#savefnbsg (Takeaway / Delivery)

#savefnbsg (Takeaway / Delivery)

Featuring KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Swensen's (Plaza Singapura), Poppy Pops (Jem), Wan He Lou (Maude Road), New Lucky Claypot Rice (Holland Drive Market & Food Centre), Bei-Ing Wanton Noodles, Don Lechon, Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant, Yong Huat, Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake (Berseh Food Centre)
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Fancy some Lok Lok + Soju in the comfort of your home during this HA period? Lok不Lok Bistro is here to satisfy that craving with their delivery service! I’d recommend going for their Lok Lok combos, which all come with a FREE bottle of soju! Featured here is Combo B that comes with 55 sticks of Lok Lok, including my faves - Zai Er, Bakkwa, Broccoli & Fishroe Dumpling. I like that they offer lots of varieties (more than 30!) of Lok Lok to choose from, and they remained tasty despite being delivered! Additionally, I’m also a huge fan of their homemade sauces (MAMA Sibei 辣, MAMA Satay Sauce, VIET Garlic Sweet Sauce & DIDI 酸酸甜甜辣辣), which all paired really well with the Lok Lok! Besides Lok Lok, they also offer fries and ramen as well.

Islandwide delivery with min. order of $35 and $10 flat delivery fee. Free delivery for orders $85 and above. Self-collection is available too. Check out their social media pages on IG / FB (@lokbulokbistro) for more info.

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Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant has been on my radar ever since I saw posts on social media highly recommending their Tom Yum Fish Soup. I finally got to try their popular specialty and other zichar dishes on their menu via delivery recently. Here’s what I ordered:

~Curry Fish Head
~Double Fish Tom Yum Soup w/ Ou Mifen
~Deep Fried Pork Belly w/ Garlic
~Stir-Fried French Bean w/ Shrimp

The reviews were spot on in regard to their Tom Yum Fish Soup. The Tom Yum broth was super shiok; so robust and flavourful! As for the fish, I personally preferred the fried fish and would order just the fried fish next time. We loved the Curry Fish Head too! The curry was really rich and appetising, and went well with rice. The Deep Fried Pork Belly w/ Garlic deserves a special mention too – so crispy and fragrant!

Promo Code: Use ‘DISCOUNT38’ to enjoy islandwide delivery at only $6 with a minimum order of $38 when you order on their website (www.hotspotrestaurant.biz/). Do order at least 2 hours in advance. Alternatively, you can call +65 6835 7752 to place orders if you have problems ordering online.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the food from Wan He Lou, especially their signature award-winning Lobster Porridge. Now, during this heightened alert period, I’m still able to enjoy their food via delivery at home and I ordered recently for me and my family!

I’ve gotta say, the overall quality of the food wasn’t compromised at all despite being delivered. The Lobster Porridge was simply delicious, with its rich, umami broth paired with firm and juicy lobster meat! Whetting our appetites further was the Ice Plant w/ Cherry Tomatoes tossed in sesame sauce that made it so savoury. Completing our delectable meal were two other complementing sides: the flavourful Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork and the dangerously addictive Crispy Lotus Root w/ Salted Egg that are must-tries for me on the menu.

With a minimum order of $50, you can use the promo code ‘STAYSAFE’ to waive off the delivery fee. Wan He Lou is available for both self-collection and delivery. Order now at https://order.wanhelou.com/.

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Are you craving for both seafood and bubble tea? Uncle Leong Seafood Alexandra has launched a new set menu for 4 pax that combines them both! Here’s what the set menu consists of:

~Shimmering Sand Crab Delight + 4pcs Mantou
~Claypot Red Grouper in Canto Style
~Signature Drunken Prawn
~Salted Egg Nan Ru Pork
~Oyster Sauce Broccoli w/ Fried Shallots
~4 cups of Bubble Tea (choice of Signature Milk Tea or Winter Peach Green Tea) (not pictured)

The Shimmering Sand Crab Delight is without a doubt the standout dish! The sauce is super rich and creamy (goes damn well with the mantou!) while the crab meat is sweet and succulent! Other favourites are the Signature Drunken Prawn (love the herbalicious broth!) and Salted Egg Nan Ru Pork (very addictive!). As for the bubble tea, I like the refreshing Winter Peach Green Tea!

This set meal promo is valid till 13th June 2021, and is valid only at Uncle Leong Seafood Alexandra. Available for both pick up & islandwide delivery at https://anchorpoint.uncleleongseafood.com or contact +65 6259 9861. You can check out Uncle Leong Alexandra’s Facebook and Instagram pages for details on Group Buy too.

Check out the delectable spread of food that we ordered for lunch yesterday from Uncle Leaw Thai Food, a home based business selling Thai seafood dishes! Here’s what we had:

~Steamed Crab w/ Milk
~Seabass Fish w/ Lime Sauce
~Scrambled Eggs Crab Meat w/ Rice

Overall, we felt the standard and quality of their food were really impressive! In fact, my mum was really surprised when I told her they were home based, as she felt the food was restaurant quality, which we all agreed! My favourite dish was the Steamed Crab with Milk; the meat was sweet and succulent, and if you’re a fan of crab roe, you’ll definitely love their crabs! The other seafood dishes like Seabass Fish w/ Lime Sauce (the sauce was so appetising!) and Cockles were all really fresh, while the Scrambled Eggs Crab Meat w/ Rice was tasty as well! Oh ya, I also wanna highlight how solid their chilli sauce was too - so spicy and addictive that it elevated the overall taste of the dishes when dipped together!

If you’re interested, you can DM them (IG/FB) for more info or order via https://take.app/a/uncleleawthaifood.

Popeyes Singapore has brought back the fan favourite Ghost Pepper Chicken, but with a twist this time round! Available for a limited time only from today till 19th July 2021, the Hot N’ Cheesy Ghost Pepper Chicken features a sauce that is a blend of Ghost Pepper and Cheese, then sprinkled with cheese crumbs. I really like how the spicy and savoury combination blended so well together, it left me wanting more (even though I almost ‘died’ from the heat of the ghost pepper 😂)!

The Hot N’ Cheesy Ghost Pepper Chicken is available in several set meal combos, one of which is the Hot N’ Cheesy Combo ($10.90), which includes 2pc Hot N' Cheesy Ghost Pepper Chicken, Large Cajun Fries, Thai Tea biscuit (drizzled with Thai Milk Tea Sauce), and a regular Sjora drink. The sweetness of the Thai Tea biscuit and Sjora drink helps to balance out the spiciness from the chicken. Prices for the set meals start from $8.90 onwards. Download the Popeyes SG App or hop on to popeyesdeliver.com.sg to place your order today!

I’ve always been a huge fan of glutinous rice (lo mi fan), and here is one that I’d highly recommend you guys to try!

Featuring the Premium Lo Mi Fan from @sticky.lomifan, that’s made using a family secret recipe passed down 3 generations. Their version comes generously filled with sticky glutinous rice, dried shrimp, mushrooms and premium lap cheong (Chinese sausages), topped with peanuts, fried shallots, spring onions and served with savoury homemade chilli. I liked how fragrant and well flavoured the rice was, and together with the other ingredients plus the crispy homemade chilli, each bite was so damn satisfying! My parents enjoyed it too, and commented that it had that ‘old school’ taste.

One box of lo mi fan is suitable for 3-4 pax, and comes in a really nice packaging. You can DM them on IG/FB or WhatsApp +65 8251 5255 for orders / enquiries.

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~Wild Ginger Sambal
~Tomato Sambal
~Garlic Chilli
~Sambal Belacan

I was most excited to try the Tomato Sambal when the products arrived, and it certainly did not disappoint! This was my favourite chilli among the rest; I love the complexity of flavours that I tasted, from sweet, tangy to spicy, it all came together perfectly! Next was the Wild Ginger Sambal which I really liked too! This wasn’t as spicy as the Tomato Sambal but still packed enough heat! What stood out was the fragrance from the ginger, while the silverfish added to the texture as well. The Garlic Chilli is the kind that goes damn well with chicken rice while the Sambal Belacan is the standard super spicy but damn shiok kind!

As you can see, the chillies are really nicely packaged too, and I reckon it would make for a good gift idea for your spice lover friends. You can WhatsApp +65 98379915 or DM @dailydose_sg on Instagram / Facebook for orders / enquiries!

Price List:
~Set of 3 (160g / bottle): Tomato Sambal, Garlic Chilli & Sambal Belacan - $19.90
~Wild Ginger Sambal (200g) - $16.90

1) 24 Karat Mao Shan Wang Cheese Cake (9cm - $20, 15cm - $80): Combining 2 of my favourite items (Mao Shan Wang durian and Cheesecake) into one, this is a really delectable dessert! Made with premium Mao Shan Wang durian, encased within smooth and velvety cheese mousse, before adding 24 Karat pure gold leaf for the finishing touch. Every mouthful is so rich and velvety! Comes in 2 sizes - 9cm (serves 1-2 pax) and 15cm (serves 8 pax).

2) Mao Shan Wang Durian Craquelin ($3.50 / piece): These MSW Durian Craquelins are really shiok! An upgraded version of their popular D24 Durian Craquelin, the MSW durian version is made with premium MSW durian piped into choux with chocolate crusting, and then lightly dusted with gold flakes. Trust me, it’s so addictive that you won’t be stopping at just one!

You can order them from @msdurianpastry’s website at order.msdurian.com. Islandwide delivery or pickup options available.

Popcorn lovers fall in! Uncle Didi offers a total of 12 flavours of popcorn to choose from, ranging from their standard flavours to specialty flavours and a couple of seasonal flavours that’s changed quarterly! I was lucky enough to get to try all of the flavours and I must say the popcorns are really fresh, yummy and addictive! From sweet, savoury to unique flavours, there’s something for everyone! My personal favourites are Milo Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Double Cheese, Brown Sugar (seasonal) & Sour Cream (seasonal)! The popcorns are available in different sizes from ‘fun’, ‘medium’ to ‘jumbo’, and orders can be made via this link (https://linktr.ee/UncleDiDi48).

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Check out these local dishes that I had from @grandmas.singapore recently:

~Signature Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak
~Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak
~Sambal Sotong
~Tauhu Telor

My favourite was the Signature Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak; the curry chicken was so delicious, along with the fragrant coconut rice! The fried chicken was pretty good too, just a tad too dry. I also really enjoyed the Sambal Sotong; loved the tender squid rings served in sweet and spicy sambal chilli, so shiok!

You can order online at https://grandmas.oddle.me/en_SG.

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Thinking of having a mini party this festive season? How about a Durian Party?

I recently tried the Durian Party Cake from Ms Durian, and I certainly would highly recommend this to all durian lovers!

The Party Cake (good for 6 to 8 pax) consisted of 1/2 Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, 1/2 Whisky Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake and 18 pieces of mini D24 Durian Craquelins. The moment the Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake entered my mouth, I was wowed by how rich and shiok the durian filling was! The Whisky Mao Shan Wang Durian Cake, on the other hand was more intense in taste, and whisky lovers will probably like this version. The mini D24 Durian Craquelins were pretty shiok too, couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth!

By the way, I was informed that the cracks on the meringue (on the Whisky Durian Cake) were due to its fragile nature, and this did not affect the quality of the cake in any way!

You can place your orders at order.msdurian.com.

Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram: @jonnyboyeats

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