Average Hawker

Average Hawker

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The sambal was unique but not particularly good, overall it's somewhat dry and clammy.

The pork lard was absolutely terrible, and it's an annoyance that there's so many little pieces to remove.

Overall it's alright, the soup has meat wantons inside but that's not v good either

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There's some wok hei, the sauce was unique. It's a little bit annoying how everything here is almost good, but not quite. if it were abit better i would have recommended it

Pigtail sells out at 9am. Enough said

3 separate trips down just for them and never managed to get the pigtails. Gdi lol I'm done


I also got the last bit of braised pork belly

PSA this place, idk why there's a lot of takeaway orders. People take away 4-6 boxes at once, and when you have a few of these people, plus the uncle slices the duck so carefully and artistically, it seems like the queue barely moves. Take heed!!!

Their braising sauce is slightly different, the herbal taste is quite mild, and there's this edge to it, but not too much.

Decent: pork belly(tender), intestines(tender and no smell), tofu

Pass: gizzard and liver didn't have the best texture, it's quite AVG. Duck meat is very expensive, plus it's tough. Definitely skip the duck, weird as that sounds for a braised duck place

Chili was sharp and has no body, but it works well here.

Aunty was very friendly

Overall, no need to visit, unless u particularly like the sauce, or the uncle's careful artistic deboning and slicing


The red bean is quite average, not sweet, the bun was very dense, and the ratio is thus very off

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The tomato egg was quite tasteless

Stir fried pork strips was nice

The braised pork w tofu was somewhat mild, and homely

Their other dishes that I tried I forgot to take a pic of, the 农家小炒肉 stir fried sliced pork was quite decent too, and the mushroom in chili oil was mild

Overall get the stir fried dishes, they're fine for a stall


Char siew was lean and abit dry, rice was normal despite looking like yam rice. Duck was pretty average too, there's a bit of flavour but it's somewhat tough and the skin wasn't crispy

The sio bak is the highlight here, it's got a thin hard crisp and it's very fatty so quite flavourful.

Pork stomach was quite overcooked, it's cracked and is mushy, and pepper soup was also way too spicy to taste anything from the peppers

Can try the siobak, but no need to make a special trip

The cheong fun was very tender, very thin, with no bite. Not my kind of thing, I prefer it with more chew and bounce

The prawns were tiny and crystal, it's alright but not enough. And there's way too much lettuce. The egg contributes to the tenderness, you can barely taste it but overall even tho u can't really taste the cheongfun specifically, it feels like there's more cheongfun than ingredients

The sauce is underseasoned but I guess healthy? Very thin. Chili was quite spicy though

Overall it's for old people i think, it's quite clear who this kind of food appeals to

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It's quite light actually, I didn't like the pork meatball for the strong taste of Chinese wine?, sliced pork was mildly marinated and pretty tender. It's the very well cooked kind, somewhat watery

Overall it's alright, nothing too special

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PSA min 6 items at this stall, excluding cuttlefish and fried egg

I chose kway teow, not the best noodle for stir frying but it's alright.

Done w a little bit of heat, it's passable in all aspects but not particularly stunning. For kway teow it tastes like a healthier and less impressionable version of phad thai

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Ckn could have been juicier, their fish options are better

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