Indonesian Food

Indonesian Food

Featuring IndoChili (Zion Road), FANGKO+ Coffee & Beer (Hongkong Street), Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant, Bebek Goreng Pak Ndut (Lucky Plaza), Pagi Sore (Far East Square), Coba Coba, Dapur Penyet (The Centrepoint), IndoBowl, Alimama Green Chilli Chicken Rice & Prawn Noodle (Maxwell)
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

We had an enjoyable dinner here last week, where we tried out a few of their signature dishes!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that each dish was great and exceeded our expectations! From the fork-tender Beef Redang, to the Cumi Bali (charcoal-grilled squid) that was well-grilled and so tender, the Ayam Sate Madura that blew our minds (or rather tastebuds) with its flavour, and the comforting taste of the Sayur Lodeh, everything was on point! We paired all these dishes nasi padang-style with yellow rice and their signature sambal belacan that was shiok and fiery! Had to wash all that down with a Fresh Coconut and Lime Juice!

We definitely recommend this place if you are looking for an Indonesian restaurant in the CBD area. The prices are slightly steep, but the food is definitely worth the money for its quality!

My cravings for nasi padang were greatly satisfied at Coba Coba! Each dish you see on this plate was superb on their own - from the flavourful beef rendang, to the lemak sambal goreng, to the soft & savoury bergedil and the spicy & shiok sambal belacan. They all worked so well with rice! Will definitely be back again!


Was craving ayam penyet and happened to be in town so decided to head here to satisfy my cravings! The ayam penyet here was solid! Crispy, juicy and tender chicken thigh with 5 types of chilli to choose from. I got the belado which was so shiok and fiery! Fried beancurd on the side was so good too! Will be back again definitely!

Checked out this stall last weekend for their Green Chilli Chicken Rice, which I throughly enjoyed! The chicken thigh is deep fried only upon ordering, and then topped with their signature green chilli. The set comes with white rice, curry vegetables and a side of sambal chilli! The chicken thigh itself was so delish - crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, while the green chilli is very fragrant and also super spicy (seriously no joke)! It’s so shiok and I’ll definitely be back again! The stall also sells other dishes like Nasi Ayam Panggang and interestingly, Prawn Mee too.

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Check out these delicious Indonesian bento sets we had for lunch recently, that was ordered and delivered from IndoChili:

~Nasi Kuning Rendang Set ($18)
~Ayam Goreng Kremes Set ($14)
~Ayam Besengek Set ($15)
~Gado Gado Set ($12)

The set that I had was the Nasi Kuning Rendang Set, and I really enjoyed it! The beef rendang was well-seasoned and very flavorful, while the turmeric rice was tasty and aromatic! My parents had the other 2 Ayam (chicken) sets, and they were full of praise for their respective sets as well! These sets all came with fiery sambal balacan chili that was super shiok too! Lastly, we shared the Gado Gado Set, and we loved the peanut sauce that tasted so rich and not watery!

If you’re keen to order their food or check out their menu for delivery, you can do so at Islandwide delivery is available, and there’s free delivery for orders above $70. Or if you’re fully vaccinated, you can head down to any of their 2 outlets to dine in instead.

Just sharing the delicious meal we had for lunch recently from Pagi Sore, an authentic Indonesian restaurant located at Telok Ayer:

~Tahu Telor ($12.20): Crispy and fluffy, served with Chef Liyana’s special sauce, which gave it that extra oomph!

~Ayam Panggang Bali ($9.90): Grilled to perfection, the chicken was juicy and well marinated!

~Angus Rendang Sapi ($15.80): Fork-tender and very flavourful; this was my favorite dish! Goes so well with rice!

~Butterflypea Jasmine Rice ($1.20): Fragrant rice that’s wrapped in banana leaf.

~Emping Belinjo ($2.40): Light, crispy snack that goes really well with the sambal belacan!

If you’re keen to order, you can do so at Available for islandwide delivery or self pick-up.

I recently checked out FANGKO+, an Indo-western cafe located along Hongkong Street (opposite Clarke Quay Mrt). The cafe has a nice decor with fairy lights, and the pricing for their food and drinks are really affordable!

I really liked the Smash Chimken, which was really crispy, addictive and filled with lots of heat! You get to choose your preferred spiciness level of the smash chimken, which ranges from level 1 to 12! Level 6 was just nice for me, maybe I’ll try level 12 the next time! You can even customise your chimken to pair with Indomie or Blue Pea Rice etc.


I have never tried fried duck before and was blown away by this delicious version served here. The skin is so crispy and duck meat is juicy and tender; accompanied by the spicy yet solid chili, will be back again real soon.

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Checked out this Indonesian joint over the weekend, after seeing yummy posts of the food here on social media.

We opted for the Indomie Ayam Bakar and were left mostly impressed. Each bowl came with simple but tasty indomie served with juicy and flavourful grilled chicken thigh, then topped with either sambal belacan (red) or sambal hijau (green). The sambal belacan was really fiery, so if you cannot handle the heat i would recommend going for the lesser spicy green chilli instead. Each bowl also came with an egg as well.

Our only gripe was that the portion size did not justify the $9.90 price tag per bowl as both of us were still hungry after our meal.


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