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Love the rice and the fish slices + sauce. There are also crushed sesame seeds which add flavor. However portion is pretty small and ikura is not that fresh.

Bought a kouigon amann and a cinnamon danish. The cinnamon pastry is better than the kouign amann imho! The paragon location is convenient compared to the bugis one

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This is actually my first don bought from Kanada-Ya, as I usually have their ramen instead.

The grilled unagi was seasoned pretty delicious with the sweet sauce, pair well with the Japanese rice and cabbage.

📍Gindaco, Ion Orchard📍
💸 Original takoyaki: $8/ 8pcs
We absolutely love takoyaki and were big fans of Gindaco when it first came to Singapore years ago😍. We were devestated when it closed down but now it's finally back in Singapore and super glad to say that it was good as we remembered🤤. Not sure how they do it but the outside of the takoyaki is crispy while the inside remained hot and creamy, not doughy at all😱! Each takoyaki had a sizeable octopus leg🐙 in it but our opinion, the star of the show was the batter. Really much better than the usual franchise takoyaki chains out there and we're super happy to be able to enjoy quality snack once again. Best eaten while it's hot for the best experience🥵!

3 pieces of pancake served w whipped cream for $16.90.

~ super airy and eggy pancakes
~ 🥰 the cream had a hint of maple and paired very well with the plain pancakes :)

~ too pricey imo, good pancakes but will not go back to pay the full price for it

A tasty home treat, fresh lobster meat, in a bread roll just the way I like it.

Croque Marcel [$23]
Two huge sourdough with bayonne ham and sunny side up. Sourdough tasted really good and paired well with the cheese. Egg however wasn't runny and the ham was overly salty for our liking.

Ravioles de Royans [$18]
Fun-sized dumpling pasta filled with cheese. The cream sauce was cheesy and rich, yet doesn't feel heavy. A flavour bomb dish and definitely a must try for cheese lovers.

Crème Brûlée [$10]
The crispy charred caramalised sugar gently breaks apart upon tapping it lightly with a spoon, revealing the smooth, creamy and luscious custard. If you're looking for a light sweet treat, this is definitely the one.

Dark gallery is no run-of-the-mill chocolatier. Be sure to give their single origins dark chocolate drinks a shot (we tried the 75% and 88% blends): smooth, velvety, rich and decadent with just the right amount of bitterness from the cocoa - made sweeter with Burpple’s 1 for 1 deal.

with Homemade Flourless Gluten-Free Cone
Flavors: Almond Brittle Fudge, Salted Chocolate Chip