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💵: $15.90

🤔: Used to love this but don't find it as good anymore. Sauce was good, but the tempura was oily and got jelak after awhile.

💵: $5.90

🤔: Rocher sauce was thick and yumz as per usual. Toppings selection was limited, or maybe I just went on a bad day.

Yummy and savoury fried chicken tender! very juicy and delicious! great place for korean fried chicken!! big portion can share with friends and pair with rice to eat 😍😍

These takoyaki balls are so yummy! Bigger and definitely tastier than the usual takoyaki balls you can find outside. Topped with a generous amount of bonito flakes, sauce, and mayonnaise. So good!

Had the Crayfish Laksa for lunch. Laksa broth was rich, creamy and flavourful. The crayfish was decently fresh while portion size was extremely generous.

Used Burpple beyond 1-for-1 so it was very affordable, only $12++ for 2 pax. I recommend ordering crayfish laksa and another noodle item (La La horfun was similarly amazing) to share as the Laksa may be too jelat to enjoy alone.

First time trying gindaco! It had a crisp outer, hot and gooey interior with a chunk of good tako inside. It was topped with a sauce that was sweet & savoury, and bonito flakes which added to the flavour. Would repurchase :)

My hoomans’ first ever vegan ice cream!

Ordered a single scoop of the dark chocolate ($3.50).
Wouldn’t say its that great, and it isn’t too sweet. The texture of the ice cream was also just right.

Similar to astons with a heftier price tag, Collin’s surely doesn’t disappoint.

Ordered the Argentine Angus Sirloin Steak ($22) medium rare. Really juicy and tender, but there were a lot of fats on the steak that my hoomans doesn’t eat. But they didn’t mind for the price. There were also complimentary sauces and sides such as edamame and mashed potatoes. The edamame was quite disappointing.

So happy that it reopens in Singapore!! Love the Takoyaki so so machi!!😍😍

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Jack’s Place is such an old school favourite! The options for their weekday set lunch varies each day. This is the Cajun chicken ($13.80++) - while the Cajun spice was lacking, the mustard sauce added an oomph of flavour! The chicken was tender and not at all fatty. It comes with a large serving of boiled vegetables (hidden underneath) and thick cut fries. The set is also served with their soup of the day, drink and dessert of the day. Well worth for a hearty meal!

This is definitely on my list of no fail desserts. What’s not to like about crispy, chewy and decadently sweet fried glutinous rice cakes?

Taste: 9/10 (The nutty and subtly sweet flavour of black sesame pairs very well with the smoky taste of brown sugar syrup! I also love that the rice cakes remains so pleasantly soft and moist on the inside. That said, this dish should definitely be shared because it gets pretty jerlat after a few bites - one piece per pax would be the perfect serving size!)

Price: 7/10 (Going for $7.80 a plate, each piece of this deep fried goodness will cost you $1.50 before GST - not the cheapest snack/dessert (but worth it IMO 😂))