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Really good stuff. Tender and flavourful, unbelievable at this price

P.S. It's in frontier foodcourt but I'm parking it under my Thai restaurants list because it's really restaurant standard

Unbelievable quality at this price. Solid grilled pork that was tender and well charred, moo ping was excellent too. Highly recommended

So blessed to have such a quality Thai food place in sku

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For $3.50, they served a decent plate of vegetarian fried rice! It was piping hot because they cook on the spot, which also means that you’d have to wait 5-10 minutes for your food. Portion size is great (in fact it was a bit too much for me). They include: mock charsiew, corn, peas, carrots and egg (optional). Not too sure what sauce was used but it was savoury and slightly spicy!

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A plate of really affordable and decent hor fun from the chicken rice stall (Yummy Chicken is the stall name if I’m not wrong)!!! Sauce is a mix of sweet and salty, but not overpowering. Hor fun has a good texture to it. Portion is huge considering that this is only.. $2.60. You can pair the hor fun with either lemon chicken, steamed/roasted chicken or even wanton!

The Noodles stall usually has one of the longest queues. I don’t think this dish is on the menu, but everyone knows about it. Just tell the uncle or aunty “can can” (“mix mix” in Chinese) and you get a mix of all the ingredients – mushrooms, minced pork, fishballs, fishcake, ngoh hiang, shredded chicken, beansprouts, green vegetables, spring onions, wanton, shui jiao, and your choice of noodles, the default being a nice springy mee kia. And all for the price of $2.30! You just don’t get this type of value for money anywhere else. I had the soup form, but the dry form is good too.

Recently obsessed with the bibimbap from the korean store HAHA maybe its because of its affordability? The lady is sometimes generous with the vegetables which i appreciate 😭 the option of changing to brown rice makes everything better! Their bibimbap sauce not the most flavorful tho