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From the Burpple community

Actually wanted the matcha soba set but they’d run out for the day, so I chose the Beef mazesoba which comes with cold soba noodles, slices of beef shabu, shimeji mushrooms, and a chilli oil dipping sauce with a soft boiled egg. The server instructed me to pour the sauce into the noodles, but I wouldn’t recommend this as it dilutes the sauce too much and the soba doesnt absorb the flavours. I found it better to dip the soba into the sauce. This resulted in a better coating of the noodles. Surprisingly, the sauce was actually spicier than I would’ve thought as there didn’t look to be much chilli oil in it. The soba noodles were a tad undercooked as they were hard, but it didn’t bother me that much after I dipped them in the sauce. The beef shabu was tender and yummy, but the amount given was very little. Overall, I think the ingredient to noodle ratio needs to be improved. I probably wouldn’t order this again as there are other tastier dishes on the menu, and better mazesobas in other local eateries.

Nicely battered fried chicken with very good teriyaki sauce! I love their teriyaki sauce because you can taste that alcohol-ish teriyaki flavor in them! Btw their rice is also very good!

Al dente cold soba served with warm beef soup that consist of onsen egg, tofu and vegetables such as carrot, radish, mushroom, and pea. Very comforting dish but I wished the beef was less fatty (some people do prefer fattier meat).

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Quite a simple warm noodle dish topped with sweet beancurd pocket, leek, seaweed and fish cake. As with the rest of the soba dishes at Shimbashi Soba, the noodles are cooked al dente but try to eat them fast as they do tend to get soggy and progressively softer the longer you leave them in the soup. My favourite part of this dish was the beancurd pocket which was literally just Inari sushi without any rice. The sweet beancurd pocket is really yummy to eat warm and provides a nice flavour contrast to the savoury soup broth.

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A healthy warm soba dish topped with beancurd skin, fried beancurd, seaweed and assorted mushrooms. Hearty and healthy, this is a comforting warm dish that doesn’t make you feel guilty about eating it. The soba was al dente, and there were quite a lot of ingredients. The broth was really tasty, but it did tend to get too salty after a while. That’s ok though, as Shimbashi Soba provides a thermos with dashi stock at each table for this very purpose.

There’s also a vegetarian version of this dish made with vegetable soup broth.

This combination soba set is perfect for those who can’t make up their minds like me. You get the best of both worlds with a warm soup soba and a chilled soba in sauce topped with tempura bits, seaweed, grated radish and Japanese omelette. The set is also served with assorted tempura (pumpkin, sweet pea, eggplant, seaweed, prawn).

The tempura is pretty good! Not too oily, and they are quite generous with the number of pieces of tempura in the set.

In addition, it’s yuzu season now! So you can top up $2 to upgrade any cold soba to yuzukiri soba (available till 1 May). Although I was only expecting the upgrade for my cold soba, the staff kindly informed me that they would upgrade both my warm and chilled soba! Yay! I think it’s totally worth the upgrade because the yuzukiri soba is fragrant and extremely refreshing. I was surprised at how well the yuzu taste carried through in the noodles. It was a sweet citrusy fragrance that just made me really happy. I did find that the warm soba was a little softer, maybe because it was soaking in the soup, whereas the chilled soba was more al dente and had more bite. I can’t decide which one I like more because they were both awesome and it was nice to alternate between the two. After having the yuzukiri soba, I found the regular soba taste pretty bland - it really did make quite a lot of difference in my opinion, so go get the yuzukiri soba before the season ends!

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