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spicy crab pasta was a 3/10 at most. very bland

mushroom pizza was alright but nth great either 5/10

Sour Power Juice - $7.80
Concoctions of soursop, starfruit, cucumber & green apple juice. That explains the green appearance, but surprisingly refreshing, not as sour as I thought. Love the juice, great coffee or tea alternative at TBB
Tong Bahru Bakery

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My top favourite kueh lapis sagu is this one from bengawan solo! Have been eating it for 20+ years (along with the price increase, it is now $1.20 per piece)! Very fragrant coconuty taste, kueh layers not too hard, and pretty colours to look at! I eat it both ways - peeling layer by layer or without peeling, depending on whether i have time! ❤️💚🤍

No one does it as good as bengawan solo!

Tako Soba Set
original takoyaki 6pcs, yakisoba

(from Gindaco Takoyaki)

Matchaya Yuzu Cake - $10
I spotted the bits of 24k gold leaf before anything else. Coincidentally it has my favourite yuzu as well. Must order! Light matcha and white chocolate mousse layered with matcha sponge on a hazelnut meringue base. Topped off with Koichi yuzu jelly for the citrusy. Loving it. Matchaya is also a great place to hang out with friends, just sit back and enjoy a cup of matcha and dessert. Recharge completed

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S$1 for small bag of Chicago Mix popcorn
Available at @garrettpopcorn_singapore in @wismaatria
Grab coupon under Rewards+ in UOB app

Premium Tendon Cold Soba Set
tempura prawns (2pcs), squid, kani kama, pumpkin, lotus root and french beans

Handcrafted low-sugar (but still sweet!) Cempedak Log Cake that sees vanilla genoise sponge filled with fresh premium cempedek, Tahitian vanilla, and crunchy valrhona chocolate balls.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/christmas-takeaway-singapore-2021/#Orchard_Hotel_Singapore

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Saw many good reviews, thus decided to patronise.

The signature dish here is the mee hoon kueh, the dark sauce coated the mhk well, and the ikan bilis just give a burst of flavour with every scoop.

Next time, I will request for chilli padi, feel it will be more shiok with the added spice.


Had the Wasabi Mayo Gyoza to go along and it wasn't too bad! Drizzled generously with wasabi mayo, I like the mild kick I get from the homemade sauce which helps to cut through the tonkatsu ramen dish as the broth gets heavy after a while.

I had this bowl of ramen on a chilly day a couple days back and it was so comforting ☺️ Managed to give both their Spicy Yuzu Ramen and Tonkotsu Mix Ramen a go and definitely prefer the former despite the rather uncommon pairing. Give the Yuzu Ramen a good toss and you'll realise the broth spots a lightly spicy and citrusy taste, which is more refreshing than the heavy Tonkotsu broth, and I can see why this can be a hit with patrons. The Tonkotsu ramen, albeit being rather textbook, still makes for a really comforting meal.