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From the Burpple community

For only $5 you can get a box of 10 pieces!

From Khung Kee at Teban Gardens Food Centre. Specifically $2.80 because the $2.20 set comes without the Otah. This is pretty much your average neighbourhoodly plate of Nasi Lemak. Nothing to shout about, and pretty lacking in a lot of aspects (e.g rice not Lemak enough, the egg yolk does not ooze, Otah was rather "meh"), but the fried chicken does deserve a bit of mention for how it is served hot and crisp, filled with oil yet juicy and succulent; just being sinful in every bit possible the way I like it — times when "healthy" should be thrown out of the window having food like that.


Laksa must be one of Singapore's most iconic hawker food, but this laksa are not recommended.
Price: $3

It comes with 2 huge fish balls, some slices of fish cake and minced pork.
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