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Celine S
Celine S

Nice vegetarian option but sadly this wasn’t very filling

Nice brisket but don’t think this was the best dish here!

THIS WAS THE STAR. Beef was perf!!!

Super worth it!!!! Really feels as though you’re in Vietnam 😀

THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!!! Went here at 6.50pm only to be told we had to wait 30-45mins for a table but 15mins later we got a call that our table was ready!!! Big yay bc the fish tacos were freaking amazing. Successfully put all the tacos I’ve eaten thus far in my life to shame. Will admit that this wasn’t v filling though…could go for seconds. And the tomato salsa to tortilla ratio was 1:6 meep


Must get the truffle oil angel hair pasta / octopus fried rice / their pork belly!!!!!

This was sooo good!!! Fries were extremely tasty without being too salty + beef complemented the béarnaise sauce & salad!

• FISH TACOS WAS SO 😍... huuge piece of crispy fleshy fish
• Seasoned fries a solid 8/10 - very large portion & very well seasoned
• ribeyes fajita - wide variety of sides to go with your tortilla but the beef was a bit tough :/

(We screwed up bc our total before gst/svr charge was $57 but you need to hit $60 to use Burpple’s 30% off so booo us)

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Might be a bit jelat after awhile but big portions and still nice Altho it kinda felt like mushroom soup in pasta

$12.90-$14.90 solid beef don 🍚

1. Don’t be deceived. The bowl is HUGE. Like an actual rice bowl size.
2. Fast & intimate service
3. Chawanmushi is on the house
4. Each bowl comes with glass noodles + tofu + cabbage so you don’t feel that crazy meat overload
5. If your tastebuds spoiled, you can just get the pork instead of the beef which is $2 cheaper and tastes equally good

Queue is very. Very. Long. No reservations allowed so just be prepared to wait since the place holds 8 ish pax at max.

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V worth it! The lunch set menu changes daily but for 15++ you get a main and either a salad/soup. In my opinion, very worth considering the ambiance of this place and the food was p good too!

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