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From 3-5 pm weekdays, there's noodle and congee options, three appetisers (4 mini spring rolls, black fungus, tau kwa cubes) and three drinks (some tea, barley, lemon tea). Can't use additional promos including Paradise membership. Mushroom and chicken congee was smooth but salty, and not enough mushroom slices. Both this and the spicy minced meat noodle were pleasant but not amazing. Black fungus was awesome but too much for one person unless you ate it with the porridge. The spring rolls were nothing special. Ice lemon tea was too sweet, the hot teabag tea was great and refillable with hot water. Great service from the sole server.

This wasn't anywhere near as good as it was, it's not as ridiculously tender and juicy, probably not sous vide-d before anymore

It's still decent skewers, good flavour and esp because the exterior has a noticeable crunch

Intentionally provided this lousy literal translation cos their naming is absolutely meaningless, and very misleading(there's no beef at all)

The difference between this and the 4 in 1 toppings is the meat filling in the mo. The three meats are cubed meat(that's sour), meat sauce, and the meat filling. The sour meat is not up my alley, overall it's slurpy and decent but not particularly flavourful, you can't taste the individual elements either

It really is like the other one except this isn't flaky. The flavour in the roti itself is really my thing, it's a rustic-ness from wheat. Well crisped up too, I liked this a lot

This isn't anything like naan though, it's heartier and less dainty, so be aware you might be disappointed if naan is what you expect

Prawns were huge and well cooked, no complaints there

But this goddamn thing took 30mins and no one told us about it. What's worse, they serve everything together and no one told us about that either. We waited for 30mins in an near empty restaurant.

PSA please please clarify if anything required waiting and ask them to serve asap, not together

$20.90 for 6
Selection range of only classic flavours for Promo

Yummy not-too-sweet cheese cakes 🍰
Tiny snack to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The sauce is thinner than I expected, and very family friendly. Ckn pieces were not very generous either


My family is always in the mood for Teochew porridge. Despite the fact that the dishes we ordered ain’t traditional Teochew style, the taste of their staple dishes is still something comforting that keep us coming back for more.

❤️ their high fat content — ‘dong puo rou’ [a.k.a. braised pork belly] that consist of wobbly skin with a layer of melt-in-your mouth fat beneath and thick chunks of lean meat braised in this incredibly flavourful soy sauce-based gravy.

Their crunchy prawn roll fried to golden brown and generously stuffed with finely minced meat, prawn and water chestnuts is another hit with us! ⭐️

Finally, I would very much like to enjoy the other dish — bitter gourd fried with egg and salted egg white. However, the gourd proves to be too bitter for my liking. 🤢

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The ckn was tender and portion was generous, it's glazed in a sweet sauce much like teriyaki actl, and quite smoky(altho no crisp)

The curry was dreamy, it's somewhat mild, but still you can taste the spices. Creamy in texture and lemak

However I couldn't fathom the sweet sauce and the curry working when I ordered it, but how wrong I was. The strength of the glaze and the mildness of the curry means when you have them tgt, they work flawlessly. The sweetness of the glaze comes through, yet it is rounded by the curry. The Curry's spice gets covered, and only the creaminess comes out to accompany the chicken. Much, much better than I expected

Definitely worth a try. Only gripe was the cold egg. Service was friendly too by the young malay guy

7 bucks for one drumstick and one veg. Wth

The drumstick could have been more tender. And that's unacceptable for the price. Mild herbal base if anyone cares

Veg was unique and good as before

<<17th Edition Food & Beverage Fair 美食与饮料展2023>>
Venue 🛖 : Singapore Expo Hall 6, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 🇸🇬 486 150
Open 🕰️ :
16 to 19 March 2023
11am to 10pm
Website 🕸️ : https://singaporefoodshows.com.sg/
MRT 🚇 : Expo (CG1) East West Line / (DT35) Downtown Line
Note 📝 : Admission is free

Lala Bee Hoon Soup (S$9.90) - must try! Shiok!
Ginseng Chicken PaoFan (S$9.90)
Chilli Lala Bee Hoon (S$9.90)
Available at PaoFan Paradise (Booth J03) @t.k_kitchen

PaoFan Paradise 泡饭天
Address 🛖 : Blk 37 Teban Garden # 01-302/303 Singapore 🇸🇬 600 037

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