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Y Shan
Y Shan

Salmon, Tai, Kanpachi, Akami, Otoro, Uni, Ikura, Tamago. Fresh sushi but you have to decide how much soy sauce to dip your sushi in.

Amex love dining card holders enjoy 50% with 2 pax.

Tasted like any other fried rice but with a good amount of crab meat. The tobiko provides good crunch in the fried rice.

Tender with the right amount of fats and well charred on the outside. It is even better if you have it with the pickled apple as the acidity will cut through the fats.

My favourite dish at the restaurant due to the complexity in taste. You have truffle milk, mushroom and cheese in perfect harmony. Brie was slightly smoked so it melted in the mouth.

The sardine broth makes this ramen different from other ramen. The broth is clear and light. Chashu is tender and the noodles are springy.

Rather average sushi. Nothing to complain about for otoro and uni.

Pretty good especially the juicy scallop. Pork was ordinary. Liked the garlic chip that came together with the pork.

The 3 jumbo prawns are huge and fresh. Loves the bite

Value for money sushi set.

Set A is tuna, salmon, sea bream, swordfish and sweet prawn.

Set D is chutoro, shima aji, kanpachi, hotate and conger eel.

Value for money for a good bowl of dry ramen. Can smell the truffle oil with generous ingredients. Noodle is a little springy but will prefer a thicker noodle for more bite.

A good bowl of mentai salmon don. Long queue on a weekend at just 12pm, waited for 45 mins to be seated down. Many items are out of stock already

Uni, sakura ebi, ikura and truffle cream sauce, but I was unable to taste the truffle. Still a good somen with the sweet uni