Meats & Steaks🥩

Meats & Steaks🥩

For the meatlovers! Ratings take into consideration price of the dish, quality of the dish, and overall service and ambience of the location if applicable!🌟
Jaslyn T.
Jaslyn T.

Well-known affordable steak frites at Braseiro. For the price one is paying, there should be a natural tendency to manage expectations. So for the quality of ribeye steak that I am getting, I am really not complaining. In fact, I thought the steak itself was well-seasoned and had a tasty grilled flavour. However, my only gripe is the lack of consistency in their doneness. I ordered two medium rare 200g entrecote steaks but one was significantly rarer than the other. The rarer one felt a bit more on a rare plus side, which was unideal for my palate. The steak was served with three different sauces, and I appreciated that diversity. The three sauces were black pepper, mustard, and thousand island — all of which complemented the steak well.

The steak here comes with free flow fries and lettuce. I absolutely enjoyed their homemade fries — and I can't really explain why. I just thought that the textures and crispiness were all done right as homemad shoestring fries.

Rate: 🌟🌟🌟

Medium Steak with L'Entrecote's secret sauce. Because the sauce is secret, I have no idea what it is made of. However, all I know was that I enjoyed it very much with the steak. It added a lot of flavour, and had a slight sourish/acidic and mushroom taste to it. I went with medium compared to my usual medium rare because the staff advised us that French steaks are on the bloodier side, so a medium rare in their terms would be like a rare plus. So I decided to go with a medium instead. While indeed it was seared to what I usually know as medium rare, the steak itself was a bit on the tougher side, and evidently very veiny. For the price paid and quality, I thought it was rather decent. Not forgetting, the price includes free flow fries on the side, which I enjoyed very much because it was well seasoned and crisp.

Overall, the branch at customs house had extremely patient and friendly staff who all did not hesitate to enlighten us about their menu. The ambience was also great, being a cozy restaurant with a great view of the Marina waterfront.


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Boneless chicken thigh marinated in 24 hour brine, fried till golden brown. While the batter of the chicken thigh and half chicken is the same, the batter for this boneless chicken thigh was seemingly thicker than the latter. I think both ways worked out well — just a slight difference in texture. The thigh was inevitably meatier, juicier, and also oilier, but it went great with the runny sunny side up egg (loved it) and the waffles. The waffles were not the light and fluffy belgian waffles, but rather, denser, thicker, buttermilk waffles. Not the best waffles I have tasted, but nonetheless, the type of waffle really boils down to preference when enjoying with savoury fried chicken. Together with maple sauce served at the side, the elements of this dish really worked out pretty well. However, do note that the maple sauce is housemade with bourbon, and there is a distinct bourbon-alcohol flabour in it. Personally thought it was refreshing and interesting to pair it with my waffles!

Overall, The Beast had a laidback rustic vibe which really emulated the ambience of a Southern bar.


This was so yummy. The fried half-chicken batter was thin and crisp, and the chicken was so juicy overall. Oiliness in fried chicken is inevitable, but I was quite surprised that the oiliness was nothing too overwhelming. Enjoyed eating the chicken with the country brown sauce at the side, which gave an additional savoury kick to the juicy chicken. The slaw however, was a bit dry and bland.


Added 1 tempura fish for $1.90. Served with homemade chimchurri sauce.

This lamb chop was pretty good. Well-seasoned and meaty, and not too gamey at all. It gets a bit heavy after a while as it was too oily. But for $14.90, I am not complaining. After all, tt is difficult to find lamb chops at such a price. Meeting expectations, this dish was worth the price.

Note: You can choose to top up $2.50 (weekday) or $3.70 (weekend) to complete your ala carte meal with a set, comprising of a drink and soup of the day.


Always remember how Hot Tomato was an all-time favorite during my schooling days, especially because it was perceived as one of those "atas" options for Western food that had extremely worth it student lunch specials. With a few of their outlets in heartland malls, I wonder if its still a student favorite. While I have not eaten Hot Tomato in a while, I am surprised to say that standards have remained consistent!

The grilled chicken chop was served with house made black pepper sauce, a side of well-seasoned vinigarette salad, as well as their notable aglio olio. I thought they were pretty stingy with the black pepper sauce, but I did not really ask for more because the chicken chop itself was already very flavourful. There was a good consistent char on the chicken, and the skin was not too oily nor soggy. In fact, it was well-seasoned with the skin slightly crisp, so I enjoyed it a lot. Nothing surprising about the aglio olio — more towards the bland and oily side, but nothing tabasco cannot fix.

Also because this Hot Tomato branch was in Jewel, it was plus points for the ~natural~ ambience, facing the waterfall. Service staff were very polite and friendly as well!


Well, Meat n’ Chill did try to warn me. I might have just tried the meanest pork ribs in town. Meat n’ Chill serves a variety of pork ribs with different flavours - from their signature, to exotic, to international flavours. The Old God Mother pork ribs fell under the international flavours, as they used traditional spicy crisp sauce. Well, it took me a while, but I figured out that the name was created because of their use of the 老干妈(Lao Gan Ma) chilli! On top of this wildly interesting flavour, the meat itself was well charred, yet tender - indeed, it fell right off the bone. I’m not complaining, the portion was huge. At least for me, 5 meaty pork ribs was a feast for both my eyes & stomach. Next on my must try list is the jalapeño mustard flavour.

Each pork ribs dish comes with two side dishes. I topped up $3 to swap for a chilli cheese fries as a side. And I’d recommend you to do the same if you’re a fan of sauces up fries. The mash potato was honestly a waste of time, I’d recommend choosing other sides and switch it up if you can with the premium sides. The chilli cheese fries were decadent and delicious, making the extra bucks I spent worth it. Sides aside, the main star of the dish were the pork ribs (as it should). And I am glad I finally found a solid place to go to satisfy any BBQ pork ribs craving.

Service here was great. Rustic interior and chill ambience. Albeit a little small, it is quaint enough for you to have a good conversation with friends.


Was excited to hear the Kenny Rogers is back in Singapore. A family-friendly restaurant where I celebrated occasions at, I am glad that now more families can finally do the same (Who can forget The Café Cartel). With all that excitement however, I was not as impressed with the food as I would have liked to be. The chicken itself was a tad bit dry, but understandably so. You can also ask for more sauce if it’s not enough. Plus points as the chicken skin was tasty and well roasted, with the crinkly sound when u tap it with your fork. Then again, it was just a decent rotisserie chicken that you could perhaps easily get at a cheaper price elsewhere. Here, you are indeed paying for service and ambience, which are fair considerations in every meal.
I discourage choosing the pasta option as it felt like typical school canteen fare. Tasteless and dry.
Ultimately, I’m not sure if I would return. As mentioned, it is relatively affordable with the excellent service provided and laid back ambience. But don’t come with high expectations.

Unfortunately, this beef brisket fell short of expectations. Although this brisket has been claimed to be smoked for 14 hours, it wasn’t as tender as I expected. In fact, the meat was a tad dry to me. The salt and pepper rub was concentrated on the layer of skin - so even though it added a good flavour to the brisket, it became way too salty after a while, with some portions of the brisket tasting evidently bland. One can only wonder if there’s a way to blend the two flavours more holistically together. Nonetheless, the char on this meat was great, and portion size was good. While there were shortcomings with the meat itself, I appreciated how meaty (and not fatty) it was! Perhaps on my end, I had way too high expectations for meatsmith. That being said, if you love meaty briskets like me you ought to give this and the other items on the menu a try. In fact, I would love to go back to try their mac & cheese and beef short rib.

Love the batter here because there’s an option for spicy and original - and the spicy batter always gives a good kick and refreshing flavour than other fish & chips out there. In fact, the batter is relatively thin, so you don’t feel too overwhelmed by it. Some might find the dory fillet itself salty and maybe a bit tad slimy - but I’d look past it for the price & the fact that it’s a dory (really, not an atas fish you’d have high expectations for). The mashed potatoes and corn are nothing special, but an alternative if you don’t want chips/fries. Like almost all fish & chips, this meal felt extremely oily and heavy at the end. But for the price, it is an affordable option for a good meal of fish & chips.

Wanted to try their limited edition famous lobster rolls but it was unfortunately sold out.
Went for the ribeye steak with an option of 2 mains. Fries and Mac and cheese were normal. The medium rare ribeye steak was nothing wonderful. It may have been cooked medium rare, but the steak quality wasn’t fantastic, so it really turns out to be what you’d expect, kind of a low quality fast food chain standard, especially for the price. At $19.90, this was one of the priciest items on the menu, together with the crabmeat pasta - which I believe I would have preferred over this underwhelming dish. Other food options were more affordable, and looked seemingly better than this steak. I would love to come back again and try other food items on their menu, especially when this steak did not satisfy my expectations of a rather chill and affordable cafe.

Very tender beef cheek which was so pleasant to eat because it was just so soft! Red wine jus and sautéed mushrooms went great together as well. Pretty worth it for the ambience and excellent service.

Food makes the world go round, and me grow round🍩

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