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all the mini bowls were really mini. gotta get a few to fill you up. they were all pretty authentic and homely! the sides were good. fried chicken SO crispy and well seasoned.

Oyster Intestine Mee Sua ($7.20). The mee sua is very different from the one you got from Shilin. It’s full of ingredients and it's very well balanced, not too salty. If the price is like in Taiwan, I will give it 💯/💯! ✅

📍Pasir Panjang Road

@brassliondistillery Barrel Aged gin was so good, I had to have a proper drink of it all by its lonesome. Brass Lion strongly recommends that the barrel aged be enjoyed naked on the rocks, and I certainly can’t disagree.⠀

The ice causes the gin to thicken up, resulting in a delectably fuller body with hints of juniper & assorted florals, and the oaky, smoky aroma from the bourbon casks. The big boozy punch of 43% ABV certainly isn’t lessened, and the Barrel Aged is definitely a strong brew. It truly is a gorgeous gin, and it might just be the only gin I’ll be able to tolerate alone neat or on the rocks. Well played Brass Lion, well played.

Thanks to a traumatic first experience with gin (looking right AT YOU BOMBAY SAPPHIRE) I had steadfastly refused to touch that cursed liquid. Well, that is, until @burpple hooked me up with a tremendous gin tasting flight at @brassliondistillery along with a couple of other Tastemakers.⠀

Brass Lion is one of the few true blue, made in Singapore distilleries. Having their own pots for gin distillation allows them to brew up extra strong stuff like the Navy Strength, which clocks in at a thoroughly impressive FIFTY SEVEN percent. However, the Navy Strength gave me mild PTSD flashbacks to my first & absolutely awful experience with gin, as the juniper taste & aroma is pretty damn strong. The standard Brass Lion gin fared better thanks to its more nuanced flavours & aromas, and it’s actually somewhat drinkable when mixed with tonic.⠀

They don’t just do super strong moonshi-sorry, I meant gin, they’ve got some experimental flavoured gins too. At the risk of sounding like a basic bitch, I really enjoyed the butterfly pea gin which possessed an enchanting violet hue & was infused with the fabulous floral scent of lavender. Not gonna lie, it was a sleeper hit for me. The Pahit Pink is a curiously complex gin fortified with cinnamon, spices and most interesting of all, bitters. It’s reminiscent of an Old Fashioned, albeit thinner in body & less rich. Great for cocktails to be paired with Indian cuisine I reckon.⠀

Now, it ain’t gonna be a surprise that I took a shine to the barrel aged gin. Maturation in American bourbon casks imparted a rich, oaky aroma & flavour to the gin and elevated it above all other gins out there. Easy shoo in for my runaway favourite for sure. ⠀

Also, thanks to Brass Lion encouraging us to pair each gin up with a different mixer, I gained an aloof appreciation for the classic gin & tonic. Y’know what, gin? Perhaps I judged you too harshly.

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Can’t get to Taiwan for some 火雞肉飯? How about getting something similar here in Singapore! This bowl of shredded chicken rice might look unassuming, but trust me, this is probably the closest to the one you can get in Taiwan’s famous chicken rice city, Chiayi. Traditionally, turkey was used but it has gradually been replaced by chicken nowadays. Having tried all the different chicken rice shops in Chiayi within 2 days back in 2019, I am confident to say @eat3bowls has done a pretty splendid job in replicating the taste.

Especially flavorful, the bed of fluffy pearl rice was almost covered entirely by the shredded chicken. But what I really adored was the shallot oil and the fragrant oily chicken gravy which really reminded me of chicken fat. Sounds sinful but the strong savoury flavour that came through was worth spending calories on. There were also caramelized onions but perhaps a little more and some fried shallots would probably have me felt as though I was transported to Taiwan.

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This time we went to their newer outlet at pasir panjang (approx 5min walk from mrt) and we were glad that the standard of the food was the same :) And the plus point was that there wasn't a queue even at lunchtime on a Sunday.

As always, we ordered their braised pork rice and it was polished off in minutes. The meat was fatty and tender and super mouthwatering. Ratio of the meat to rice is perfect as well. A bowl will most likely not be enough, so do give a try to their sides which are pretty good as well, some of which are not available at the lavender outlet.

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A dish that the Eat 3 Bowls @ Crawford does not serve, we decided that we should give it a go! Furthermore, this is such a staple at the Taiwanese night markets and we were craving for it as we probably would not be able to travel to Taiwan anytime in the near future.

For $7, you get a dish with a few (i.e., around 15) pieces of fried chicken, coated with salt, pepper and chilli powder! Fried chicken was served piping hot, which made it a really great appetiser for sharing. However, the insides were a little tough and we think it would be even better if the meat were more tender and fatty!

Surprisingly, there wasn't much of a queue at this branch even though we visited on a Sunday for lunch. Nonetheless, this may be due to the tighter restrictions for most of this month, and you may want to buffer some time for queueing since Eat 3 Bowls has consistently proven to be a popular haunt for Taiwanese food.

How could we visit a Taiwanese eatery and not try out their oyster Mee sua! We got the dish also because we were not full from the luroufan and chicken rice, and we were absolutely surprised by the serving size! Even though you can't tell from the photo, this is a much bigger bowl than that of the chicken rice and the servings of oysters, Mee sua and intestines are hence pretty generous as well. Unsurprisingly, this dish is priced a notch higher at $7.

Do note that you have some customisation options available - you can change either the oysters or the intestines to chicken if you are not a fan of either of the former, and you can also choose not to add vinegar if you wish. You should really add that vinegar though, because the Mee sua gravy pairs really well with vinegar! 😋

Having enjoyed our numerous meals to Eat 3 Bowls at Crawford Lane over the past two years, we decided to try out their newer outlet at Pasir Panjang! First, we would like to highlight that our favourite 3 Bowls Set is unavailable at the Pasir Panjang outlet although the constituent items are still available a la carte.

We got the Taiwanese chicken rice ($5) which was still as good as before! The shredded chicken was tender and the rice was lightly vinegared, which made for an enjoyable Taiwanese chicken rice meal! We also added $1 for a braised egg to be paired with the dish and we were surprised at how runny the yolk was - it kinda reminded us of the ramen egg! Do note that the coriander is optional and you can request for the restaurant to remove it if you hate the vegetable. 😅😅

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If you’re in Pasir Panjang food center, this satay stall is a definite must try. Pork satay taste sweet, has juicy fat, and has charred aroma.