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There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef ste...

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Vegetarian crab noodles from the kind bowl a cosy hole in the wall eatery on Killney. The soup is refreshing with a mildly tangy spicy taste so I added in the chilli padi. Made with fresh mint leaves, onions and pineapples which had absorbed the soup so well that you couldn’t taste the sweetness. The tofu based crab cakes were pretty unique and tasty and fortunately did not have a fishy flavor. Substantial portion for one person.

This branch of Mrs Pho has the most extensive menu amongst all the branches , a whooping 20 pages ! And lots of super exotic Vietnamese food . So while the pho and pancake is yummy , try out their other dishes like jasmine flower , tamarind crab , and this most wonderful sturgeon fish . Yummy everything .

Bami Sai Gon (S$5)
Pate, pork ham, stew pork topped with chicken floss

Bami BBQ Chicken (S$5)
Grilled chicken, lemongrass topped with chicken floss

Bami Pork Belly (S$5)
Pork Belly topped with chicken floss

All bami include cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrot, mayonnaise, sesame chilli sauce, soy sauce

We try the 2 signature dishes, Lemongrass Pork Chop Rice & Dry Vermicelli with Spring Roll, Meat Ball & Lemongrass Pork Chop plus few grill items - Iberco Pork Belly, Fermented Bean Curd with Asparagus, Mama Meat Ball & King Mushroom. All items are nicely prepared, tasty & homey. Portion are generous too. Pleasant environment after the restaurant moved to Bussorah Street. Will return.

Our standard go-to dish at So Pho because we really love the firm beef balls and the fatty beef brisket! We also love the slices of beef as they were really tender. 😋 For $12.50++, it is a reasonable amount of ingredients so we are not complaining.

However, for those of you who are not good with spicy food, we strongly suggest that you don't add any of the chilli padi into the soup. The chilli seeds are REALLY spicy and they can catch you off-guard! Also, do eat your pho when it is served because the kway teow will clump together otherwise and the dish will not be as nice.

Vietnamese spring rolls with chicken, prawns, rice noodles and quite a lot of veggies in it! We love it when the spring rolls are paired with the fish sauce, as it gives a slightly spicy and yet tangy flavour to the roll, which we feel is a little tasteless on its own. On the other hand, we feel that the dark sauce does not go as well with the dish as it is a little too sweet (reminds us of the sauce used for Chee cheong fun). For $4.80++, it is a pretty great appetiser since there are so many ingredients in it and the sauce is great!

However, we felt that the rice paper used for this spring roll was a little too thick and it is actually very difficult to separate the 6 rolls from one another as they stick together really tightly. 😰

Loved the presentation! Great tasty soup and condiments with thick slices of wagu goodness!

Despite working at Joo Chiat, which is effectively Singapore’s Little Saigon, I rarely have Vietnamese food. However, I’m glad I decided to sample the Bún Thit Nuong Chá Giò, which is a Spring Roll, Grilled Pork combo on a bed of vermicelli noodles at Lap Vietnamese Restaurant.

Yeah, I know, I actually had to dig to find the noodles too. Yes, the bowl is actually a large bowl. That’s right, the pork chop & vegetables were so awesomely abundant that it obscured the prodigious portion of noodles. The vegetables & vermicelli noodles were unseasoned, but there’s a bowl of sweet chili sauce provided that you mix into it all to power it up with sweetness, spiciness and just a little twinge of tanginess.⠀

The pork chop was incredibly intriguing, as it was a little on the tough side, yet it was most definitely not dry. It’s been sensationally seasoned with a herb & spice rub that I can’t place for the life of me, and it’s acquired a delicious smokiness from the grill. Better yet, it’s served with the bone, and as expected, the meat got felicitously fatty & divinely juicy the closer you get to the bone.⠀

The surprise star in the bowl definitely has to be the deep fried spring rolls. It’s charismatically crunchy, and Lap is incredibly generous with the minced pork in the filling. The minced pork is sensationally seasoned, and the crunch of water chestnuts is endlessly endearing. The perfect blend of savoury, soft meatiness juxtaposed with the indecent crunchiness of the chestnuts & the thin rice paper wrap? Sold, sold and SOLD.⠀

Yessir, Lap serves up Viet food so good I’d gladly lap it all up all day any day. GOOOOOOD MORNIN’, SAIGON!

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got 3 banh mis for $9 or around there! they were all decent not bad and sizeable for $3 each. the best was probably the dark marinated meats! i think it was the pork

Takeaway from Mrs Pho House (13 SGD). Really liked this refreshing pho. Didn’t have a strong chicken flavor which is the way I liked it. The chilli and tamarind sauces are pretty good too.

Hidden amongst industrial buidlings in Biopolis, hit up this gem for authentic Vietnamese food in a casual, relaxed setting! With the Beyond deal, save up to $17 when you dine out with a friend.
Photo by Burppler Jaster Ngui

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Authentic Vietnamese restaurant ~

Grilled pork, spring roll with rice noodles 🤩 - I always order bun instead of pho whenever I go to Vietnamese shop. No exception this time haha.

Pork was well seasoned. Even within the meat itself was super flavourful and yet not those too salty kind. It has the grilled and pepperish taste. It was a bit dry but the taste was good so all is good!

As for the fried spring rolls, OMG SUPER CRISPY!!! I like how the skin was the stripes(?) layers(?) kind, which is unlike our fried popiah skin. So it didn’t feel too oily. It was pork spring roll but the black fungus taste was kinda overpowering.

And lastly, the magical fish sauce is the reason why I love Bún bowls (rice noodles). The fish sauce adds so much umami to the noodles!

WARNING: The chilli was DAMN spicy. I mixed all the chilli in and nearly passed away.

Vietnamese Milk Coffee 🙅🏻‍♀️ -
The coffee was super strong and fragrant. BUT it was SOSOSO sweet and milky at the same time. Pretty sure they used sweetened condensed milk and added tons of sugar in! The entire drink was very jelak. I had to pour in lots of water to dilute it.

These are the prices on Grabfood.
Food is cheaper at the physical shop.
Rice noodles ($12.84)
Coffee ($4.82)

Ratings 4.5/5 for how authentic it tastes! (1/5 for the coffee though)

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