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There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef ste...

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Pork Belly Banh Mi Combo Meal (S$10.50+)
Comes with a iced lemon tea and a spring roll

Note 📝 : Got GST

Again it's alright, the baguette was crispy but way too much bite, pork was fried to finish

It's alright, it's fried to finish not grilled so that's abit annoying

With outside seats and a beautiful river view, this is one good place to go for good Vietnamese food and vibes. We had a couple of dishes to share and here are my favourites:

Stir Fried Seafood Vermicelli ($9) - with al dente springy noodles that were nicely drenched in some kind of soy seafood sauce, we found this quite addictive. Seafood ingredients were fresh and there was some wok hei flavour as well!

Fried Spring Rolls ($6 for 5) - now this is the crowd's favourite. Crispy rice paper rolls stuffed with meat and vegetables that were well seasoned, this was also addictive and we ended up ordering more!

Stir Fried Bittergourd with Egg ($8.80) - the bittergourd itself may be a little bitter, but they were well seasoned and the bitter flavour was musked abit by the flavour of the egg! A wonderful sharing dish. It had abit of wok hei flavour as well!

I have been here a couple of times and their food quality remained consistent. All of the food we tried was great and of an affordable price and I can't wait to be back again!

I love this dish! Crispy omelette with pork, prawns and bean sprouts in it. Yummy!

This is lovely bowl of beef pho. Enjoyed it with generous beef slices and small beef balls. Very cute.

This is a large platter for self-wrap Vietnamese spring roll. Cost - $28. It was ok. The strong smelling dip wasn’t pleasant for us so we dunked it into the clear dip instead.

I felt that banh mi ($6) just slightly different from what I usually tried it one tbh. They put a lot of turnip instead of vegtables. They are quite generous for giving a lot of meats (bbq pork) tbh. I felt that it's quite sour and sweet taste for banh mi.

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Searched food along balestier road via online as I saw something vietnam cuisine which I got no long time to eat since that. I ordered BBQ Pork w Vermicelli ($7.90) comes with fish sauce to pour inside the dry Vermicelli. I felt that they give a lot of meat inside and also don't much hard texture, quite chewy inside the meat.

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Second time trying their banh mi! Tried a different flavour. Beef slices were v tender with a savoury sweet sauce, was rather tasty along with the soft stewy onions. However there was a bit too much sauce, which drips out so it p messy to eat. As usual, baguette was crisp outside but not hard and not over-toasted. Satisfying and easy to eat. Happy with the crunchy pickled veg to cut through and provide a refreshing taste.

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Went to Bahn Mi Saigon for the second time and ordered the Grilled Pork Bahn Mi (no.6), and the Salt Baked Chicken Bahn Mi (no.9)!😇 Both are priced at $8.90 each

Overall ratings 9/10!😍 As you can tell... the Grilled Pork had very generous filling💯 Meat was soft and flavourful! Salt baked chicken tasted like roasted chicken rice's chicken on a bahn mi and is not really to my liking😅 Would recommend no.6 to try or my all time favourite no.7 hehe

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Rosti was really crisp and the potatoes really shine through. Wished it could have been thicker and less greasy, though. The portion of chicken was huge, but nothing outstanding about it.

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