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There's more to Vietnamese than the usual pho, banh mi and spring rolls. There are spicy beef ste...

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Hadn’t visited Empress Porridge thus far, though I have heard of how good their food is; needless to say I got pretty excited when I heard about Hoàng Hâu — their latest concept which had opened its doors just a couple of weeks ago at Blk 146 Jalan Bukit Merah. Taking over the former premises of now-defunct Momo Kitchen, their newest venture serves Vietnamese cuisine, ranging from Pho to Bun Cha and even rice dishes — they do intend to offer more items in their menu such as Banh Mi in the future as well.

One of the dishes that clearly stood out from the rest in their menu here is the Freshwater Eel Porridge — a Vietnamese dish that is rarely found in Singapore and a clear choice given how porridge is also pretty much the specialty of Empress Porridge. Not sure what to expect especially given how I have never actually tried such a dish prior to this, but this was something which turned out pretty satisfying by surprise. The porridge itself was congee-like in texture; not too watery and is pretty smooth without being too grainy — what we found really intriguing was how flavourful it was, being savoury-sweet with a slight zippiness from the chili which gives a slight tingle to the taste buds that makes it really easy to eat. The Freshwater Eel comes in thin strips; provides a briny note though does carry some bone-y bits (not an issue to us, but just so you know!) whilst giving a good bite. Pretty comforting overall; something which I really enjoyed despite being one who is not into porridge usually — the medley of flavours certainly made this one that was very easy to finish. Pairs up well with the Sea Salt Lemonade — my all-time favourite saltish and sourish iced beverage that is a great thirst quencher that is refreshing to have with the warm porridge.

Must say that we left Hoàng Hâu pretty impressed; love the Crispy Spring Rolls that they have here which comes with a shattering crisp exterior whilst well-stuffed with pork, mushroom and vermicelli within — one of the few variants around that comes with a balance of flavours from the ingredients without one overpowering the other. Will be back to try the other items someday!

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let me get this out of the way - i’m not a fan of vietnamese food. it just never appealed to me and i never had really good ones before. but we decided to try this place and it BLEW ME AWAY. we ordered the steamed rice paper rolls with chargrilled pork (it’s like chee cheong fun w super flavourful grilled pork), sliced beef pho, and rice noodles with pork. their portions are huge, definitely enough to fill you up. they gave generous portions of meat in all 3 dishes, i would say the meat to noodle/rice rolls ratio is 40:60! the sliced beef was super soft, didn’t taste dry or gamey. the chargrilled pork had a nice burnt/smokey flavour to it, and accompanied with fried shallots that just made the whole dish so tasty! overall, the dishes weren’t too oily and while it was super flavourful, it wasn’t too heavy on the palette either. i was really impressed by this place and i would definitely come back again. really authentic vietnamese food for a reasonable price (considering quality AND quantity). 9/10! :)

Though it still commands a premium price as opposed to other Vietnamese eateries, the crowd seems to still be supporting them. However, this is as what the name says, a little Vietnam, and if you want a true authentic Vietnamese dining experience, you will probably get more of it elsewhere. The only saving grace for us was probably the unique lineup of beverages such as iced salty lemon, blended soursop and even iced tamarind.
✨ Little Vietnam
📍 511 Guillemard Road, Grandlink Square, Unit 01-59, Singapore 399849
🛵 https://littlevietnamsg.weebly.com/menu.html
🍴 [Not Sponsored]

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What’s even better is that each bahn mi costs just $4.50, which is a steal considering other sandwich places will probably charge you $7-$8 at least. Run by Vietnamese, baked by Vietnamese, you know you are getting an authentic bani mi sandwich here with a considerably serving of meats and vegetables stuffed within it.
✨ Bahn Mi Thit by Star Baguette
📍 543 Geylang Road, Singapore 389498
🛵 GrabFood
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We are excited to have dinner here, enjoy some really authentic Vietnamese food at Singapore! We like the banh mi too! 😋

The boss is very generous in the portions and ingredients! Staff are friendly and observant, handed us extra plates and bowls for sharing ☺️

Will definitely come back again the next time!

For this item, Que has three options – Grilled Pork Bun Cha, Grilled Beef Bun Cha and Vegan Bun Cha.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/que-vietnamese-orchard/

Chanced upon this food gem when I was searching for a place to eat through Google Maps. Got attracted by their 4.3⭐️ ratings with close to 1000 reviews!

Pretty decent Bun Cha I must say, but their Cha Gio far exceeded my expectations👍. Please make sure you order them😋

First try today and fell in love with this healthy and tasty rolls. Happy to have found another option for lunch

The noodles were the thin vermicelli kinds, which I really like! The dish was refreshing, with the light savoury sauce and generous serving of carrots, cucumber and lettuce. The spring roll was quite good - it remained crisp throughout the meal and had a well-seasoned filling (meat and mushrooms I think).

Grilled chicken wasn’t dry, but I wouldn’t reorder the banh mi as the bread wasn’t crisp enough.

Viet coffee was very strong and gao, pretty good! Would consider returning to try their pho. This place seems pretty authentic :)

📍: Paya Lebar
One of the most affordable vietnamese restaurants around with the burpple 1-1 :-) Quality is good although a bit small. I’m surprised at how quiet this place is given its quality.
Spicy seafood noodle soup (~SGD11.90++): Would recommend this over the pho because it’s something more unique! Tastes a bit like chinese soup tbh but it’s really tasty! And it’s actually not that spicy haha but still pretty good.
Shrimp paper rolls (SGD 6.90++): Ingredients are fresh and packed within the roll 🤤 Nothing else to say except get this!!
OVERALL: 4.5/5

4⭐ Had Vietnamese food at Moc Quan since we are going somewhere nearby. I had the Pork chop rice and WB had Claypot pork rice. It's funny that WB perception of Vietnamese food remains at Nam Nam Pho and vietnamese food is so bland. 😂 I told him that there's many other Vietnamese food which suit his heavy taste bud such as Bun Cha, Com Tam etc. There's 1 for 1 deal using HSBC Entertainer so these 2 mains are