Featuring Sunday Folks (Chip Bee Gardens), Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Shaw House), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Tai Cheong Bakery (Takashimaya), Aqua S, 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), Korio, Awfully Chocolate (VivoCity), Godiva Chocolatier (ION Orchard), Bloom Artisan
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withtappy -

the sweet pumpkin pie is a seasonal item which definitely gave off halloween vibes with its bright orange color. the texture of the ice cream was on the denser and thicker side & the taste and smell of spice and cinnamon was v v pronounced, regretfully overshadowing the little hint of pumpkin the ice cream had.

the houjicha on the other hand had a lighter and more watery texture. the distinct bitterness of the houjicha was complimented by a slight sweetness. overall we found the taste of tea to be a tad diluted but it was still pretty enjoyable.

the sour dough waffle had a slight sourness which was a little confusing at first, but you would eventually connect it with the taste of sourdough bread then it started making sense & became so so good. it had a chewy and soft inside with a slightly crispy exterior & i strongly believe that’s the best texture a waffle can ever have (tappy begs to differ though). as much as i loved it, the strong flavor in the waffle somewhat overshadowed the flavors of the ice cream when eaten tgt. we’ll probs get an ice cream that’s more intense in flavor the next time we’re back.

our all time fave at awfully 🥰🥰🥰 even though i’m not a big fan of sweet stuff but this was so good!! the cake was very soft and moist and while it was sweet, the salted butterscotch drizzle balanced the sweetness of the chocolate swiss roll & white chocolate cream perfectly.

my fave ice cream chain in the world (i nearly lived in the branch opp my sch) simply because the flavors served in kr were too good to be true (strongly believe that world domination is not impossible for them if those flavors are available worldwide🥰🥰🥰). the limited flavors available in sg was a bit disappointing, but we couldn’t resist the one for one promo.

the pistachio almond ice cream was a huge disappointment. the pistachio flavoring felt overly artificial and we can’t taste or smell any of the nutty fragrance despite having two different nuts in one scoop of ice cream. also, the almond tasted kind of stale?

the peanut butter & chocolate flavor was like a dream come true though. the ice cream was super creamy, the chocolate base was sweet and milky, and there were large chunks of peanut butter ribbons which tasted like mars bars hidden in every mouthful. what i rly loved was that the chocolate base wasn’t overly bitter or intense, thus it paired really well with the salty peanut butter which helped to cut through the sweetness of the chocolate and made the flavor pop.

i think this must be how falling in love with matcha again feels like 💕💕💕

absolutely loved the matcha soft serve (though it melted so so fast) 🥰🥰🥰 it was super milky with a strong taste of matcha & we really liked how there’s a bitter aftertaste throughout which helped to offset the sweetness. the topping were so delightful too - the two mochis were chewy but not overly so, making it almost jelly-like, and it’s so easy to eat with the soft serve.

we also loved how generous they were with the brown sugar jelly!! it made every mouthful of the soft serve even more interesting as there’s a never ending supply of toppings.

one of the rare few places that had me craving for it again the moment i’m done with it???

had major cravings for krispy kreme after watching all the youtubers cheat day challenge!

the original glazed donut wasn’t as soft & fluffy as we would had like it, but it was good enough as a comfort food. loved how all the sugar glaze melted in our mouth, & basically gave us an instant sugar rush (i’m pretty huge on not eating added sugar these days but this was so satisfying)

also, for some inexplicable reason, i’ll always get a cake donut even though they tend to be pretty dry. this donut was no exception; it was so dry that it broke apart the moment i tore at it but then again, i’ll get it again in a heartbeat.

undisputedly the best egg tart in sg (in our opinion)!! the crust is super buttery & rich with a cookie like texture, and i loved the light touch of saltiness in the tarts when we tasted them piping hot.

the original one is the best out of the four without a doubt. the egg custard is super soft and smooth, and i esp loved the strong eggy taste and the wobbly texture which matched real well with the crust.

felt like the second best was a tie between the durian & pandan tart depending on when we had it. the durian tart had a super strong durian flavor and we could taste bits of the pulp with every mouthful. however it was somewhat regrettable that we couldn’t taste much of the cheese and the durian feeling was a tad too sweet.

the pandan tart smelled super fragrant - legit the only thing we could smell out of the whole box - but the taste fell a little flat. there wasn’t a distinct pandan taste and the custard didn’t quite set when we had it fresh out of the oven making it super difficult to hold and eat. but!!! our perception of it changed when we had another one the next day. after leaving it out for a night, we could finally taste the strong pandan flavor and for some reason, the tart shell was still buttery and crumbly.

as for the coconut tart, we didn’t like it at all? the coconut bits while fragrant was super dry and it just couldn’t live up to our expectations after we tried the other three first.

can’t quite rmb the taste of the soft serve anymore but absolutely loved the modern rustic(?) vibe of this cafe!! the soft serve dispenser is srsly one of the fanciest i has ever seen.

also loved the idea of choosing our own toppings as it made the entire experience so fun and customizable. & honestly honeycomb goes so so well with everything & every cafe should start offering them as a topping.

personally i feel like ice cream is perfect for any weather, but esp so when its raining cats and dogs outside & you’re comfortably seated in a cafe with a cup of icy cold treat in hand (i’m the type who’ll eat popsicles on the street even when it’s winter).

merely’s horlicks panda ice cream had two of my fave things & used to be my absolute fave of all time. the base had a faint and yet distinct malty flavor & the bits of hello panda folded into the ice cream added an additional crunch and saltiness to it (initially i thought that the hello panda was actly bits of hardened horlicks😰😰😰). personally i felt that the malty flavor in the ice cream base was not as pronounced as i rmbed it to be, and i would had probably enjoyed it more if it were a bit more intense.

the valrhona chocolate ice cream was definitely an ice cream done right. it was super creamy, rich and had a strong chocolate flavor. also, i absolutely loved the fact that it wasn’t bitter at all (a bitter dessert a few weeks back turned me into a firm believer that dessert shld be at varying degree of sweetness at all cost). personally felt that the sweetness somehow offset the intensity of the chocolate and it was so so easy to finish the scoop and crave for a second one immediately.

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is it just me but the standard for the soft serve had dropped? somehow the taste of chocolate wasn’t as strong as how i remembered it to be 😭😭😭 nevertheless, the soft serve was still creamy and rich & a super good deal with the one for one. but probs won’t go back again with the current standards

newest and best find during lunch 🥰🥰🥰 the mango passionfruit donut tasted interesting; there’s a sour tang reminiscent of passionfruit in the icing but we can’t taste much of the mango. also, the donut was so light and fluffy, and we loved the fact that they had flavors that were atypical of a donut (though we realized that we liked the normal flavors better) 🤤🤤🤤 would def go back for the peanut butter flavored ones. happy valentines everyone!! 💕💕💕


perfection in a bite was probs the best way to describe it. the tart was crumbly with a cookie-like texture & the panna cotta base was unbelievably smooth and soft even after a night. the oranges were a delight; super fresh & the light sugar glaze offset the tartness of the oranges. we def went up to dessert heaven (if there’s one) after every mouthful.

newest addiction at maxwell!! probably the nicest kueh we’ve ever had. the texture was light and soft, and you can easily bite through the kueh without much effort, unlike those super sticky ones (which sadly are the norms). the brown sugar was added moderately making the kueh sweet and delightful. def the best we ever had. so much that we avoid going maxwell now as we always overspend on this stall!!

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