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Deep-fried mantou filled with slow braised black pork belly with greens, served with sweet potato fries. The pork was on the tougher/leaner side. Can’t go wrong with deep fried mantou and sweet potato fries! There was also a hint of truffle. | $17


The candid pork bacon was the bomb! | $22

💸: $8++/slice

Another burnt cheesecake found near the office 🧀

The main difference between this one & Olivia’s is that it is a cake whereas Olivia’s is a cheese tart. Both have that oozy creamy centre but Kins’ is on the sweeter side, Olivia’s has more of the blue cheese taste and less sweet

Both are really nice though..fans of cheesecakes should definitely check them out 😋✌🏻

Oozing with molten cheesecake; the taste of hojicha was very distinct as well. | $8.50


Came here for the crab promotion (3 Sri Lankan Crabs @$49.90) and to reconnect with some of their signature dishes.

We had the crabs cooked in black pepper sauce which the family enjoyed very much. Although the crabs were not huge, the flavour of the fiery black pepper sauce was on point and truly finger-licking good!

Read more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CC-i1RnDKoe/?igshid=1j4kxoof9gz2e

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I really love their Tom Yum Pasta, my favourite!! 🥰

I have been eating this at least once a week during Circuit Breaker and finally got the chance to enjoy it at their cafe.

While satisfying my craving for Burnt Cheesecake, I discovered my love for Tom Yum Pasta. Their Tom Yum Pasta really is the bomb, thickly coated with tom yum cream and with the right amount of sour, each mouthful just gets better. Noodles texture are soft yet firm, just perfect.

Delivery: FREE Islandwide Delivery(min. $40)

Tom Yum Pasta $18

Price depending on what you ordered. Decent mala near my previous workplace to satisfy my mala craving. I usually go for “medium spicy add flavour” as the usual “medium spicy” was not shiok enough and “big spicy” was too spicy. They have the soup version as well. Greedy me used to order BOTH at one go so that I can have the best of both world 🤗

Other than mala, this shop sell a huge variety of food (China, Japanese & Korean) at very very affordable price (under $10). I love their xiaolongbao, siewmai, red chilli oil dumplings, braised beef noodles, sour & spicy soup, ginseng chicken soup, hot plate chicken and many more. 🤤🤤🤤

Not sure if the price increased as it’s been long since I last patronised this stall since my company relocated. Usual price $3.50, if it’s on daily special, it will be $3. My favourite strawberry milkshake ever! Sooooooo delicious that my colleagues and couldn’t resist but to drink at least 1-2 times per week. The uncle is very friendly, will give us free fresh fruits occasionally. Miss this fruit juice stall so much. 😭😭😭

This is one of the few places in SG where you can get authentic Hanoi bun cha. The pork meatballs are juicy and grilled to perfection. The savory soup blends well with the char from the meatballs.

Do soak the springy noodles in the soup to let it absorb the flavor!

Tried this dish for the first time and was blown away. For the price paid, there is a generous heap of fish and rice noodles to go along. Fish itself was a yummy flavor bomb of fatty, slightly tangy and charred goodness. Super well done. Would definitely come back just for this.

Fresh meat juicy xiao long bao 鲜肉灌汤小笼包 (S$11.25/ 25 pcs)
Fresh meat chives dumpling 鲜肉韮菜水饺 (S$7.50/ 25 pcs)
Available at @wonderfulxiaolongbao
Freshly made daily. Can be kept frozen up to 1 month.
Steaming skill failed. That’s why the broth flowed out. Quite juicy.

Wonderful Xiao Long Bao
Address 🏡 : 87 Science Park Drive, # 01-02 Singapore 🇸🇬 118 260
WhatsApp : 9107 1008
Note 📝 : free delivery for minimum S$40 order