💸: $5

💬: The kolo mee with the most 料, while being so insanely cheap... how can????? But taste-wise, it wasn't really my favourite or anything because there was hardly any sauce 💔💔

💸: $5

💬: Deviated away from my usual order of dry ban mian because my friend said the tom yum soup is better but 🤡🤡

Still a bloody good bowl of noodles, but just - dry for life, dry for wife

💸: $3

💬: Woah their picture on the signboard is really a bog fucking lie because there was but the smallest portion of duck meat and instead of century egg, i was given 1/8 of a braised egg (oh how i wish i was kidding about the 1/8) &&&& fucking rude China lady who served me & got irritated when i said the wrong number while ordering

but ok all in all, if you just want smthg to slurp down, i'd say this could be an option, because the braised sauce was flavourful and tasted v comforting with warm porridge


💬: My brother said the chicken was 'too soft'???? How is that a valid complain lol next-

Nothing THAT special, but we love it because of how comforting and satisfied it leaves us


💬: Big fucking addiction to this and I've been yapping about this every weekend to my boyfriend, wanting him to bring me but it never worked...... until my mum requested this for Mother's Day dinz looool biased dog dia

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💸: $24.60

💬: Ordered xiao la because my boyfriend was afraid it would be too spicy but their xiao la was literally negative spicy and not very xiang, but pretty oily 😢😢

Expensive too, so this is definitely a one time thing

💸: $10

💬: Damn good

Even if you don't like vegetables, you should order this, trust

💸: $7

💬: Was expecting yellow noodles, but we were greeted with thick plump udon noodles instead, which I was a MAD fan of because not only was it perfectly chewy, the sauce also coated and clung on to the noodles well, and don't even get me on their generous sprinkle of lard 😳😳

💸: $7

💬: Would have definitely liked this a lot more if I hadn't read all the reviews about it, but it definitely is a little something more with its wokhei and slight flavour, especially when compared to normal white porridge

💸: $7

💬: Second time having this and although the beef wasn't as tender as the first, it was still really good!
Not only super generous with the portion, this bowl of noodles is also really satisfying on a cold rainy day 🤤🤤

💸: $1

💬: I usually get the coconut ones but only this option was available so 🤷🏻‍♀️
With its perfectly straight edges and packed centre, this mjk definitely satisfied my mjk craving for a bit

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💸: $6

💬: Doused in a thick starchy gravy, the biggest portion came with a whole lot of noodles and a generous sprinkle of fish and other ingredients. Would have been better if there was just a tad more vinegar but otherwise, this was okay, wouldn't travel to the East for it 😖

doing this so u won't have to waste ur calories on bad food

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