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Average Hawker

Average Hawker

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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Chicken chop itself was lacklustre and Fried rice was dry, but the mushroom soup add on for 1$ is pretty good

The sauce was q salty and very gamey, though lacking flavour as well.

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I tot its durian Kaya, as in durian flavoured Kaya, but actl its durian puree with Kaya. Durian flavour wasnt very strong but the quality of the toast here is fantastic. I couldnt believe theres so much difference between different outlets as the one at jcube is nowhere near this standard

Quite average and doesnt quite have the usual chewy texture, this one was slightly mushy.

Fish ball was on the springy side despite being the commercial kind. Quite a generous portion too

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The Yong tau foo itself was quite average. I liked the soup though with its faint bitterness from the bittergourd, the sweetness and the light umami

Char siew was quite good as it was really sweet in a nice way and very tender despite being quite lean. The sweetness ensures that its taste doesn't get overwhelmed by the curry sauce. Chicken was dry and slightly tough but luckily the curry sauce is there to cover it up. As expected of dry curry, it's quite thick and aromatic with a veritable amount of sweetness from the dark soy sauce. Might get cloying after a while esp since it isn't very spicy so it's good to get some soup to wash it down.

Quite a decent soft chewy texture with a slight yeasty smell

Everything in the bowl was lightly seasoned. Portion was ok but the soup was very light. Meatballs were fragrant and could have been more tender while the batang fish could have been slightly more fresh as well. Prawn was quite fresh and bouncy though so it's probably more worth it to get bigger portions if the pictures were to be trusted for more prawns. Overall for this price point, there are better seafood soups out there

Pork ribs were the standard kind, and slightly dry inside but the fat made it moist enough. Char siew was lean but very tender, and was rather sweet. While the wantons & dumplings were nothing to shout about either, the star of the show got to be the flavourful noodles. Slightly soft and chewy, it's good enough to be eaten on its own. Soup was also really thick, it's practically opaque >

Prawns were cooked nicely, the chili was aromatic and sweet, and the fried shallots had a nice spring onion smell. Pork lard was the crumbly type and the kway teow was cooked perfectly(on the softer side which I like). However the prawn balls just tasted like CP's shrimp wanton filling ground up(not that there's anything wrong with it, but unlike other versions this one breaks apart into the mince with the slightest chew). Pork was nicely charred and the sweet glaze was nice, but the pork itself was not seasoned or marinated. Finally the prawn soup is really quite different, which has a special smokiness and is light on flavours. Prefer the usual soup more since this one lacks in prawn flavour.

One thing that's clear is that it's different, but for something that's not obviously better, esp since my standard is pitched at seng heng's level(yuhua market), it's rather pricey for the amount of ingredients

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Would travel for food

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