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Vietnamese, Burpple Guides 10 Best Places for Vietnamese in Singapore There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef stew noodle soups, Vietnamese hotpot, broken rice bowls, Vietnamese BBQ and more. Check this list out for more soul-satisfying authentic Vietnamese cuisine!

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Price: $6.50

This is a really good baguette!! The bread was so crispy on the outside, chewy and fluffy on the inside (one of the best baguettes I had) Tofu's black pepper marinate was not bad too. The variety of vegetables in the baguette also added a refreshing touch and an amazing depth of flavour. But I don't really like spicy food so I thought they could have gone down a little on the black pepper. Hoped they had other choices of tofu (like sweet and sour sauce tofu) as I realised the same black pepper tofu is used for all dishes with tofu hahahaha.

Unfortunately, this place do not serve some of the most popular Thai food like pineapple fried rice or mango sticky rice :(( Staff was okay, not friendly but not rude either. Their restaurant interior was really beautiful 👍🏻👍🏻 Overall, good place to have affordable and yummy Thai food.

Ended up ordering this ultra-savoury Pork belly stew. It's sweet, salty and quite shiok after a Long day. However, The pork is *not tender* at all, so don't expect it to be amazing. It comes with a side, a drink AND a dessert, all for $15.90. Value for money, I Guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

How do we get started? A simple wrapped up of rice vermicelli with crispy skin and savoury meat, lettuce, beansprouts, shredded carrot and cucumber. I would prefer some chilli sauce to add some spice to this dish. How about you? .
Rice Vermicelli Wrap with Crispy Roasted Pork Belly at S$6.90
Where to dine?
PHO Street
The Centrepoint. 176 Orchard Rd #B1-14 Singapore 238843

Ordered this beef on the hotplate for $14.90 at the orange lantern in IMM! Beef was super soft and chewy! Accompanied by their sauce which was quite unique with a hint of savoury-ness in it! Beef was fresh and texture was really good. Love it!

Don't think I've ever tried any dry Vietnamese noodle dish, so this was a first! I still prefer the soup versions, although this was quite refreshing with its sweet and slight tangy sauce.

Tasted the beef bee hoon at The Orange Lantern at IMM at $11.90! Its accompanied by their fish sauce! Bee hoon was tasty, moist, not oily but in fact also fragrant! Fish sauce enhances the flavour of the dish! Beef was a little bit hard but it does not loses its taste! Spring roll was really nice with many fillings and the skin was crispy with a hint of a fragrant scent after biting it! Ingredients in it was savoury with a bit of sweetness and oily-ness! Overall this dish indeed surprise me! It might look abit dull at some angle but its really nice and fulfiling for a lunch! Service was good too! Love it!

An awesome side and starter, Pho Street’s Rice Crackers & Cucumber with Caramelised Pork & Dried Shrimp Dip ($6.90) undoubtedly stole the show and seemed to have taken the limelight off the Phos in their new menu (at least for me). Surprisingly good, the unassuming appetiser was all fragrant and savoury-sweet. The Cơm Cháy Kho Quẹt was also nicely balanced with a good dose of spices. Heavier on the dried shrimps, the thick dip went amazingly well with the crispy rice cracker, crunchy cucumber sticks and not unexpectedly the Rice Vermicelli Wrap with Crispy Roasted Pork Belly ($6.90) - Banh hoi.

Thank you @pho_street for the warm hospitality, Geraldine from PR Salon for hosting us and @Burpple for the kind invite!

Pairing the addictive shrimp dip from the appetizer - Rice Crackers & Cucumber with Caramelised Pork & Dried Shrimp Dip ($6.90)with the traditional street snack for maximum pleasure, the woven rice vermicelli noodle wraps were a little plain on their own but came alive with the sauce. Nicely seasoned, the bits of chopped scallions and garlic atop the meat also added a great flavour. However, folding the crispy pork belly in with the side vegetables made the wrap quite a mouthful so no tiny bites.

Thank you @pho_street for the warm hospitality, Geraldine from PR Salon for hosting us and @Burpple for the kind invite!

Home-smoked salmon, tofu, cream cheese (a la carte S$8.50)
Toasted baguettes 🥖 stuffed with mayonnaise, hot chilli peppers, pickled carrots 🥕, daikon, cucumber 🥒, and fresh cilantro
Viet coffee with condensed milk (hot) (a la carte S$4.50)
Available as Value Breakfast Set at S$5.90 at @NamNamNoodleBar in @WheelockPlace on weekdays from 8am - 10am, excluding public holidays
Not sure 🤔 why but felt that the banh mi was pretty bland. Only the tofu's taste was pretty distinct. The various condiments available on the table helped a lot to spice up the banh mi.
Maybe everything taste bland to a sick 😷 person.
Even the coffee ☕️ was not sweet enough. Had to help oneself to the condensed milk available on the counter.
Nam Nam Noodle Bar
Address 🏠 : 501 Orchard Road, # B2-02 Wheelock Place, Singapore 🇸🇬 238 880
Tel ☎️ : 6735 1488
Open 💈 : 8am - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Orchard (NS22)
Note 📝 : Find a table first before placing order

8.90 dollars

Dry vermicelli, grilled pork belly and spring roll.
First time trying out dry vermicelli. Spicy based.

Highly recommend to try this dish.

8.90 dollars only🍲

Spicy pork combinations with rice vermicelli

Pork combination include shabu shabu, minced pork and pork balls.

The rice vermicelli match perfectly with the soup and ingredients.

Small restaurant, cozy and comfortable. Friendly staffs.

Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️