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I passed by and couldn’t resist stopping to take a look! And then I got swept up and bought a few to try. Minimum purchase is 50g for each pastry, which is around 3-4 of the mini pastries.

The cheese mochi was ok, tasted pretty bland as I was expecting some sweetness but it was instead savoury with no taste other than mild cheese. I wouldn’t get it again. The cheese cake however was good, it was soft in the middle and had a tangy flavour.

Not pictured but I also got the small matsuzo set (yogashi style sweet potato desserts) which included the pote koro, tomari potato and bucella. Not bad but I wouldn’t get it again. It was just sweet potato, I didn’t get hints of anything else or even a little pastry which would’ve went well because I got a bit jelak towards the end of my first few bites.

The sweet potato rolls which looked really good, was also tasted not bad: soft, fluffy, topped with black sesame seeds and when I purchased it it was still slightly warm. But don’t expect significant chunks of sweet potato. The black sesame seeds ended up overpowering the flavour a little bit.

Yokohama Romankan just opened a new outlet in Millenia Walk serving curry rice, tonkatsu and katsu sandos. I had a Tonkatsu and Fried Ebi Set and added curry to it. I thought that the fried items were pretty decent, served crispy and fresh. I was particularly impressed by the very tasty curry and fluffy Japanese rice. They don't have a large selection on the menu but they do what they serve pretty well and service here is good too.

Aburi Salmon Roll
Original Chirashi Don

Food: 9/10
Thick, fresh sashimi cuts with generous servings. One of the best I've ever had!
Only pity was that the rice that was too sticky.

Ambience: 8/10
Comfortable atmosphere for casual dining and drinks

The beef in the stew was very tender and the stew was thick and savory. It might be too salty for some, but my friend and I still really liked it, more so than the shepherd's pie. The bread that came with it was crunchy and garlicky, perfect for dipping into the stew. My friend ordered shepherd's pie.
I'm not the biggest fan of the dish in general, but from what I tasted, it was decent.

The menu at Social Place is quirky but the food is solid. Plus, the eatery is a whimsical place to hang out and chill.

Chef Lee Chiang Howe of Huat Kee and Wong Kwang Wang of Kam's Roast collaborate for the first time to present the Kam's Roast Prosperity Treasure Pot,with star ingredients Kam's Roast's Signature roasts and Huat Kee's Famous fish maw and Abalone in one pot. Only 500 sets of the treasure pot are available.
Enjoy early bird discount from 15 December 2020 to 31 January 2021.
◾4 pax to 6 pax: $248.00+ (Usual Price: $288.00+)
◾6 pax to 8 pax:$388.00+ (Usual Price: $420.00+)
Pre-orders for Kam's Roast Prosperity Treasure Pot:
◾YQueue (https://www.yqueue.co/sg/menu/kams-roast-pacific-plaza-scotts-road).
◾Oddle and Kam’s Roast website.
Collection for the Prosperity Treasure Pot is only at Kam’s Roast Pacific Plaza and start from 18 December 2020.
Orders need to be placed at least 2 days in advance before collection.
Location: @kamsroast_sg Pacific Plaza Outlet, Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore, 228210
#kamsroastsg #burpple #burpplesg #cny2021 #cny2021sg #lny2021 #mightycny2021

Ordered the Sliced Fish Soup ($5.80), Double Fish Soup ($6.80), extra egg floss ($1), Fried Tofu with Sesame ($4.80) and Calamansi with plum ($2)

Opted out of the milk in the soup to taste the original flavour, but sadly the broth fell a little short of my expectations. The fish flavour was not very strong but if you love garlic oil, you will love this. Many small pieces of garlic on the soup, which made the soup really fragrant. Fish slices were fresh and sweet, but quite little 🥺 think there were only 5-6 slices.

The fried tofu was really delicious, slightly crispy on the outside, and perfectly silky and tender inside. Was a tad bit oily though. With the sesame sauce (tasted exactly like Kewpie’s), it really complemented the flavour 😛

Calamansi with plum (not pictured) was a surprise. Even till the end when most of the ice had melted, the flavour was still very strong. The plum provided a nice, slightly salty aftertaste to the sour calamansi, worth a try!

Bill came out to be $20.40 for 2, which is pretty value-for-money considering a meal in town. We went down at around 3pm, but there was still a queue, which is a testament to the popularity of this place!

Made a reservation beforehand to beat the queue but walk-ins were served very quickly as well on a weekend afternoon. The waiting time for the pancake was around 10 mins, which was reasonable as the paper indicated a waiting time of 30mins. The cream complemented the pancake and does not overpower the flavour. Wiped out in minutes ❤️ will say that this is more on the moist side compared to Gram pancakes, which can be dry without the syrup.

Bill came out to be nearly $20 for the Kiseki pancake. A little pricey, but would say it’s a nice treat once in awhile ☺️

As this is the first time I am trying it, I can understand why these are so popular every year with the buttery crust and mildly sweet filling. Best to go with some hot tea or coffee. Thank you @adibeevince for sharing these pastries with us.
✨ Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza
📍 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865
🛵 celebratorydelights.com/cny
🍴 [Gifted]

This is soooo good! Be back again for this matcha flavourful treat

Tbh, I was really surprised that the Pork Ribs is included inside the 1 for 1 deal! My initial thought was that the Pork Ribs would be small since it’s 1 for 1. But to my surprise, it was huge and it comes with fries! The Pork Ribs is covered with BBQ sauce that was just nice and we added est. $2 to change to truffle fries and it was amazingly good too! Nothing to complain about it cause it was delicious!

Worth for its 1 for 1 deal!! Wouldn’t mind coming again! ☺️