SG: Western/European/Mexican

SG: Western/European/Mexican

Featuring Park Bench Deli (179), Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), OverEasy (One Fullerton), Muchachos (Frasers Tower), Lucha Loco, Latteria Mozzarella Bar, The Butcher's Wife, Super Loco (Customs House), Decker Barbecue (Robertson Quay)
Carmen Chan
Carmen Chan

After much hype, we decided to give Over Easy a try. Sadly it didn’t meet our expectations, this was pretty overhyped. Everything was average. Nothing tasted really good, and for the price we expected it to be really good.
It’s still a good place to enjoy the scenic view and to get that American diner vibe but other than that, I would not come back for the food/drinks.

Possibly an ode to the video game Red Dead Redemption and looked like heaven when I first opened the bagel. But sadly it didn’t live up to my expectations. The brisket and sausage were both a little tough and towards the end it got pretty salty. The slaw was pickly and crunchy, a very welcomed flavour to cut through the heavy flavour and heat of the brisket and sausage.

Spicy and slightly tangy, just the way I like it. The pork belly was admittedly not as juicy/tender as I wanted it to be but I can’t complain, 3 tacos for $8?? The pork pastor tacos ($7.50 and not pictured) were good too. Even better the next day after all the flavours have sat overnight.

Appreciate how affordable this is compared to other Mexican restaurants. A great place to satisfy my Mexican food cravings without breaking the bank. Too bad its located in a very very small shop lot so dine in is pretty challenging, and it’s a little far!

Tender beef tongue served in tacos. This one didn’t have much flavour compared to its counterparts like the pork belly and pastor. Probably wouldn’t get it again.

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The Winery tapas had some hits and misses, this was one that I thought was in the middle. Neither is it a hit but it wasn’t too bad either.

I knew this was a tapas place but this $28 paella was way too expensive for such a small portion. The portion could barely feed 1 hungry person tbh. After having this and the carbonara, the ham/crab croquetas were thankfully a pleasant surprise.

Is this the saddest carbonara I’ve ever seen/tasted in my life? Yes. Understand that this is a tapas place but this was not under the tapas section of the menu and the portion was barely enough for one person. Didn’t taste like carbonara either. Only thing I liked about this dish was the bacon. $18 for this was overkill.

One of the better dishes of the night. Pork belly and unagi sandwiched between mini bagels with egg yolk on top. The yolk honestly felt very out of place in this whole thing, the stars were the eel, pork belly and the sauce. Not cheap though!

Lovely lovely bagels here. I liked the assortment of bagels they had but 2 kinds already sold out at 11.30am on a weekend so come early! In order of favourite to least favourite, we had the Nova Lox, Lambchuri and Fat Back.

The Nova Lox ($14) boasted a generous amount of yummy smoked salmon which thank God wasn’t overly salty IMO and that scallion cream cheese is so good.

Lambchuri ($15) was my next favourite with tender roasted lamb slices, salty haloumi and a slightly tangy chimichurri sauce - all come together to make a really good tasting bagel. Apparently hash browns are a good topping for this bagel according to the cashier so we added that too.

The Fat Back ($15) - which i thought was going to be my favourite - ended up being least favourite. The pork loin was pretty dry and I didn’t like mustard so that was more of personal preference. While my friend who liked mustard loved this bagel rendition. The Brussels sprouts was an interesting addition.

Came on their 2nd day of operation and it was packed! Had to queue for close to 45 minutes for a table inside. As I went in the restaurant I could smell the scent of grease and oil - due to the open kitchen plan in the restaurant - which would undoubtedly stick to my hair. Interesting to see everyone working on the food but I guess ventilation could use a bit more work.

Moving on to the burgers, I had the Complete Burger which had a grass-fed beef patty, bacon, egg, cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce. This was one TALL burger and I had trouble getting any bites that had everything in it but I attribute that to the burger ~experience~. It was an okay burger for me - I mean the patty was big, juicy, cooked to about a medium done and not greasy but that’s about it. The buns were average. But here their selling point is the quality ingredients with local sources and these burgers are as fresh as they can get.

An unexpected twist though is the triple-cooked agria fries. As opening promotion the fries came free with a full priced burger. It came in a pretty large portion (enough to be shared by 2 small eaters) and you can choose ketchup/hot sauce as condiments. The fries while crispy, was however a bit too salty for me tbh.

I’d come back and try their other burgers like the Beef & Chimichurri (a Singapore special) and the Veggie Burger when the hype dies down a bit 😅

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If there’s one thing you can’t say about Decker, it’s that the food is lacking flavour. Everything is so well seasoned and has a depth of flavour! I got the wagyu brisket and pork spare ribs. The brisket was tender and slightly fatty, just the way I like it. The ribs were honestly too salty for me that it had me reaching for water. The crunchy slaw with a bit of tang helped to cut through some of that saltiness. I expected the cornbread to come warm but it came cold, not a big deal because it was delicious.

A hard seltzer and meat platter for one later, it came up to $50+ per pax inclusive of a $5 service charge. Very expensive! Would think twice to come back but for the food I’d come back for more of an occasion.

Loved this regular bowl, I had the salmon as my protein, quinoa/salad as my base, with eggplant, tofu and cauliflower as my sides. Everything tasted good especially the spicy miso tofu and miso salmon. Almond crusted cauliflower was soggy unfortunately. They have warm and cold sides, but it just seems like everything was cold 😅

It’s a small eatery with limited seating space, that is probably more suited for takeaways especially during lunch hour.

Price wise is average for salad bowls in the CBD. Adding $2.50 for salmon as my protein was painful to the wallet lol. Falafels and chicken have no additional charge, but they were already out of those by the time I ordered....

My favourite men is ramen

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