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Though the aromatics are strong and there's a decent bit of heat, the soup was slightly on the milder side. Nonetheless, a good bowl, esp due to its generous portion of fresh seafood(there were 4 large prawns?!?!?)

Chock full of ingredients, so I don't think it's worth adding meat cos it's a zero sum game(you will get less taupok etc).

Really good overall, the soup wasnt too heavy yet it's rich and full bodied in taste. There's a nice mellowness, and there's a lot of oil being rendered out. Not very sweet at all too. Meat was tender tho some pieces were rather fatty.

Chili has notes of chicken rice chili, though mouthfeel is very different. There's a secondary aroma coming from something fermented I believe, which results in the vast difference.

Probably the only complaint is the price point, I don't think many people are willing to fork out double digits at a hawker centre when their competitors hovers slightly above half their price(no doubt the quality and quantity are different). Had it been sth like 9.5nett(even with less ingredients), it would definitely be one of my favourite mutton soups

Really meaty stingray with a wonderful bite. Their sambal is unique in that it's completely lacking in sweetness, with just a tad of sourness and balanced in spiciness. It's definitely more of a savoury kind, which is a nice change from the sweeter varieties. Definitely recommended

My go-to store for grilled chicken wings!! I always make a beeline for these, even before finding a seat or deciding what else to order. Each piece comes with a wing and a drum ($1.40 each), charred to crisp and yet still moist inside. Love the smoky savoury flavours and the tangy heat of the chilli!

This store looks rather unassuming and is perhaps better known for its char kway teow, but I love the hokkien mee ($6) here! Their dry rendition lacks the gravy typically seen, but still packs a punch in terms of flavour. I particularly love the brine reminiscent of prawn noodles!

De-stress on a Friday night over cocktails with your booze buddies. You won't find your run-of-the-mill cocktails here at Brass Lion Distillery, with renditions such as Cheng Tng ($20), Brass Snapper ($22) and Singapore Mule ($20). Want to try them all? They also offer Tasting Flights ($20) of their signature Brass Lion original and Brass Lion Experimentals too!
Photo by Burppler Jonathan Wong

Unbelievable steal with thick cuts of roasted chicken breast meat with a good serving of veg from Jubilant Hainanese chicken rice stall. Rice was pretty meh though, oily and lack fragrance.

Fluffy, fragrant and drenched in oil. This huge omelette all fluff with little meat. Still taste nice though.