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Have you tried this famous Melbourne cafe? With its first international location in Singapore, Puzzle Coffee is best known for its edible biscuit cups 🫶

We had…
🍵 Matcha Latte
🍠 Purple Sweet Potato Latte
🍐 Pear Crumble
🥐 Kaya Croissant

The socially responsible artisan coffee house commits to using only sustainable packaging which is why you will NEVER see plastics here 👀

For every 100 cups of coffee or bag of beans sold, they will donate a tree 🌎 BYO reusable cup and enjoy further discounts on your coffee ☕️

While I had better matcha elsewhere, they are after all famous for the Melbourne coffee beans roasted in-house 🫘 Coffee lovers, feel free to share what you think about their coffee!

Overall, a spot suitable for quick catch up in town ✨

Between the 2 pastries that we tried, both my dining companion and I preferred the pear crumble ($5)

Tried the kaya croissant ($5) 🥐 Wished this was flakier and had more kaya fillings

A very popular grilled fish restaurant in town, we finally made our way over to try their dishes and I can see why there is always a long line for their grilled fish!

We had the Akauo Hiraki ($20.50), which came in a generous portion. The fish was quite sizable and was really fresh. Very meaty and flaky, each bite was really rich and savoury. However, I must say, they may have seasoned the fish abit too much, as it got too salty towards the end. Really need to have loads of tea and rice with this!

The Mero Shioyaki ($21.90) was very interesting, as the meat of the fish was really soft yet surpringly sweet. Although a rather small piece of fish, it was full of flavour. If you have a sweeter palate, this is for you!

Will be back to try other variations of their grilled fish!

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Get your soufflé pancake fix at The Food Club by Smoochie! Delight in their Strawberry and Jam ($12.90 for a double stack) rendition that’s doused in a homemade strawberry sauce and topped with juicy strawberries and yogurt cream.

These 3 tartlets flavours are hazelnuts, sea salt and one with chocolate eggs! 

Only using french flour, butter and chocolate, Each tartletis priced at $8.50 each except for the chocolate eggs one at $9 each. 

🚚 Get free delivery by spending a minimum of $120 nett at https://www.paul-singapore.com/ordering/

Locations : https://www.paul-singapore.com/location/


Aka fried oysters. They're small and weak but I can't complain at this price point. I love fried oysters.

Guinness baby back ribs $28
The sauce, meat and fries were extremely tasty. Portions were huge. The Guinness beer was smooth and pairs perfectly with the food

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Had the fish and chips, and it was so delicious! I loved the chips especially, fried to a delicious crisp, crunchy and flavourful. Definitely add the malt vinegar to elevate the taste of the fish, definitely would recommend this place for its cozy vibes and yummy bar dishes!

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Very interesting coffee art. Nice perk me up coffee if you are around the Wisma atria

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Lamb shoulder is my fav cut, lamb dumplings a second fav

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