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From the Burpple community

One thing I like about this stall is how auntie constantly tops up some of the ingredients to ensure customers get piping hot ingredients. Fried pork chop was so good!

Standard for the cai fan here sure varies from the rice to the curry sauce. Today’s rice was not as nice and grainy like they used to be. The curry gravy was too thick and lack any fragrance. But the green leafy kai lan veg is something I always look forward to.

Back again but sad that the fish soup stall next to them is gone and the standard of the duck has dropped. Meat is slightly on the dry side. Plus they don’t have white rice? Had to settle with oil rice instead. How disappointing.

His loss is my gain as they now only operate at Pasir Panjang, which is near to my workplace. I didn't know about his place until he mentioned (or kpkb) it.
There are many types of Briyani and each city in India and Pakistan have their own version of briyani. This is Pakistani (Peshawar) version. No achar, instead they serve a delightful raita and curry to go with it. The rice is good, loads of spices but not overwhelming.
This is only $5! I should have turned the chicken over to show that it's the breast plus wing. This is how it was served, so I let it be. Slurp!! A note of caution : beware of the cardamom! Don't bite into it! Eat slowly!

One of the best chicken rice I ever eaten🐔👍The ah char & si chuan vege soup make the whole plate of food more appetizing😛 Thank you, @rawranom for recommending😘 #burpple #pasirpanjang #sglocaldelight

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Cheap and good