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They were all overcooked but it's still not bad at all as the meat quality is decent. The way it's served makes it seem like your normal Japanese stall stir fry but the quality is what sets it apart, including the sauce and the rice. The seaweed soup was good too

Normally it's 10nett if you eat there, basically mookata style. Their concept is really weird cos they serve 100g wagyu at 30bucks but it's at a hawker centre, idk if they're gonna last long man. I mean the vibes at this hawker is better after they reno'ed it but I still can't imagine forking out 30bucks at a hawker

However their kimchi is terrible, it's probably made in house because the fermentation tastes like beer, it's so weird

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This picture doesn't do justice to how delicious this dish was!

A dried version of the local soup-based noodles served with chicken, prawn and egg at $9.90, this is one of the dish to try on the menu.

This was not cheap but I really wanted to try it! The beef skewers were freshly grilled upon order, served warm and fresh. The beef was nicely seasoned with salt and really complemented to beef flavor that this wagyu beef had. Very savory and flavourful. Texture wise, it was very soft and easy to pull apart. It was layered on the skewer which actually was a unique experience. Worth a try but only will buy again if I’m feeling rich.

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Was actually surprisingly really good! The soft serve wasn’t overly sweet and there was hojicha flavor that was enough to be tasted. Texture was soft and went well with the chocolate sauce. Worth a try and would buy again if I want a dessert conveniently.


Their usual good dough with generous portions of walnuts. The orange perfumes the entire bread very well too. Good stuff

This was bad. New item I think but the bread itself was dry and dense. Hopefully it's teething issues, the chunks of cheese didn't taste like much either

It's quite tender, the broth has a burn at the back of the throat but otherwise was quite light yet rather full in flavour.

However it's quite ridiculous that they run out of the premium ribs before 9am? They said they had to check if there's still premium ribs left when I ordered at 830

The waiting time can be quite insane also. At first they said need to wait for 30mins, luckily I got my food within 10+ mins. I mean it's literally scooping bkt out of the pot why should it take so long

Pictured 4nett

Ingredients were cooked well, cuttlefish was rather soft and like agar agar but harder. The pork liver had a blood taste tho, despite being so thin and I had stomachache on the same day. Their sauce was also lackluster, lacking in seasoning and spice

Sorry for the pic. I only scrambled to take a pic after my first bite, I didn't rmb it being this good

Very savoury yet not too heavy, there's braised meat(the same that they stuff into rougamo) and minced meat? as well as 3 vegetarian toppings. Very easy to eat and I loved it, esp because the noodles were slightly soft and has a good bite

Fresh ingredients and so many goodness in the beauty collagen soup. You feel like you have gained much collagen from drinking the goodness of the soup. Who doesn't like such soup that makes you feel beautiful? 👍👍👍🤭🤭🤭

Very different with the normal orh luak, this one very crispy and light, drizzle with sweet tangy chilli sauce and served with oyster.
📍Beng Hiang.
135 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-337

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!

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