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Recommended lists for Vietnamese

Recommended lists of Best Vietnamese Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, Vietnamese 10 Best Places for Vietnamese in Singapore There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef stew noodle soups, Vietnamese hotpot, broken rice bowls, Vietnamese BBQ and more. Check this list out for more soul-satisfying authentic Vietnamese cuisine!

Top 10 Places for Vietnamese

Top 10 places for Vietnamese

Latest Reviews for Vietnamese

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Vietnamese

This was a lot better than I expected! Love the blend of flavors and the crisp texture of the spring roll. The filling is made from ground pork and yam, then wrapped in rice paper and deep-fried until the rice paper coat turns crispy and golden brown. This makes a great appetizer with it’s explosive flavors when you dip it into the fish sauce!


Meats were grilled to perfection and served with Thai and Viet dipping sauce.

I really liked the dry rub of lemongrass spices on the chicken thigh meat and they even wrapped the chicken around the sugar cane!

The beef cubes had a good char but slightly undercook with a rubbery pink centre. I actually like it this way, super chewy and soft. But do request for a longer cook time if you prefer your beef more tender.

The Moo Ping was recommended by the staff so we decided to try, it reminded me a lot of ba kwa (thinly sliced bbq pork) with that slightly burnt scent coupled with the sweet marinade.


Still a rather low profile joint despite being around for 3 months, this contemporary Vietnamese and Thai eatery served hearty classics like the pho & Phad thai, and also yummy bar bites and charcoal grill items. Not forgetting the extensive list of alcohol at reasonable prices which makes this a good place to unwind after work.

Owned by the same guys behind Miss G’s grill just opposite the stretch and the takeaway concept at one raffles place - Yuki Ona.

This well chilled angel hair pasta had an al-denté texture which was irresistibly tasty from the kombu and homemade truffle dressing it was tossed in. Served with scallop sashimi and caviar, this dish is light and delicate, you get that a lingering scent of truffle with every bite. Not to be compared with versions from Da luca and Gunther’s, I think this dish stands on its own given the price point and it’s really worth trying!


This Thai boat noodles were just bursting with flavors! The soup is really appetizing and with every slurp and sip of the noodles, you can really tell the concoction of ingredients that made it taste as flavorful as they could! Kudos to the chefs for expertly making this bowl so great!👍🏽
Thai Boat Noodles-$10 (Pork)
Thks to @sgnomster for the invite and to @phoragesg for hosting.

$8.50 for a bowl of sliced beef soup 😍

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Interesting after taste! Once is enough for me!
Try at your own risk! (:

Delicious! This was extra worth it with the burpple beyond one for one deals!

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Definitely a memorable dish! Do give this a try when you're here!

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Sadly these weren't the "cheese pull" kinda pops! It was just a semi hard mozza cheese on the inside. Tho i must say that the batter on the outside was nice!

ACAMASEATS💮: Is this the best Bánh Mì in town? Maybe, maybe not. That’s if @parkbenchdeli & @lepetitsaigonhk does Viet again and make a comeback of their rendition of Bánh Mìs and Chã Giò (minced pork sausage rolls) which was phenomenal, almost just almost changed my life and instantly took me back to Vietnam. .
And that’s what good food and chefs should aspire to do, trigger one’s profound memories through food.
Freshly baked warm baguette that has a crisp and crackly crust with pickled carrots, daikon radish, cucumber and fresh cilantro. I implore you to add the pâté to complete the entire Bánh Mì experience. Their homemade fish sauce and chili is a must, although the Bánh Mì itself is satisfyingly juicy enough.


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