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#02-25 PoMo
Singapore 188306

09:00am - 09:30pm

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Waffle style rosti with eggs - rosti was slightly too charred for me, but hey, potato is always good. Perfect with the poached eggs and hollandaise (not sure if it is because it didn’t really taste as gelat as usual, but great for me because I don’t like my hollandaise too heavy) because it’s light. Could smell the truffle, but not taste it. Arugula was refreshing, but parma ham was pretty hard and dry. 3.5/5

Truffle Eggs Rosti $19.00 to start my day!
Truffle wasn't distinctive and rosti slightly burnt but nevertheless, weekend coming soon so stay calm & jiak "za chan"!

I chanced upon this underrated cafe and if you guys have some extra space for dessert, do try their red velvet waffles and Mac and cheese waffle. I love the texture of the waffle, crispy on the outside but soft and airy on the inside. Between the two, I think the Mac and cheese has a slight edge to it because of its unique combination between sweet and savoury. It’s definitely worth a try!

Waffled potato rosti? You’ve got my attention. Essentially the rosti we’re all familiar with is cooked in a waffle iron instead of fried in the pan. The result is a crisp and fluffy potato pancake that’s not too oily, perfect together with the wobbly poached egg and parma ham. Breakfast all day err day.


Taste: 3/5

Utilising beer in the batter results in a beautifully delicate and crunchy coating that allows the fresh and succulent seabass inside to shine. I normally avoid sweet potato fries as they tend to be stodgy but these masala fries were crisp on the outside and fluffy within. All in all, a very good take on a classic that can be easy to get wrong.


Taste: 3.5/5

The angelhair pasta was oddly stiff and dry, as if it had been cooked beforehand and refrigerated. Add to that a rather artificial tasting truffle oil, and this dish fell short of expectations.


Taste: 2/5


Missing this dish from @montanasingapore's all day breakfast menu! I haven't had such a crispy rosti in a while, and one that's waffle-like. The rosti looked greasy, but it's actually fluffy (not soggy) and I especially enjoyed the crunchy edges. The truffle hollandaise gives an overall light touch to the dish amidst the savoriness. Still not a fan of Parma ham, too salty for my liking. Let those runny yolks flow!

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Made up of Horlicks Cheesecake, orange gel and passionfruit mousse, this white beauty brought us back down memory lane when Horlicks was a staple for breakfast, many years back. Cheesecake was satin-textured; the malty fragrance not lost on us at all. Orange gel and passionfruit mousse added citrusy notes to shake up the creamy notes; overall verdict was very satisfying.

The fiery dish pleased the palate immensely and was well-greased so every pasta strand felt smooth upon entry.
Cold Crab Truffle Pasta (SGD$21.00) - angel hair pasta served chilled, enlivened by crunchy kombu (seaweed) and sweet pieces of crab meat. This dish is light in flavour but utterly satisfying at the same time.

Baked Salmon with Poached Eggs (SGD$11.00) - beautiful flavours concocted into one single delicious dish - succulent salmon with yuzu hollandaise for that mild zesty touch; while creamy yolk of the poached eggs blanket baked cous-cous and shoyu mushrooms to sweeten them up.

It was a disappointment:( Pasta was not spicy at all and not flavourful at all. The only tasty thing was the bacon. And till the end of the dish, there was a lot of oil left behind. Wouldn't come back here again for a long time, definitely not worth $17. Tea Party at SMU taste so much better!!


Waffles at Roosevelt's have never disappointed me before and I am exhilarated to still be able to get hold of them by the same team at Montana Brew Bar. I really miss Roosevelt's!

Honestly, I am Team Sweet when it comes to waffles. I never liked fried chicken on my waffles, but this signature mac and cheese waffle changed my perception of savory waffles. It's been revamped several times, and now you have jalapeño, truffle oil, Mac & cheese all whisked into the buttermilk waffle, finally draped with mozzarella cheese.

Tear the waffle, pull the cheese. I don't even have to describe how soft and fluffy the waffle is, as you could have probably observed that from the standing piece in the photo. See the macaroni? I really like the idea of hiding them in the waffle batter, a surprise element. Fortunately, it's not as cheesy as expected. Though light in flavor, I'd still recommend this to be shared to keep monotony away. Afterall, it's carbs in carbs.
Thank you @montanasingapore for hosting and @burpple for the invite!

#burpple #burpplesg #burppletastemaker #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodporn #montanabrewbar #macandcheesewaffle

Horlick cheesecake, orange gel and passionfruit mousse; with more Horlick crumble instead of the usual graham crackers!

Loved how the textures came beautifully together, with a good balance of slight tangyness without being overly sweet; my only gripe would be the lack of distinct malty Horlick flavours.

Montana is perfect for gatherings because of its chill vibes. I love places w cushions 😍
One of the new items on the menu is the cold crab truffle pasta. Enough truffle flavors and large pieces of crab, with kombu to add that extra oomph. A very light and refreshing main!
Their popular Mac and cheese waffles also had a revamp. Now to make it even more sinfully delicious. They top it with tomato and cheese. So think of a “pizza” with Mac and cheese waffles as the base..
Thanks for @cweizhi for extending the invite and @montanasingapore for hosting us!
#burpple #montana #sgcafe #sgfood #iphone8 #noiphone8plus

Also, having been a faithful fan of Montana’s signature Mac N Cheese back in the day when they occupied just the first floor. I was shocked to see huge improvement!
Glorious mozzarella generous melted over the waffle with truffle oil, real macaroni and cheese embedded in the waffle batter and apparently jalapeno. The jalapeno isn’t too spicy, and I’m non-spicy eater. Like I can’t even tahan McDonald’s chilli sauce, but the tinge of spiciness here was pleasantly savoury. Good job Montana!
🙌 model : @nahmj 🔶
Thank you @montanasingapore and @nahmj for extending the invite! #seetohverycute
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