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Shoyu Ramen comes with two slices of extremely tender pork loin and some bamboo shoots. Promotion going on now comes with a free egg for $13.50 nett.

The noodles is thin and curly with a bite to it. Soup is tasty and not too oily. Overall a yummy bowl of ramen at a reasonable price tag 👍

Standard brunch fare- the full English breakfast with all the works, good tasting but nothing to shout about. Scotts Square is always lovely to go to, and worth it with the one for one

Big and fresh prawns with Chinese ramen in a shrimp broth. The pork rib was a little tough though

Fantastic burgers - we had the chicken breast burger with sunny side egg (forgot the name) and the Birkenwald. We also had a platter of onion rings, sweet potato fries, fries, and chicken wings. Everything was fantastic- the sides were crispy and flavorful, the burger was moist, even the salad was ridiculously good. We liked the range of sauces on the side as well- the barbecue sauce is a must try (especially with those delicious sweet potato fries). Love the ambience as well, will be back!

Al dente ramen in mala like sauce. Nice!
Only grouse was dry noodles should come with a small bowl of soup and not having to pay for one.

Chinese ramen, with my smoky taste shrimp broth. Highly recommended by my wife to end my month long ramen craving.

The shrimp ball and shrimp dumpling were damn good. Overall 8/10


And of course since it is Orchard Road, this is a gourmet chicken version with corn-fed ‘kampong’ chicken, Thai jasmine rice, aromatic ‘Bentong’ ginger and an addictive homemade chilli sauce that is shiok AF.⁠⠀
There is a mix of Hainanese and Cantonese when it comes to preparing the chicken: The bird is poached in boiling⁠⠀
water until cooked, then immersed in an ice water bath. The result is a juicy chicken with divine and plump skin.⁠⠀
it's not cheap (prices start at $14.90 for a one person set) but it is such a treat! ⁠⠀

Working off a family recipe from the owner of @Omakase.Burger and Picnic, the result is absolutely scrumptious chicken rice that will give many establishments a good run for their money.
Chicken is executed more Cantonese-style and served mostly deboned, so it’s beautifully succulent with some of that prized collagen under the yellow skin. The rice has been dry-fried with chicken fat and Bentong ginger, prior to steamed with chicken stock and fresh pandan leaves, so it’s extra flavourful with a hint of refreshing spice from ginger. Then there’s also the Signature Chilli Sauce—hand-pounded daily with bird’s eye chillies, red chillies, fresh garlic and Bentong ginger—that’s a simply addictive balance of savouriness and spice. 😍 #FindNewFood
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perfection in a bite was probs the best way to describe it. the tart was crumbly with a cookie-like texture & the panna cotta base was unbelievably smooth and soft even after a night. the oranges were a delight; super fresh & the light sugar glaze offset the tartness of the oranges. we def went up to dessert heaven (if there’s one) after every mouthful.

Enjoyed this pretty cupcake a lot! It's rose buttercream is light and seated upon a bed of fragrant pistachio cupcake with lotsa crunch. Plus those pretty rose petals! ($45 for 12)

💵: $18

📈: 8.5/10

🤔: Best slice of cake I've ever had in my life. Love the fragrant caramelised nuts, thick chocolate fudge and decadent brownie. Super sinful but well worth the calories!