What’s better than a sandwich with a hole smack in the middle?
Nobelle Liew
Nobelle Liew

For $14 you get fried spam, caramelised onions, scrambled eggs, and some sriracha mayo in a bagel. I’m not gonna lie: in a basic-ass bagelwich like this, the only component I could possibly rave about would be the bagel — which, here, is unfortunately nothing noteworthy. In fact it was hardly what I’d call a bagel at all, boasting a texture more akin to a French roll sans the crisp crust. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t bad at all — one can hardly fuck up spam and eggs — and it definitely was satisfactory enough to hit the spot. Would I recommend intentionally having it? Naaaaah.


A really interesting name, if you think about it’s 2 interpretations. I don’t know if this is primeval, but I’d have to admit this crazily delicious combo of smoked brisket, ratatouille, and cheddar did have me throwing all eating etiquettes to the wind, reaching right in with my (yes sanitized ok) hands, and demolishing this with abandon. Would I call this the most fundamental of bagelwiches to try? If you consider the Novena outlet’s emphasis on smoked meats, made in-house btw, then yes: it’s utterly essential to try this. The smoked brisket’s gotta be among the most flavourful ones I’ve had. It’s got that lovely, burnt bits and caramelised crust, nicely seasoned without masking that meaty, beefy flavour, and a good ratio of tender meat to melt-in-your-mouth fat. Did I mention how generous they are with the brisket as well? Put that together with a stellar ratatouille with roasted capsicums, and some melted, stringy cheddar, and of course their fabulous handmade bagels — you’ve got mega hearty, winner of a bagelwich here, one that I’d say showcases the best of what TMBH has to offer.


Well I mean there are 2 reasons really, we don’t wanna overlook the team’s hard work and commitment in seeing this through; but the main thing here is that their bagelwiches are fucking delicious. Ain’t no one got time for sprinkles and rainbow bagels, TMBH promises mega hearty bagelwiches that are as fuss-free as they are complex in flavours. They’ve got a fantastic menu of time-proven creations for you to choose from, but you’re free to customise your own and pack as much as you want into your bagelwich. Take my advice though: regardless of the store you’re intending to visit, get there early. They’re so popular they can sell out as early as 2PM, so get yo lazy ass there pronto. You snooze, you lose.


The S&S: one of Two Men Bagel's newer creations, and an absolute shebang on the tastebuds. Their signature handrolled bagel generously stuffed with slices of juicy steak, earthy shrooms, emmental cheese, caramelised onions, jalapeño and greens — trust me, it tastes every bit as yummy as it sounds. The combination's really savoury, so I'd suggest opting for a slightly sweeter bagel (say their onion or cinnamon raisin?) for a balanced combo!


I'm a huge fan of their Rodeo bagelwich which IMHO is utterly addictive and absolutely delish (trust me, I've led many down that dark path), so heartbroken's an understatement when I found it's no longer on TMBH's menu. In its place is Brisk: generous, chunky slices of salted brisket, melted emmental cheese, bread and butter pickles and mustard. To my utter relief, this is nothing short of stellar as well. Brisket's unbelievably moist and juicy, literally just melts in your mouth, and the seasoning is just spot on. It is, however, fattier than the older Rodeo; those who prefer a slightly leaner lunch should opt for the S&S instead 😉


Spending all my time eating (and eating) cause what else is there to do in small 🌞🌞 Singapore?

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