japanese 🥰

japanese 🥰

my favourite bowls 🍱
Sarah Ng
Sarah Ng

Suo comprises 5 kinds of sashimi — hotate, salmon, hamachi, akagai and amaebi, all of which you get 3 thick slices each. the staff allowed us to swap the maguro to hamachi! sashimi was fresh as expected but we particularly enjoyed the scallops and yellowtail. loved how the prawns came with the head intact for extra umami 😀

no other words to describe this bowl of goodness except ✨PERFECTION✨ best beef bowl i’ve had to date. beef was melt-in-your-mouth tender with the decadent truffle rice and onsen egg. the other extras like caviar and uni/foie gras were just an added treat bc the bowl could’ve honestly stunned without them! so glad there’s beyond here

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for the price, you can’t really expect thick slices of fish but it’s worth every cent nonetheless. you get a good variety including hotate (scallops) and ikura! it’s located in a restaurant/food court-ish place with other food options and a bar so head down for a no frills dining experience

a pretty interesting take on chirashi with their signature chili crab sauce! was initially quite apprehensive to try raw fish with chili crab but it turned out well. soft shell crab was of decent size and fried to perfection, mentaiko was generous for the fries too. love the decor and vibes of the cafe, def worth checking out for a nice date! saw some pups outside, think they’re dog friendly 🐶

one of the best bowls of ramen i’ve had and i don’t typically enjoy noodles 🤤 spicy broth was tasty and not gelak at all but the pork chashu is what deserves a highlight. it’s so tender with the right ratio of fat it melts in your mouth! can’t find chashu better than this. be prepared to queue

store is located within a coffee shop so was rather surprised to see sashimi on the menu. for $10 i’d say this bowl is worth it! the rice is mixed with pickles and is a little spicy, quite appetising although it may overpower the fish

got the jowl and belly, like how they clearly explain what to expect for each part in the menu. pork belly was fatty and melt-in-the-mouth! bowls are pretty affordable but i think i’ve seen them sell the frozen shabu meats in the supermarket (same brand) 😅 sauces really complement the dish though! fried oyster was good too~

used Beyond for 1f1 chirashi don ($30) which made it affordable but it was nothing fancy. we had to wait 40min for RAW food 🤢 and they even forgot the slice of hotate + amaebi that they eventually brought out. do note that it is not plain white rice but instead seasoned with pickles. not too bad but felt it overpowered the fish. they gave kanpachi instead of hamachi and i’m not a big fan. pretty generous with the ikura though! overall mediocre food and would not come back if not for the deal/if i had other options

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my go-to for affordable don that’s brimming with an assortment of fish! particularly love the whelk which isn’t commonly available that adds a nice crunch. it’s a kiosk with limited seats for a quick n fuss-free meal

fav bowl ever!! the truffle rice deserves a special mention, flavourful with ever bite. minced tuna and fatty tuna complemented really well! best part is all bowls here are pretty affordable. fuss free dining space but for the price you really can’t complain~ they accept grabpay!! 🤑

got the 4 kinds sashimi with salmon, tuna, hamachi and scallops, all were pretty thick and fresh! chirashi was a little underwhelming with thinner slices but the sweet prawn was so tasty 🤤 also tried the mentai squid (not pictured) and it’s definitely worth it! drenched in generous amount of mentai sauce. this outlet in particular has a really zen vibe, perfect for date nights

this was the star of the entire meal 😍 truffle was not too overpowering but you can definitely taste it. ordered a la carte instead of going for the omakase, but tried the omakase sashimi and sushi set for 2pax which were pleasant surprises! wagyu don was tasty but for the price i felt the thin slices weren’t really worth it. everything else was pretty good and it was truly an experience with the chef who joked around with us and even made an elaborate dish out of our radish/seaweed leftovers!

Sarah Ng

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