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From the Burpple community

$4 with yellow card v nice v worth it v popz! sadly no rice cos it was alr so late when i bought, but they gave me a humongous amt of mian xian lolol #burpple #burpplesg

This dry banmian was highly raved by my friends and I think the sauce is what makes it nice. Though I wish i added on an egg, as it wasn't as filling. Felt like a fuss-free kind of banmian.

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Lovely crisp spread thinly on the edges, and a moist warm core!! ❤️ Not too shabby at all.


Fried crunchy chicken, fried toufu, special Chilli sauce and tasty white rice.

Awesome friendly smiles!

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Hot soul food of boiled dumplings. Matches the vinegar ginger perfectly.

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Cheap and simple Toast set on the go. Long queue during peak hours.

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