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Reviews at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre

Located in Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market, 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-38, Singapore 081006. Roasted Duck and Char Siew rice for $5.50. Everything here is beautifully roasted! The char siew is well marinated, soft and evenly sliced. Roasted duck is juicy and tender, and the skin is crispy! They goes so well with the sweet gravy sauce too. #hungryunicornsg #tanjongpagarcentre #roastedduck #roastedcharsiew #tanjongpagarplaza

Light taste with peanut crunch, energetic with brown rice..
No sense of guilt, enjoyable!

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Miss your mom cooking and don’t wanna get fat? This is perfect, simple but not too bland. Choose brown rice for energy.


Lucky us, we got new batch of piping hot prawn paste chicken. Served with rice, similar style like cai fan. 1 meat & 2 veg for 4.5$! It’s very filling~

I’m usually not a big fan of dry wanton mee in black sauce but this is indeed yummy!! Springy noodles, fatty char siew and both the soup and wanton has Fried Flat Fish 鳊鱼 in it too!! The sauce is very delicious too, not those typical sweet-ish back sauce which I dislike!! *Slurpppsss*! #wantonmee #wantonmeedry #luckywantonmee #wantonnoodles #wantonnoodle

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Located at 6 Tanjong Pager Plaza, #02-32, Singapore 081006. Value for money $3 Wanton Mee! Fatty Char Siew is well marinated with burnt ends. Noodles is springy and bouncy.. Loves the Wanton and soup which has that Fried Flat Fish 炸扁鱼 in it!! Yummmy. #hungryunicornsg #luckywantonmee #wantonnoodles #tanjongpager #wantonmee

Now you see me , now you don't 😊

Such a generous piece of fried egg filled with juicy bittergourd slices for just 80cent? How can ?

You can !
Opt to TOP up your thunder tea rice with side dishes ranging from meat balls, bittergourd fried egg and bittergourd filled with meat .

This stall has been around for ages and it is really my to-go stall for thunder tea rice.

The generous portions of chopped up vegetables are cooked well without being greasy .
The mixture of crunchy peanuts , preserved radish and the nuttiness of the brown rice together with the natural sweetness of the vegetables just makes such a symphony with every mouthful .

I would like the Thunder tea soup to be a little more concentrated and to have a little stronger accent of the basil .

But for 4.50 , I have no complaints.

My reliable Thunder tea stall to go when I am feeling under the weather .

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Blue Star Fishball Minced Meat Noodle serves decent and generous of noodle, although I'm not the fan of their fishballs.

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Preferred the Maxwell and Amoy Food Market version of Ipoh Hor Fun over this. This lacks the fragrant dang gui smell that the other stalls have and their fish dumpling seemed to be missing the crunchy water chestnuts.

This homely spinach, minced pork, mushroom, wolfberry, egg and macaroni soup will make you sweat buckets in this hot weather but you will definitely feel much lighter after eating it! 😜So healthy and feels so cleansing with all the greens that it is my new fav to go too for now. :)
#02-34: Spinach and Soup
#healthy #CBDEats #tanjongpagar

Yuan Yang Yong Tau Foo

I like variety when it comes to food and because I can get so fickle minded about choosing whether I like my noodles dry or with soup , I end up ordering my noodles dry ( and with no sweet sauce). So just before starting my meal , I would siphon out half of the noodles and place it in the bowl of soup with ingredients . Ta-da! Now I have both dry and soup yong tau foo , thus yuan Yang yong tau foo.

I like how Fresh the ingredients are at this stall and how superior the soup stock is ( with ikan billis remnants that you can see floating about in the soup). There's a great umami taste that definitely doesn't come from msg but from the sweetness of the ikan billis and the yellow beans.

The quality of the kwey tiao used is also good , rendering it smooth and silky . The best part is the home made Chilli which has a nice fiery kick and it goes very well with the yong tau foo ingredients ( especially the Beancurd stuffed with fish paste) . I love that this stall sells yam as part of the selection because it can be quite rare to see yam being served nowadays.

Go early before 11.45 am so that you can skip the queue because it could be a Long wait after that .

Ingredients are at 60 cents per piece and for the portion that you see in my photo , I paid 4.20 . Very value for money .

Definitely one of my favourite places for a nice , home - cooked feel meal .


Added bitter gourd with minced meat and bittergourd egg to the meal. Simple feast with lots of vegetables before the CNY Feasting begins!


Mushroom Chicken Feet ($3)
Lotus Root Pork Rib Soup ($3.50)
Black Chicken Soup ($5.50)

This hawker stall at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Centre really deserves some recognition! Their soups are so flavourful and their pricing is really competitive. Their popular soups sell out real quickly especially when there are large office crowds patronizing them during lunch hour.

What I enjoyed best was the mushroom chicken feet. Braised chicken feet is my new found love and this one is braised till super tender and you can literally just suck the edible parts out of the bone. The mushrooms and peanuts in the stew were also so tasty that my friend who doesn't like braised peanuts can tell me that this is the only one he likes😉!

Soy sauce chicken has always been a weakness of mine. The tender meat, soft & salty skin and zhup that you just want to drench everything in. 😂

This one located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Centre (Upper Cross St Soya Sauce Chicken) was one of the few stalls open on a Sunday and not bad lah, satisfied the craving. The generous amount of sauce didn't go to waste – poured over rice, noodles dunked into it – was super shiok. But the chicken wasn't as tender as you'd expect, guess we've been spoilt by Hawker Chan. 😂 But give me a plate of this and I'm sure I'll still be happy! 🙌

Boasting a generous portions, this is definitely a top choice at the hawker centre. Their chili has a good kick. Look out for their Har Cheong Gai which gets sold out by 1pm! -
Hearty/Tasty/Worthy: 4 / 4 / 5

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