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Tendon was crispy and tasty and unagi avocado don was fresh and flavorful.

We appreciate Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 for giving us the chances to enjoy Kogane Yama's food with almost half price. We do hope that Kogane Yama will continue to be listed under Beyond 1-for-1 after June 2019.

Loving it. Serving of the pork belly, luncheon meat, tau kee and enoki mushroom is huge. The seabass is bigger than what you eat outside usually. $60 for this set, with 2 bowls of rice. #sgrestaurant #mala #chinesefood #burpple #sanyuange #imm

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This chi-bap consists of fried chicken tenders, fried rice and fries, all drenched in a sweet & spicy bbq salsa sauce. Was sceptical about this combination at first as I’m not a big fan of ‘sauce-y’ food, but this dish was actually just right. The sauce had a thicker consistency - which i like - and it was also the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, being neither too sweet nor too spicy. For chicken tenders, their meat was not dry, or maybe it was just bad past experiences with tenders which led me to think that chicken tenders were supposed to be dry. The fried rice was also seasoned well, not exactly sure with what because I could only recognise the laver in the mix. Definitely a very filling dish, and one definitely worth the carbs and money!

#euniceeatssavoury #sgigfoodies #burpple #euniceinjurongeast

Pocoloco is a place that have been in my list for a period of time. Known for serving quality Italian food for very affordable prices, they have since expanded the business and have a few outlets islandwide. We went to the snow city outlet and pictured is one of our orders: the mentaiko pasta. Being a fan of mentaiko, this was the perfect pasta for me to savour the carbonara creaminess, salty and umami-ness together at a go.

Last week to take advantage of Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 mains at Kogane Yama - at both their JEM & Bugis Junction outlets!

I'm glad that since the first time I dined here (at their flagship Bugis outlet), they've fixed their soggy rice & too-oily tempura problems such that I'd actually come here again, & I have. Even when they're no longer a Burpple Beyond partner, I'd still return for their customizable Ten Don at full price.

I opted for the mixed bowl ($13.80++) & topped up ($1++) to change rice to soba. My spicy level (0 - 3) was 1, which wasn't much i.e. just right for me.

The batter on all the ingredients (prawns, chicken, enoki mushrooms, long beans, shiitake mushroom, lotus root, seaweed, etc) were fried to a crisp without being too crazy oily. Even at the end of my meal, it was still crispy which I really appreciated. Plenty of ingredients such that I actually finished my soba first, lol.

Would be glad to return even at full price 😁

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🍽 Burpple Beyond partner (until 30 Jun 2019)
📶 Free WiFi available (JEM shopping centre's)

12 pcs sashimi [$18.90] and Kurobuta Pork Katsu Don [$13.90] for dinner at Aji-Ichi. We really like the kurobuta pork don. The serving is huge and the pork is pretty juicy. Value for money. #ajiichi #jcube #burpple #japfood #sashimi

True to its name, it's really all in. It contains (almost everything in the menu 😂) Although it has similar items like the Party Platter, this one has bread (which are so fluffy I love it!!), some pizza looking dough 😂, grilled chicken, pork and lastly my fav big flat glass noodles! The whole platter can be shared among 3 to 4 pax. The pork is on the drier side. But the bread though, it's so fluffy and tasty that I had 2 at one go. Also, I love how the glass noodles absorbs the sauce of the steak so well. You might feel a little guilty eating all these good food but don't worry, it comes with salad to cleanse your palate. The thing that I don't like/don't know what is it about is the pizza looking dough. Really DOUGH know what's it supposed to taste like because it looks like peanut pancake that you buy outside but it tasted nothing like that. Anyway would say it's a good place to chill with your friends over dinner & drinks too!

Best for those who can't decide on what to eat but at the same time wanna have variety. The Party Platter comes with the steak (which is my fav!), fried chicken, fries, sausages, cherry tomatoes, bread sticks, broccoli, prawns, corns and pineapple. It's good to be shared among 2 to 3 pax. Would suggest to have the steak medium so that you can enjoy the juicy beef. The star of this platter is definitely the fried chicken and steak (don't forSTEAK them) . Cause even the onions and broccoli that was on the same pan as the beef tasted so good omg. And the fried chicken is not too dry plus. 10/10 would order this again.

Double Scoop Waffle 🍦 The flavors are: Watermelon Lychee, Pistachio, Toasted Milk & Apple Pie 😍 Although they don't have much flavors to choose from, I would say all their flavors are pretty unique! They have brown sugar ice cream too (but it tasted like milk tea with lots of sugar so it's kinda meh 😅). The Watermelon Lychee is a little too thick... preferred it to be like the ones I had at Kindred Folks which are more refreshing. However the Pistachio and Toasted Milk really stood out for me and it's a really combination of these two. The Apple Pie tasted like cinnamon drink instead with some small bites of the apple (?) The waffles are fluffy and slightly crispy on the outside. But I was too busy eating the ice cream cause they gave really huge scoop! Love how chill this whole place is and it comes with free wifi and water. The best way to win my heart lol #myheartapprove hehe.
🤑: SGD: 11.50
👅: 3.3/5