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sorry, am i missing smth? cheese taste was rly mild and i could only taste condense milk for some reason. not a hit for me despite strong raves abt this dessert.

Matcha Latte ($6.00) was quite strong milky and creamy taste and didn't liked it but at least it was a decent drink. I found that I can taste milk more than matcha but it was probably about the proportion issue between matcha and milk?

Hojicha Burnt Cheesecake ($8.50) was quite waterish and moist for the structure. I felt that Hojicha's taste was much mild (not that strong) than burnt cheesecake. But the top of the burnt cheesecake was quite strong "char" smell >_

The ramen risotto looked fabulous but didn’t taste as exceptional as it looks. Umami flavours of the risotto got a bit jelak after a few mouthfuls. The mala pork (starters; not pictured) was lackluster - without its accompanying sauce, the pork is rather bland or “un-marinated”.

Service was slow despite <10 customers in the cafe.


might have found my favourite tomyum pasta place. the tomyum flavour was damn legit and strong - had just the right amount of sourness and a good spicy kick too!! not for those with v low spicy tolerance but i promise it’s so addictive that you can’t stop till it’s finished

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seems like your typical cafe dish but i was v pleasantly surprised by how good it was!!! soft, fluffy scrambled eggs served on top of a buttery, flaky croissant paired with candied bacons and feta cheese 😍 i found the bacon slightly too salty on its own, but the croissant and egg helped balance out the saltiness! overall a rly satisfying dish that i’d reorder 🥐

@eat3bowls my fav Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan and Mee Sua has opened their new outlet at 103 Pasir Panjang Road 3 days ago and the queue is non stop. Too bad Mee Sua is not available when I am there. I will be back!
Location: Eat 3 Bowls, 103 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore
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Tom Yum Seafood Soup - the classic tom yum soup is just perfect, the right amount of sweet, spicy and sour flavours

Basil Pork with Century Egg - this dish was on their special menu. It is by far the best basil pork dish I've tried, the minced pork was flavourful and the fried century egg complemented the meat well. I love the combination but felt that the century egg was a tad jelak towards the end

Thai Style Kang Kong - a good mild tasting dish to complete the meal

The intensity of this soup was mindblowingly good 🤯🤯 The depth in flavour was truly as deep as the ocean, and just simply so robust beyond words?? Though the price may see a little on the high side, loved that it was chocked full of ingredients (tender mutton chunks, black fungus, taupok and taukee) and the warm hearty soup was like a big hug with every mouthful, perfect on a rainy day! 🌧☔️

I really like the softness of their pork belly, topped with savoury bubble. The risotto itself wasn’t really overwhelming in the taste by accompany with seaweed and egg yolk. $24+

They literally took the bubbly seriously with lots of bubbles on top of the drink. But after clearing the bubbles, you will be greet by beautiful creation of yuzu drink with some flower petals on top.

Definitely a refreshing drink for those who just finish their exercise at Kent Ridge Park. $8+

Found ourselves at this gastro bar along Pasir Panjang Road because we were in the area and didn’t exactly knew where to head to for dinner — the only perimeters which the dining partner gave was a place that serves up Aglio Olio, which he was craving for.

While the pasta was eventually something we felt could have been done better, the Lemongrass Chicken is one of the items that left us pretty impressed. Of course this isn’t the sort of gastronomical affair that some may dig, but the Lemongrass Chicken does work as their own rendition of Thai-inspired Western fare. The slab of chicken may not be something that suits all taste buds, though we found it to be actually pretty intriguing considering how the chicken carried a light tanginess that somewhat helps to cut through the meatiness; the chicken being juicy and sufficiently tender. Coming with a fried egg over it, the fried egg does come with a molten yolk that oozes out as one slices through the egg — a nice touch for the dish considering its addition here, while the accompanying Thai chili dip carries a zippy note amidst the slight spiciness that should do well with for those with moderate tolerance to spiciness; goes incredibly well with the chicken and the sides. Patrons do have a choice of opting for two sides — we found ourselves going for the Cajun Fries and Broccoli; the former being pretty well-executed fries being all crisp, though lacks the spiciness and the flavours of cajun spices somewhat given how the seasoning does not really seem to cling on well with the fries, while the latter was expectedly crunchy and great to dip into the chili dip for more flavour.

Given the items that we have ordered at 3 Monkeys, it seems that their strongest suit are in their meats and mains which is pretty fair for a gastro bar. Apart from a wide selection of alcohol, 3 Monkeys also serves up milkshakes, tea and coffee — the specialty coffee being brewed from beans roasted by Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee using a blend of Colombian and Guatemalan beans, and also includes a signature offering that is the Milo Latte — a concoction of espresso, milk and Milo; a less heavy, Mocha-esque drink