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Tze Char

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Pat Jon
Pat Jon

You have the option of choosing either the wet or the dry version. We got the wet version. The gravy was too thin in our opinion and there was none of the intense buttery flavour that we hoped for. For $15, we felt that this is quite overpriced.

We wished we hadn't ordered this as it was so overwhelmingly sweet to the point that we couldn't finish it. For $3.50, we were expecting a normal food court standard cendol with fake durian and we would have been happy with it. But the level of sweetness is really too much for even our sweet tooths to bear.

For $3.50, the big cup of Milo dinosaur was really value-for-money! On top of the usual iced milo with milo powder, the restaurant added a lot of milo bowls on top to add an extra crunch to your drink! Feel free to dunk them into the milk drink if you prefer to enjoy them soggy. :) That being said, the Milo dinosaur is a little on the sweeter end and those of you who are more averse to sweetness may want to request for less sugar when ordering.

Standard tze char veggie dish done very well by Rasa Istimewah! Picture shows the small serving, which costs only $8. Our only comment was that the leaves were really big for baby kailan πŸ˜… but it didn matter because the vegetables were so fragrant and the gravy they were soaked in was pretty flavourful as well.

For $6, this was a really generous serving of sambal fried rice at a waterfront restaurant! The mainstay of this dish was fried rice with sambal chilli, although the dish wasn't as spicy as we would have thought when we saw "sambal". There are quite a few pieces of chicken inside although you are free to choose other types of meat as well, including beef and seafood (although the prices increase accordingly).

We had to praise the service at Rasa Istimewah because all the food we ordered were served within 5 minutes despite us dining at 6 pm on a weekend. That being said, the restaurant is really popular and do be prepared to queue if you are heading down on a Friday or weekend night!

This was a disappointing dish as it was too salty and there was just something missing although we couldn't point out what it was.

This is one of their recommended neat dishes. Would have expected the chicken to be dry but nopes, it wasn't, and it was well marinated, flavourful with thin crispy skin. The chilli complements the meat v well. For those who wants more kick, ask for their sambal chilli, though it might overpower the chicken.

This dish definitely does not disappoint. The prawns were fresh and juicy despite being deep fried and the sauce was heavenly. Not too spicy for peeps who have low spice tolerance. Perk of fried prawns: you don't have to peel them XD

A must order staple everytime. The noodles are seasoned and braised perfectly that leaves you wanting for more.

The meat was tender but the batter was too flavourful and a tad too salty that it felt overwhelming. $28 is a bit steep for this dish.

This is a dish that strangely resembles the η”Ÿι’ that you can try at many tze char places, with similar ingredients such as fish cake, chicken slices and some prawns too! Would have been nice if the egg gravy were thicker and more flavourful. Nothing exceptional although I guess one cannot really expect too much from a $6 dish.

Sambal fried rice was good as the rice was not too wet and there was sufficient sambal to give the dish a slight kick, but not enough to put you in tears. The amount of chicken served was also a lot more generous than the seafood served in the seafood fried rice dish, hence I always go for the chicken fried rice. If you are eating this alone, you may wish to know that the picture already shows a serving with less rice; the standard serving may be more suitable for sharing between two people.

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