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OK, I exaggerated. But their tsukemen was really that good! Being not much of a fan of ramen much less tsukemen, the flavorful, savoury broth with chunks of meat and veggies took me by surprise. Ramen was springy and soaks up the broth quickly with each dip. Save some broth to top up for the killer soup at the end, you wont regret it.

Mentaiko ($3.30) - I really enjoyed this more than I expected! Am a fan of mentaiko but not originally a fan of having these type of hybrid foods. BUT this blew my mind in a positive way, was super good and could taste the mentaiko (and not just the Mayo part)!!! And apparently there was cheese in the layers as well (or so my sister claims) but overall was shiok especially after heated up. New way of eating mentaikoooo 8.5/10 🤩🤩🤩

Cheesecake ($i forgot) - I thought I would like this more because I am a fan of cheesecake but I think I had too high expectations (??) it felt more like soft cookie texture (like the kind of sweet buns u can get from Swee Heng) but my sister liked this one more than the mentaiko one so I suppose it’s all personal taste 🥴 7/10 for me!

Tried this HIGHLY RAAAAAVED bun but was a tad disappointed? I’m not sure why it tasted so bitter to me but maybe I’m just more a fan of cheap sweetened matcha lol maybe I’m just a NEWB PLEbian but my sister really enjoyed the balance between the bitterness and sweetness of the matcha lava! And we both enjoyed the crumb and bread part of the bun which was not too bitter nor sweet 👍🏼

Rating: 7.5/10 enjoy it, but probably wouldn’t travel all the way down to wait for the buns to be freshly baked and released (note: it sold out within 4 minutes of it coming out of the kitchen.....)

It’s true , the amount of butter that they lather on that soft bun is what makes this so delicious .

You can hardly go wrong with a good ol’ grilled cheese. Add succulent lobster chunks or prawns whipped in mayo and lemon butter and you have yourself a winner. Delicious!

The portions are not very big so for the 5 of us, we got omelette, red tom yum, clear tom yum, crackling pork belly, minced pork and pad thai. The best for me were the OMELETTE (soft and crispy) AND RED TOMYUM. The crackling pork belly was disappointing to me as it tasted like chicken and the minced pork wasn't anything special. Per pax ~ $20

Ordered the 3 course set at $18 that comes with 1 main (truffle mushroom risotto), 1 soup (house made tomato soup), 1 drink (Brazilian lemonade) and 1 dessert. You don’t really have choices for the sides but the main offers 6 decent varieties. And ordered another main which was the chicken leg with choose-your-own-sides.

Thought it was really worthwhile and the risotto was absolutely delicious😍👅 we licked the plate clean!

I recommend their black glutinous rice with coconut ice cream $14. 👍 its nice. Compared with the mango and sago cream which my table ordered as well, this is more value of $.

Used the tasting platter burpple beyond deal so total only came up to $15. If not for the deal, I don’t think it would be worth it. The brownie and mocha tasting platter was very good. The brownie was warm with crunchy choco nibs on top of it. It went well with the bitter mocha and the ice cream from the tower looking thing.