Local Delights

Local Delights

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Ting C
Ting C

Texture was akin to the typical pastey sweet tsp but it was salty instead. Crust was thin, crisp and very buttery. I love my sandy salty tsp w shallot’s fragrance but this was good too and v moreish. No wonder it’s many people’s fav tsp in sg.

Crust was good. It was thin, flaky, crispy, buttery, not too oily and there was no throwing away of the ends for me.

Fav was Chicken as it had a greater variety of ingredients. Filling was good and flavourful; chicken was not dry. Otah was like curry otah paste with potatoes. Sardine was not bad but I like mine with more onions.

I will get the chicken again.

Just the way I like my carrot cake - ticked all the boxes for me. I like it eggy, with kueh slightly firm and not chunky, too soft or mushy. Sweetness and spiciness was the right balance, with caramelised bits and chye poh.

Really good.

Tai Seng Noodle House (Level 2)

Tender pork rib, well braised mushrooms, good fried wantons, decent tau pok, okay soup wantons. Wished the sauce/chilli had more oomph though. Really generous with the ingredients and decent bowl of noodles for $4. Uncle was really friendly. Should have ordered $5 for more pork ribs.

Not bad option when you are in Amoy but I wouldn’t travel for it.

Their sio bak > charsiew for me (although I seldom eat sio bak because I don’t really like the fatty bits).

𝗦𝗶𝗼 𝗯𝗮𝗸 came with really crispy crackling and melt-in-your-mouth fats. Most were excellent while 1 piece had drier lean meat. 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗿𝘀𝗶𝗲𝘄 was nicely caramelised, charred outside (important!) with fatty and lean parts but there were a couple pieces with drier meat, otherwise it was good. Both were really flavourful on its own without needing the chilli.

Thin hk style egg noodles went really well with the meats.

You can choose spicy level (S,M,L) and with/without black sauce. I got M spicy (is quite spicy), no black sauce.

Like the springy kolo mee with the chilli and braised mince along with ramen egg (although I wish the noodle to be more al dente). Charsiew is decent enough. Somehow, I’m not a fan of the dumpling.

Decent kolo mee option here.


Chicken dumpling with chestnut, salted egg, mushroom.

Chicken is nicely cooked and actually taste sweet? Chestnut and mushroom taste good. Salted egg is quite dry. I wish there are more ingredients (more chicken) and less rice though.

Maybe I expected it to be more “wow” given its popularity.

But it’s “Ok loh”.

Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee was sold out so everyone was queuing for Xiang Ji. Lor Mee is easily the food with the longest queue in the hawker centre.

They are generous with the ingredients - a lot of flaked fish, some ngoh hiang, pork belly, one braised egg. Taste good but to me, Lor mee all taste kind of similar actually 😬

It was a 40 min queue on a weekend. I’ll maybe only queue 5 mins again for it if I have craving for lor mee.

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Stall with the longest queue in the market - longer than the wtm - because......?

It is value for money. At $3, they are generous with the ingredients and (especially) the noodles. Taste quite good, but nothing special.

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The charsiew is ok (lean type). Wanton is plump and good. Noodle with sambal chilli and dried shrimp is shiok.

The charsiew and wanton are good supporting cast to the star - Mee with chilli.


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The stall is only opened in the morning and there’s always a queue when I walked by. I had some expectations but when I eat it it’s just okay?

The carrot cake would taste much better with a few more minutes on the pan for that slight crispness on the outside.

The radish cake itself is actually incredibly bland - It needs more chilli/preserved radish/some seasoning. I enjoy the texture of the radish kueh though. It is firm and not mushy. The dish is also not oily.

Blanco court hot & cold desserts #01-137

Red tea jelly and longan shaved ice. Uncle poured lots of evaporated milk in in front of me😂. The addition of evaporated milk makes this taste like milk tea! They are also really generous with the ingredients. A good alternative to Teh Peng or cold drinks next time one is in the hot hawker centre.

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Ting C

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