rice vermicelli, braised pork & tiger prawn; taste quite bland itself, so dip in the brown sauce at the side to add some sweetness, saltiness flavor..

Giant size Vietnamese pancake; thin layer of crispy pancake filled with loads of bean sprouts, enoki mushroom, pork belly & fresh prawn; simple & savoury dish that taste quite close to the ones I've eaten in Vietnam; slightly oily; with sweet & spicy sauce at the side that complement the dish well & aid in reducing the oily taste..

Feature :
💕 Beef brisket noodle and Congee
from @muikeesg
💕Speciale (Red Base) Half & Half and Speciale (White Base) Half & Half from @peperonipizzeria
💕Nasi Lemak from @lemakboys .

Customer can entitled for free delivery by key in the promo code: "SHOOTANDSPOON" with Min. order of $35, promo valid until 15 June.
Good deal must share 😊.

For place order can visit: https://socieaty.oddle.me/

This very Viet eatery has really outlandish food. I say very Viet because some really seemed direct from Vietnam streets. I don't usually eat cockles but the waitress convinced us the taste isn't as strong. She's right. The flavours came from the garnish. And why the hell is the shell hairy?!