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Food was good. Ordered the academics breakfast and smoked salmon on hash. It's quite crowded and had to wait for 15 mins. Do take note that the menu is not updated on both Burrple and their own website.

This dreamy ice cream parlour is originally from Australia and inspired by the seaside town of Okinawa in Japan. The result is pastel-themed soft serve concoctions where sea salt is their only constant flavour, and has more than 100 rotating flavours that you can blend with your sea salt ice cream.

The ice cream here is very milky and tastes almost... Fresh. The salty taste of the blue sea salt flavour was apparent enough to taste overwhelming on its own, but also mild enough to blend with the another ice cream flavour. Regrettably, I feel that the bubblegum flavour did not really go well with the sea salt, but it was a fun experience at this colourful little booth with one table.

®️: 6/10

I love the intense flavour of truffle when i dip the somen into the dipping sauce. Must try for truffle lovers!

Just had coffee and chill. Cafe was in the prime area of Orchard and the al fresco dining area was cosy

Loved how their omu eggs are so thick, fluffy and creamy. And, it’s always a plus point to serve crispy fried garlic with the steak! The fragrant aroma with a crisp bite against the lightly salted, peppered and browned tender steak is the perfect combination.

They are equally generous with their portion too! Do check them out when you’re in the Orchard vicinity!

It’s pretty sweet but still crispy. Not the best croissant I’ve had as it is purely sweetness and lacks the buttery taste. For the price, it is definitely on the steeper side.

Good amount of Earl Grey from the Cupcake though can't taste any 'summer berries' flavour. Chocolate Banana pie on the other hand is strong of chocolate and real banana.
Light can go for Earl Grey, prefer heavy can go for the chocolate banana

Mild spicy and pasta chewy. Taste real crabmeat. Overall is yum yum

Krispy Kreme needs no intro but I guess the incredibly deals at late night clearance is worth sharing! It works out to be just $1 per 🍩, cheaper than the ones sold at neighbourhood bakeries?! Limited flavours available tho - whatever is remaining for the day will be the only available flavours. Then again, which donut at Krispy Kreme doesn’t appeal?

I felt that Uji Matcha Bread ($3.00) was quite dry aftertaste for outside of the bread but in inside of the bread got rich and thick matcha cream mixed with red bean complemented well. Will be getting messy due to the top of Matcha powder if eating at outside. A lot of people queued for bread at donq bakery compared to st leaven and peck. Need to queue at least 1m apart due to social distancing. I didn't know that it's so popular until last weekend. Another wishlist down ☺

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