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Recommended lists of Best Vietnamese Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Vietnamese 10 Best Places for Vietnamese in Singapore There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef stew noodle soups, Vietnamese hotpot, broken rice bowls, Vietnamese BBQ and more. Check this list out for more soul-satisfying authentic Vietnamese cuisine!

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And i only go for beef slices when i have pho because i love the thin slices of the pinkish beef. The soup is key. Love adding all the sauces into my soup although that’s controversial way of eating. Some say it’s conventional. It’s sweet when the man still thinks of food places to satisfy that palate of mine. (Which explains why he gave me the name of Wonderwoman, bcos i make him wonder all the time.)
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Managed to learn about Que’s existence at Toa Payoh from Johnson Eatery’s Facebook page. Quite interesting to know that Que is a one-woman show; the lady boss being the only person running the stall — a brave entrepreneurial move considering how Que is her very first F&B venture that she is involved in.

I was torn between this and the Banh Mi but figured out it was better to start off from a safer item here first. The Bun Thit Nuong Bun Gio checks the right boxes here when it comes to the made-to-order spring rolls and grilled pork; while many places served up pre-cooked ingredients for their dry noodles that had been set aside for a while, the grilled pork and spring rolls were served hot — the former been tender, moist and savoury without being too tough to chew, while the latter comes all crisp without being greasy whilst well-filled inside. The rice vermicelli was also slurpy and springy, while the basil and chili helps to give it a distinct aroma with a slight umami flavour and a hint of pretty manageable spiciness. Recommend giving this a good toss, and portioning out the generous amount of ingredients with every spoonful; the simple ingredients here comes together for a comforting meal that is predictable yet flavoursome dish which is not too heavy on the palate — an item apt for dinner after the massive feasting after CNY.

PS: would try to make a visit for their Banh Mi another time; the menu illustration simply seems to be too tempting to resist ...

Decided to give “Co Hai” a try as my favourite Vietnamese eatery, “Mrs. Pho”, was closed yesterday. Although the speciality here seems to be “banh mi” (Vietnamese baguette sandwich), I was in the mood for a “Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork, Minced Pork and Spring Roll” instead.
What I really liked about theirs was how well-marinated and smoky the pork was. The large spring roll was decent too as it came fried to a crispy finish. What I found a little unusual was their beansprouts looked and tasted blanched to me. They’re usually served raw in my experience but that’s good news for those of you who dislike the raw style. As for the “minced pork”, based on what I had, it’s actually sliced sausage. It’s really not bad at all but Mrs. Pho’s is tastier in my opinion.
Although this bowl of “Bun Thit Nuong” did a good job of sating my craving, the version at Mrs. Pho, it’s labeled as the “M5” there, still has my heart.

From Quan Co Ba; one of my most frequented stalls at Broadway Sim Lim Square. After having their dry noodles and Pho for quite a while, I was convinced enough to try this for a light lunch. While this isn’t quite something that would fill up the stomach, I totally enjoyed how the rice rolls were chewy and slippery; almost akin to HK-style Chee Cheong Fun in terms of silliness but still carrying the chew and clean flavours of the local variant. It comes with the standard condiments, including mint leaves, coriander and bean sprout for a refreshing flavour, while the shallots provided a crisp along with the slight savouriness of the sausage-like ham.

I rarely see duck pho being served here in Singapore, so i tried this out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised by how good their duck pho tasted. It came with both roasted & smoked duck slices, and the broth was very flavourful. Yummy!
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Beef slice is well cook and soup is a bit on a salty side to my liking, very authentic Vietnamese food. Remember to do in the lime slice that was given along in a small plate.

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Hugh mushroom Vegetarian Pho @Namnamnoodlebar 🍄
Good Pho doesn't always have to be chicken or beef! The first time we switched from Bahn Mi to Pho at this eatery in Plaza Singapura and it's not too bad at all. The fresh mushroom served in the vegetarian Pho is gigantic & a pure delight! 🍜 Their Pho goes very well with spring roll side dish.
📍NamNam Noodle bar
68 Orchard Road, #01-55
Plaza Singapura

I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of pho, as I generally like heavier, stronger flavours. That said, I really enjoyed this bowl of rice noodles, largely on part to the tender beef (both shin and sliced ribeye). Explains why I’m squeezing in plenty of lime! The broth is light and clear tasting, which will please most, my hubby included. The joint is run by a hearing impaired couple, and it’s heartening to see the many encouraging messages on post-its plastered on the walls.

The noodle is lightly coated in a fragrant oil. I love having this when I don't want anything too spicy or heavy. The beef version is good too.

With crispy fried spring rolls filled with veggies and minced chicken, it's like an appetizer and main course all in one dish.

FYI this outlet is at the basement of JEM mall, near to Watson's and Maki-san.

VietBox by Wrap & Roll in Suntec City Mall serves a small selection of healthy Vietnamese dishes. Prices are wallet-friendly and service is quick, making this the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner. Please read my review at

Found a good Vietnamese joint near my workplace. Love their duck pho, the broth is so good although portion could be more generous. It costs $15.50 to upgrade to the set meal which includes a side dish plus a drink.