Interesting Italian Food

Interesting Italian Food

Featuring PocoLoco (Upper Thomson), PocoLoco Microbrewery (Snow City), PocoLoco (Royal Square at Novena)
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Have you seen a PINK pasta before? Because I have not! The pink was natural colouring from beet root. So pretty right? Don't worry, there is no earthliness flavour at all! It taste like aglio olio that is not spicy and less garlic taste. In addition, it has no meat, making it vegetarian friendly.

Chicken tender were the parts used for this dish. I personally do not prefer this part of the chicken compared to the thigh. This is because it has very little fat percentage, causing the meat to be drier. However, the chicken was very well seasoned which compromises the drier texture. I love the masala wine sauce as well!

PocoLoco serves one of the best tiramisu in town! The cream is very light, not jelat at all even if you finish the dessert by yourself. Unlike the other tiramisu, their lady finger biscuits are dipped in coffee just before serving so it is still crunchy!

Panna cotta is a cream flan dessert originated from Italy. It is smooth, silky, and has a melt-in-mouth texture! The berry jam on it gives a slight tartness to balance out the sweetness from the flan. But don't worry, even if you eat the flan by itself, it is not very sweet!

It was kinda sad not being able to have a nicely flowed out lava cake. I think I spent too much time taking photos of it before I cut it open, causing the batter to be cooked. Nonetheless, it still tasted very rich a sweet dessert to end the meal.

This tea packaging has tiny holes on it so the leaves can be hydrated and release it's flavors. I was still looking for the opening for the bag before the owner told me to just swirl the whole packaging in the water.

Cooked till medium rare, you can see the tenderloin is still mostly pink in the centre. The surface was cooked and firm to touch whereas the inside was still soft and juicy.
Unfortunately, I find the meat a lil chewy as I had a hard time breaking the muscle fiber down in my mouth. In addition, the portion might not be enough to satisfy people with a larger appetite. So if you're trying to fill your stomach, risotto or pasta might be a better option. If not, you can just order more dishes!

Slightly salty (due to the squid ink) with a mild ocean flavour. But remember, do not order this if you want to look good on your date!


The risotto base was thick and creamy. Grains were cooked fill al dente, retaining it's bit firmness without being overcooked. 
I remembered cooking my first pot of risotto when I was 13. Standing in-front of the stove waiting for the broth to be absorbed was no joke. From then, I started to really appreciate the hard work behind cooking risotto.

not an authentic Italian dish. It's true! However, this dish was created with the consideration that some Singaporeans do not eat beef due to religious believe. I like how PocoLoco's team planned and designed their menu to suit our Singaporean taste as well.

It's either you love it or you hate it. I personally love it very much! Okay, maybe not so much on it's cholesterol level. The foie gras is lightly seared. There is a thin crispy surface with interior still being really creamy. The combination of truffle and foie gras is divine too!

(middle) Thick and full of white button mushroom "meat". Unlike most mushroom soups, PocoLoco's was topped with truffle essences instead of cream. The truffle essences complements well with the mushroom soup!

Family of five eating our way around the little red dot 一家五口尝试吃遍全新加坡美食的旅程 Instagram @sgfoodiefam

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