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Selected lightly salted, served with a dollop of minced ginger and lemon slice. Tender, fresh and tangy - tasty and healthy.

Not too big portion for its price. Besides that, well fried and seasoned. Not too heavy on the truffle aroma/taste though.

Very tasty bamboo shoot soon kueh, think skin, fresh crunchy soon, good flavour fillings without soil odour. Must eat!

The chocolate wasnt oozing but it was soft enough to Melt as you chew on it. The matcha comes thru slightly at the end of each pieces. Another winner by johan paris

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Grilled pork cheeks

The exterior was Grilled to a slight crisp while the interior had such a luxurious texture. The oil on the plate meant that the fats in this super fatty cut were really well rendered, thus it wasnt anywhere near as greasy as it looked. Almost Melt in your mouth, without much of the chew usually assosiated with pork cheeks, but rather closer to an extremely good cut of pork belly. Sweet sauce accompanied the pork well and the tasteless salad really did it's job perfectly(if it were sour, would have competed with the already slight sour taste of the marinade)

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Have been loving this chicken cutlet and would get them everytime we travel to Tw! Now it’s finally here in Singapore and we are so happy!

Had the Acai served in their bowl instead of the usual plastic cup. Not only does it look more aesthetic, it’s also such a good cause to reduce plastic consumption. Will definitely make this request next time!

Terrible experience. Food was salty, mee tai mak extremely salty. Fishball has strand of hair inside and only 1 cook, unbelivable wait time when there are less than 15 people seated? The worst part is the lady said 30 minutes waiting time when it was 1 hour, press the buzzer incorrectly and gave 3 others their food first, despite arriving later than us. Not worth the wait and the reviews, there are way better fishball noodles in west coast market. Skip this on weekends if you have kids who are hungry.

1-1 The flatbread tasted like roti prata! Pleasantly surprised :) with no GST and no service charge.
There was already a

With a herbal note from the dried orange peels, this wasnt sweet probably because there's a lot of elderly diners here for family gatherings.

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One size, 10 pcs(i asked for less buns)

Honestly didnt live up to expectations. The lean meat was dry and rather tough, but the fattier pieces fared better and gave us a glimpse into what could have been. Hopefully it's just inconsistent standards, as i dont believe a dish of this quality could become the signature dish for a restaurant. The sauce had dark flavours and it wasnt very sweet at all.

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