Tenchirashi Soba

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Tenchirashi Soba
chilled soba in sauce, topped with assorted tempura and soft boiled egg

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For a limited time only till 31 August, Shimbashi Soba is offering an upgrade for any a la carte soba to matcha soba at $2++! This adds an earthy umami taste to what I already think is great soba. I know you can barely see the soba in my favourite tenchirashi soba dish ($18.80++) because it’s under all the tempura but check out how intense the green is!


Hot tempura items, served on cold soba with a soft boiled egg. Best of both worlds just got together. Happiness got doubled! 💕 #bestsoba #shimbashisobasg #shimbashisoba #paragon #japanesecuisine #japanesefood #tenchirashisoba #burpplesg #burpple #feedmefood2017

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Before Yomoda Soba and Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi opened, this was my go-to soba place. Happy to report that the standard hasn't dropped (at least not for this dish). Noodles are cooked perfectly (served chilled) and the batter is as crisp as before. They're very generous with the amount of tempura (mushrooms, prawns and other veggies) and that oozy onsen egg just completes this dish.


Chilled noodles in sauce, topped with assorted tempura (prawn, mushrooms, sweet pea) and soft boiled egg 》$18.80

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Because of the catchphrase "chirashi", I placed an order of their Tenchirashi Soba (S$17.80) for lunch.

When the dish is first served, I uncontrollably have to disturb that runny egg yolk, just to watch how it oozes out. And as I pick up the cold soba already dipped in soba sauce, the tempura stuff (mainly mushrooms and some small chunks of fried chicken cubes), I somehow feel that simple pleasure even though the soba sauce eventually overpowers the whole dish. Well, that's what cold sobas are supposed to be, right?

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Price: $17.80

🚇: Orchard
📍: #B1-41 Paragon Shopping Centre

A place to slurp freshly made soba without worrying about those extra calories wasted. The daily made buckwheat soba is cooked till al-dente texture with no preservatives or additives added.

All this goodness is covered by a light battered tempura mushroom and prawns which give a chewy texture. Finally mixed well with the Onsen egg giving the tempura and soba a nice creamy and sweet taste. I even finished drinking the soba broth!

Overall, I say its a good bowl of soba, but I will totally forgo their sides. I will definitely be back here again to have my cravings fixed.


The tenchirashi soba ($17.80++) from Shimbashi Soba is my dad's and my favourite.

It is served with copious amounts of crispy tempura (prawns, mushrooms, vegetables). It's amazing how the tempura stays crisp over the bed of chilled soba and broth. What I love to do is order an upsized portion of soba (+$5), mix wasabi and the onsen egg together with the soba, broth and tempura. You get an utterly delicious meal after!