Across the causeway for cheap and good food!
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim

Probably my favouritest place to dine at in KSL, the soup here is really, really flavourful. I managed to finish the whole pot by myself! 😬 The soup is boiled in an urn under constant charcoal fire for hours on end and is fetched by staff from deep within the urn when one is ordered. It is filled with herbs and meat, definitely value for money!

I like that the noodles here goes really well with the gravy at the bottom. The siu yok is a little too fatty for my liking but decent nonetheless. The XO roast duck however, is flavourful and retains the correct balance of meat and fat. A really good place to eat at if you crave soup and a good bowl of noodles ◡̈

No long queues here at the KSL outlet unlike those in HK and China. Tried the signature Royal No.9 and could understand why this is a hit! I like how the milk tea had some hints of floral notes; very surprising indeed!

Anyone else a fan of Yam Abacus too? It's pretty difficult to find a decent one of this in Singapore but crossing the causeway kinda solves the issue with this one from 客人来 at KSL. I like the version here because it was light on the palate but yet not compromising on the flavours, kinda taste like homecooked food ◡̈ .

@facultyofcaffeine has a new menu now! And this one caught our eyes the most as all 3 of us ordered the same thing 😂 The sambal mayo was the deciding factor for me as I always mix my chilli and mayonnaise together and this one here definitely hit the right notes for me. The sweet and spicy blend went really well with the savoury, tender and juicy chicken thigh. The cucumbers added an extra crunch and helped to balance the myriad of flavours on my tastebuds. The fries were really good too; crunchy but fluffy!
But it has to be said that the new menu is a little sparse though, we all agreed that we got the same item because everything else just wasn't eye catching enough.

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Recommendation by @qingxiangsqx; the scallion pancake is really good! Fluffy, light but with the right amount of crisp, it was really flavourful too ◡̈ the diced chicken came with the signature Liang sauce, which was savoury and complemented the pancake well.
P.s. Heard that this is coming to Vivo City soon so keep your eyes peeled out! ◡̈ .

Do you have a place you go to when you are craving for roasted duck? Ya Wang is the first place I think of when I do ◡̈ Tender duck meat with awesome sauce base and paid in ringgit, what more could one ask for? And oh, did I mention that they are the advisors for 店小二's roast ducks as well?

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I was never a fan of chendol but the ones here took my breath away, especially the original Baba Cendol. A mountain of ice sitting on a bed of ingredients topped with a generous serving of Gula Melaka is a definite welcome in the tropical heat. The durian one was equally good although it will get a little cloying towards the end. Give the sago one a miss though, you won't be losing out.

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Probably my favouritest meal in Malacca. The laksa at Jonker 88 is brimming with ingredients! The Nyonya Laksa is probably the most enjoyable as it is more sour than spicy (think Assam laksa) which makes the broth extremely addictive. The Baba Laksa is more like Singapore's version although very heavy with coconut cream, which can get too cloying after a while. The third variant, which is a mixture of the two, somehow turns out to be fiery spicy which makes it difficult to enjoy the otherwise extremely tasty broth. The noodles they used reminds me of Mee Yai Mak, interesting indeed. Rojak was equally enjoyable too and the Fu Pei had a hidden surprise within its crispness ◡̈

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Absolutely love the salted egg dishes here ◡̈ The squid was fresh, cooked to perfection and was coated with just the right amount of salted egg. Equally outstanding was the salted egg chicken. A must try!

Caught your daily fix yet? Cascara Tea comes with a fruity taste with a tinge of wolfberry after taste, refreshing indeed! Mocha was average though.

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Really impressed by the Gula Melaka Cake and the Durian Cake. Both had a sponge cake base which was fluffy but served warm, drizzled with a rich serving of Gula Melaka. The durian one had a similar base but was topped with fresh durian meat on the top, a must for durian lovers! The Lemon Cheesecake was more a miss than a hit while the carrot cake was average at best, flavourful but a tad too dry


We all couldn't wait to get started and we continued ordering more food. I think that speaks volume 😂 This is the place to be in Malacca to start your day off right!

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