Burgers, Sandwiches & Toasts

Burgers, Sandwiches & Toasts

Featuring The Lokal, Park Bench Deli, Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), Moosehead, Armoury, BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, Mother Dough Bakery, Korio, The Goodburger Food Truck, Food Barn (Fusionopolis)
aggs & xi :D
aggs & xi :D

These were quite good! The shokupan bread was soft and pillowy, the dough was q enriched so it was pretty tasty.

For the Katsu Sando, I liked that the pork katsu wasn’t fatty but still was thicc and tender and very easy to eat. The tonkatsu sauce spread on the pork katsu made it soggy, but the side parts that were un-sauced were slightly crisp, tho it could afford more crunch. The duck fat confit onions were a nice touch!

Chashu Sando came with quite a generous amount of marinated cha shu that was lean but still quite tender, the slightly crisp edges were especially nice! I like the mild heat that the kimchi provides. They listed “nuts” as a component but we didn’t see any? We both felt that the chashu was a bit salty, so we preferred the Katsu Sando. But overall, this was a v satisfying lunch!

Would love to try their Tamago Sando next :) Hearsay they will be available over the weekends in future! Which is great because for now, I will only be able to have it on leave days, since the min order for delivery is $60 (that will be too many Sandos for us) and the pickup location is in quite an obscure place :’(

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Ok probably unpopular opinion bc the sammies LOOK SO GOOD but after trying it and perhaps I had high expectations so the sammies slightly disappointing 😪 while the servings are HUGE and they are very generous with their ingredients, $16 is quite pricey for a sandwich!!

Biggie Croque - The bread was well toasted but they didn’t taste special (really felt like normal bread to us). While they are really generous with their turkey ham and I could taste the elevated taste from both types of cheese, the overall taste was very expected / nothing in particular wowed me :-(

Bobby Smalls - I liked this more!! The bun was really fluffy and there was a spicy sauce that added new dimensions to this sandwich coupled with the rockets & spam (thats rather solid). The well-cooked egg complemented the entirety of the sandwich too :-)

Went on a sat morning and it was really crowded so be prepared to wait for ~40 mins! Overall I really liked the cbd vibes very chill and it was a rather pleasant experience but whether I will be back... maybe if i happen to in the area (& no queue) and other flavours (tuna salad / breakfast sammy) are available!

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Even though the bun and pickles were nice, and batter was crunchy, the chicken was very meh. Found this very average, and the price tag felt unjustified. Would not go for this again!

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A pretty decent grilled cheese sandwich with oozy, cheesy insides and crisp bread. There was sauerkraut as well, which provided a sour flavour that I enjoyed. They provided tomato relish on the side, which I liked but didn’t think it went well with the sandwich :p

This contained an impossible patty, which had the char like a regular beef patty, but lacked juiciness. I’m not a huge meat eater so I would say this is an alright substitute. Sauce for the burger was not bad. The burger also came with pickles and arugula.

The fries were meh. They merely spritzed it with a truffle oil spray, leaving us with pretty plain tasting with no truffle smell.

I appreciate the effort in promoting a meat-free diet for a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, but I was a little perturbed that the food truck engine was continuously running. Kinda counterproductive to the cause.

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The patty was quite juicy and had a good char, and the melty cheese was there more for the texture/ooze, as it wasn’t too sharp (would have preferred a stronger tasting cheese tho). Bacon was the juicy, thick cut kind. However, the bacon made the burger a little too salty. I like that the bun was freshly toasted, so it was crisp outside and fluffy inside. There was kinda a shatter of the bun when I cut into it. They weren’t too heavy-handed with the sauce so that’s a plus. Also, is it me or there were no onions, even though the menu stated caramelised onions??

Fries were quite nice! They weren’t the generic frozen fries.

Overall, a pretty decent burger. A good deal at 1-4-1 prices!

Thought this was not bad. The fried chicken was crunchy outside and juicy inside; I liked the sour pickle and thought the amount of sauce was appropriate. Very value for money at $12 on Sundays!

This beef patty was sufficiently juicy, and the bun was fluffy. The caramelised onions gave some sweetness to it. While I don’t think it’s the best burger I’ve ever had, it was still nice and satisfying :)

This contained tuna, mayo, capers, jalapeño, cheesy spiced breadcrumbs, smoked cheddar, arugula between 2 slices of whole wheat sourdough.

The bread is really good, especially the crunchy edges. We both liked the middle part best, where the cheese and tuna were especially nice. I liked the addition of the capers, and there was a slight spicy kick from the spiced breadcrumbs. It’s pricey, but it was a rather satisfying toastie :)

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Decent burger with a super generous serving of fries and a nice salad but would not order this again and instead, try smth else on the next visit! Nice and chill ambience too 😌

Very nice cafe to study at!!! - spacious and comfortable and the staff are super friendly!!!! :”) But perhaps I couldnt appreciate the roast pork sandwich (the cabbage 😢) but the pork was nicely roasted with a charred aroma!! Friend ordered BLT sandwich and thoroughly enjoyed it! (Chai latte was a miss tho)

The Cubano is a ciabatta filled with pulled pork, ham, mozzarella and pickles. The bread was well toasted and I liked the cheesy pulled pork!

The fried chicken sandwich’s buttermilk fried chicken was rather juicy and crunchy, and went well with the potato roll + garlic aioli.

Portions are rather large here!


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