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Located along Pasir Panjang Road, this spot doles out a wide range of options. From fresh and healthy Salad or Grain Bowls (from $13) to buttery Table's Croissant ($15) and the sinful yet delicious Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake ($7), there's something for everyone — bring the gang.
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I got this from Lazy Loaf and it was such a unique flavour and it was really yummy. Their loaves are really huge and I thought $12 for this loaf was quite worth it. They help to slice the loaves up for you when you request for it too.


The pearls were chewy but I thought the tea was very normal. The Gula Melaka wasn’t fragrant or distinct too. I thought $4.50 was quite a high price to pay for this as well.


This large grain bowl (1 grain, 1 protein, 2 chilled and 2 hot savoury dishes) costs $12.90 from Fresh Beets and it comes with a free soup too. There’s a wide variety of grains and ingredients to choose from and they are very tasty too. Will definitely have this again in the future.

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Distilled in house with distinctly Asian botanicals like torched ginger flower (think rojak!) and lemongrass, the Brass Lion gin is refreshing with flavor profile that is quite unique to themselves. At the tasting room on the second floor, there are a few variants you can order that are not in production yet - butterfly pea gin, curry leaf gin and the pahit gin. Having tried both the original and the curry leaf gin, I’d safely say I’d be back to get a taste of the rest. If you’re looking for something uniquely local and different from your regular London dry gin, this could be the place you find it. #brassliondistillery #burpple


Featuring @Poofy_SG X @RizLaboSG Matcha Pancakes. Gluten free fluffy pancakes dusted with Matcha powder, topped with light cream, Azuki red bean paste and accompanied with maple syrup. Eggy and light tasting pancakes goes well with cream, red beans and syrup to add some sweetness and texture to the dish. Despite its rather sweet appearance, it’s actually the opposite. I managed to finished everything without feeling gerlat (rich) and even ordered a slice of cake after that🤣These pancakes just doesn’t give me the impression that I’ve eaten a dessert as it’s very light tasting. In terms of Matcha, it would have been better if the pancake itself has Matcha instead of just being dusted at the top.. In all, peeps who don’t fancy sweet stuff in general would be inclined to this.

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You’ll spot the fish and chips on almost every table at the sprawling habitat by honestbee. Pick between three kinds of fish; barramundi, dory and haddock. Portions are pretty massive with two huge, crisp battered fillets though the haddock wasn’t as moist as I had hoped. Still a really tasty option to go for with the malt vinegar and tartare sauce that won’t go wrong with good fried food.


Previously spotted at Wisma, Riz Labo is now located at @habitat_sg which provides some interesting grocery shopping and dining App-erience, since almost everything could be done via their App there.
Back to these fluffy pancakes, we were indeed impressed and delighted its light spongy texture. Although not as airy as the soufflé types we had in BKK lately; these were still delicious especially with the chantilly cream and maple syrup. So yes, this would be 1 of the food we would return for, other than the fun.

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visited habitat last weekend and was pretty impressed with it!! i ate this really yummy beets bowl (?) and we ordered these pancakes ($14) for dessert which honestly blew me away. these pancakes are the right texture of airy, smooth and light all at the same time, true to their name! it’s very satisfying to cut into haha and they are soo jiggly and soft 🤤🤤 i think they are better without the maple syrup even though i usually love maple syrup heh. the vanilla chantilly cream pairs extremely well with the pancakes, though, and this is coming from someone who isn’t really a fan of cream usually!! the pancakes are fluffy and you can really taste the egg in them, i think they’re the right amount of sweetness and it doesn’t leave you feeling jelat at all. i could finish it on my own tbh. definitely worth a try if you head down to habitat 🥞

The ultra jiggly, pillowy Japanese soufflé pancakes have found their way to Poofy, located inside habitat by Honestbee, an experiential lifestyle store. This place incorporates the some of the most sophisticated technology (contactless, smartphone-based payment) into every step, from grocery shopping to dining. Those who are tech-savvy may agree that this place is ahead of the curve as compared to its competitors.

Back to the real stuff, here’s the Matcha by Riz Labo ($17) with Hokkaido Milk Softserve (+$3) which I got when I was going around the store. The prices are quite insane here - for one, I paid $20 for this.

The dish has its merits for sure – the pancakes were delicate and pillowy in texture and had a modest amount of sweetness to it, as with most Japanese desserts. The chantily cream as well, which had a marked weightlessness to it and a fresh flavour that was quite beautifully restrained. The matcha powder cuts through that deftly with a soupçon of astringency, so you can expect a pretty balanced taste. ⚖️ Presentation wise, they did make the product look appealing - the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of the pancake version of coin pratas. Is that a strange association to make though? I’ll let you be the judge. 🧐

This dish also has its shortcomings and masks it pretty well, thanks to the glitz and the hype around the store and the brewing craze over jiggly pancakes (and also bubble teas??) on social media. It became more obvious in hindsight. The softserve was a combination of icy and chunky, which I felt was a far cry from what a Hokkaido Milk soft serve should be. It also exhibited a surge of sweetness, which made it stick out like a sore thumb com pared to everything else on the plate. The azuki was a little hard and dry. It would have been better if it had a little more moisture to it like a paste or something. 👀

Overall, I wouldn’t say this was too shabby. It showcases its pros strongly, and its cons just as evidently, but when you add the two together, I guess it was something that I still personally enjoyed. 🙌🏽 (7.1/10)