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There’s nothing like slightly melted fish oil especially from a prized otoro. This video you can hear our friendly banter with Chef Kimura-san!

It’s also known as Sunazuri toro and is especially prized for its fat. See the white distinct lines? Can you guess what will happen next?

Nothing quite like it. I love how Chef Kimura-san goes the extra mile to educate us on our neta

While the caramel taste of souffle is superb, thought that the souffle is a bit undercooked as it is somewhat too foamy(?) 4.25/5

Somewhat like a chicken and foie gras wellington? Puff pasty wrapping chicken that is filled with foie gras, served with salad and thick jus 4.25/5

The hot appetizer. Langoustine wrapped in courgettes, with olive oil 4.25/5


This is one helluva expensive dessert but it was so refreshing and delicious!⠀
Their shaved ice is really fine. The bingsu was milky so it goes well with the red bean topping.
It’s a v fun dessert to be eating with your friends because I feel like we’re playing uno stacko or something and trying not to let the ice cream roll down the sides 😂 #firstworldproblems
Rate: 4/5🌟
수박빙수 좋아하는 사람 어디지?? 싱가폴 날씨 개더워서 빙수를 많이 먹엉 냠냠 시원하다~~ 치킨업에서 한국말로 시키하면 나를 때린건가..? ㅎㅎ
#watermelonbingsu #빙수 #chickenupsg #centrepoint

A gourmet burger place that you can bring your vegetarian friends along. Lots of choices for vegetarians and beef eaters. You have choices of bread or have your burger “naked” as in no carbo. Really tasty burgers. Yummy yummy yum yum yum!

Hamburg baked rice ($21)-Hamburg taste pretty much like the usual japanese hamburg, quite thick, tiny bit of sweetness, with the sour sauce and creamy cheese. Rice itself probably is overpowered by the sauce making it somewhat congee like, taste was good tho 4.25/5

Japanese fusion cafe/coffee shop in shaw house. Premium pancakes ($14)-crisp from the outside, quite fluffy. Had mine with the blueberry puree that somewhat has a jelly like taste and sournwss to it.4.25/5

Beautifully presented Amuse Bouche to start off the 6 Course Spring Menu @hilton.singapore that will be available till 30 April 2018.
Location: @hilton.singapore il Cielo, Level 24, 581 Orchard Road, Singapore 238883
#hiltonsingapore #ilcielo #springmenu #burpplesg #burpple #sghotel #sghotelfood

Part of $115 lemenu formule ala carte, the cold dessert of marinated fresh and fruity crab inside feuille topped with caviar 4.25/5