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From the Burpple community

Ckn drumstick was alright, the ckn cubes were really good, sauce was super complex and nice heat. The sliced beef was overcooked and tough

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Quite a decent portion of meat as you can see, quite salty and flavour was avg, the floury nature of the sauce is abit unpleasant

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Drinks stall has had a change of hands, now it's by the pasir panjang drinks stall.

The rockmelon milk isn't as shiok as the original branch's shake, first of all cos it isn't a shake, it's not blended and second of all, it's less sweet

Still pretty decent, if a bit pricey for this taste

I hate these sheng mian noodles so I ain't commenting since I'm biased. Ckn were all thigh pieces, sauce was alright, beef was reasonably tender. It's nice the mushroom is proper shiitake not the brown ones, it added some umami

Overall decent, probably get rice tho

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Gula melaka shredded coconut filling was good but the kueh layer was abit thick

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Its alright, nothing particularly stands out apart from how much value you get for what youre paying. That explain the queue, usually you add 3 things its gonna be 7-8bucks