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Back again but sad that the fish soup stall next to them is gone and the standard of the duck has dropped. Meat is slightly on the dry side. Plus they don’t have white rice? Had to settle with oil rice instead. How disappointing.

First of all, it's a lot. Be hungry or don't order this. Second, everything's fried well, keeping each ingredient distinct. Third, jelak eventually arrived.

Pillow soft pancakes with fresh berries topped with smooth vanilla chantilly cream. Forget the cream, these pancakes are pretty dope with just some maple syrup drizzled over.

The bread texture was okay but the purple yam filling was below expectation 😅
💲: $2.00

I’m glad this stall called Lazy Loaf is open at 10am!

The thin pork slices are cooked with sweet soy glace and caramelised onion, while the side veggies add a refreshing taste 👍🏻

Atas char siew rice from Char. Char siew leaning towards the sweeter side (almost like eating sweet sauce) with your more than average amount of greens and half an onsen egg. Definitely worth a try. But for a second time? Maybe not.

Available at Don&Buri, this is definitely one of the more satisfying beef bowls I had. Portion of beef coats the huge portion of rice beneath plus it comes with an onsen egg by default.

The earl grey tea is really fragrant, and the bubble chewiness is perfect! Though I’d say the sugar level can be reduced to make it more enjoyable. If only they had outlets outside of habitat... 🤪
💲: $5 (18oz)