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Only the waffle is included for one for one, the ice cream are charged separately.

Got the Brown Butter Waffle and Cinnamon Waffle. Couldn’t remember the ice cream flavours we had but they were great.

Highly recommended, will definitely visit again. Super worth it with the Burpple deal.

Coffee was meh :( for $4.80, really expected better quality. Could skip their coffee and go for their other drinks!

This doesn’t taste like very strongly like garlic, or white wine, or anything in particular. Personally, I didn’t like it that much. The clams were fresh and chewy though. Noodles were wonderfully springy and the vegetables (onions and cabbage) were plentiful.

this is the first time giving their mains a go and honestly, just stick to the baos 😥 got the crab pasta and steak pasta, both were very underwhelming. the baos however were good as always, chili crab ones are crispy and the others filled with mentaiko goodness!

The salted veg was pretty good. Yam rice was pretty good too. Sambal was average, and the chili sauce was q sour, not overhwlemingly so. Tender duck, thought somehow after mixing it up it doesn't taste like the normal duck rice, the lime chili comes thru more than anything.

Most importantly, THE INTESTINES STUNK. Pretty intense, one of the worst I've had. The texture and taste is actually q good lol, but not cleaned well. Better not to get

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This only cost $10 and it’s pretty good!! Second time trying this and would recommend people to eat this if they don’t want pamper themselves alittle but not spend too much!

This food centre always leaves me frazzled with its persistent pushy crowds. There’s nothing particularly fantastic here, so I grabbed the easiest thing. The noodles ($3) are alkaline with bland chewy meat. The wanton was pretty tasty but it’s skin disintegrated in the soup!

Best bubble tea!!! Fragrant tea and chewy pearls 😋👍 their seasonal special cocoa boba is not bad too!

Love the tart and coffee. The chocolate mousse was creamy and not overpoweringly sweet. Hazelnut cream was airy and at the right amount of sweetness. Tart base was sufficient and good too. Good pairing with an unsweetened latte. Latte was not really acidic. Will be back again!

Pineapple fried rice had good flavour and texture. It was the star of the meal.

Tang Hoon had pretty good flavour too.

Signature chicken on the other hand was extremely disappointing. It wasn’t fresh & it was double fried.

Their service definitely match their chicken tho 😀 Food took forever & service was bad too. Definitely would not patronise again.

Siti Dad 81st birthday 🎂

Nasi Kerabu ( Blue Pea Flower )

mixed the vege / flower with the rice. Nice floral harmony. 🥰

Price: $7.90 An amazing dessert! Strong and authentic mango flavour (there isn’t really much of a passionfruit flavour). The fresh mango is sweet, the white pearls were chewy and fantastic when cold. The jelly didn’t taste like much but tastes great texturally. The shaved ice isn’t as fine as it used to be, but the flavour is more than enough to compensate for it.