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From the Burpple community

I wanted to use 2 Burpple deals for 4 pax, which is valid under the Rules of Use of the voucher and I showed the male cashier/server. However, he insisted that I could only use 1 deal and said rudely, “my restaurant my rules! Do you still want to pay?‘. I’m astonished by his poor service as he continues to challenge me. A restaurant with such attitude would never go far, and I won’t recommend this place. Food is mediocre too, not sure whether the other reviews are genuine lol

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Comforting dish with decent chucks of chicken meat. Great to be paired with white rice or even their pineapple rice. Served over a clay stove Rating 7.1/10

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Crab Omelette Fried Rice ($9.90) was rich and bursting with crabmeat. Eat this with the chilli (ask the waitress) and it was oomph. Only downside is that it could be a tad too oily for some.
Thai Ginger Prawn Vermicelli ($9.90) was slurpworthy with a mild herbal taste. Prawns were juicy as well.
Definitely a great quick dinner spot!


Tasty and savoury yellow tumeric rice, paired with shrimp and squid, while being finely balanced with the sweetness of prok floss and the pineapple bits. It's about a 10 min walk or so from Tai Seng or MacPherson mrt. Would visit again if I am in the vicinity. Rating 7.1/10


Tucked in a place that has not much human traffic, this was a good find as we simply happened to be in the vicinity. The rice grains were separate and coated with oil, and topped with a fairly large omelette and real crab meat. All the more worth it with burpple one for one meal. Rating 7/10


Thai food from @ramaixkitchen !

@ramaixkitchen is an authentic thai eatery that has recently moved from Orchard Plaza to 498 MacPherson Rd about a month ago! Yay to another new thai eatery in the MacPherson Neighbourhood!

Featured here are the following food items:

Pandan chicken ($8 for 4 pieces): Very fragrant pandan chicken! Huge chunks of chicken meat given for each piece!

Thai Crispy Prawn Cake ($8 for 2 pieces): This prawn cake was really crispy! Very meaty prawn cake too! I also like how they offer a smaller sized portion of 2 pieces, good for 2 pax or solo-dining!

Garlic Sauteed Prawns ($15): Woah, this was super fragrant! It is also rare to find such garlic prawns being sold in other eateries! Loved the crispy garlic bites. I also like how the prawn has been half side peeled to make for easier eating! Besides garlic, other methods of preparation which you can choose from include sambal or black pepper!

Clear Tom Yum Soup ($11 + $1 for seafood option): Lots of seafood portions given! Fresh fish slices, squid, prawns and mushrooms! But be warned, this clear tom yum soup is SUPER DUPER spicy! Sour and spicy! And I got choked by the spiciness a few times! But it is at the same time very addictive still and I cant help reaching out for more mouthfuls. It is like playing with fire :P

Crab Omelette fried Rice ($9.90): Love the seafood fragrance for this place of crab omelette fried rice! Huge chunks of crabmeat given and I loved the slightly oozy omelette egg!

For drinks, we got the thai iced lemon grass ($3.50) and thai iced green tea ($3.50). Both a very refreshing drink choice especially to accompany the spicy tom yum soup!

Teleport yourself to Thailand by checking out this thai eatery now!

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