Average Hawker

Average Hawker

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Duck was reasonably tender, otherwise not too impressive

They tend to be stingy w their portions although the prices aren't too high

Idk why theres so much noodles, it's crazy. Maybe because I look like a somewhat big guy? They weren't particularly good, it lacks bite, sambal was acceptable

Fishballs and meatballs were both the good factory ones

Overall decent, nothing too special

The charsiew has the candy sweetness but not from the marinate, it's from the sauce so that's abit underwhelming

Siobak was fatty and crispy but there's a a weird slight aftertaste

Small portion for 5 bucks

Fuzhou fishball skin was too floury, avg

Minced meat was avg, chili was very spicy and jammy sweet. I don't like the noodles at all, it's almost like pasta really in terms of the bite? Very ribbony and smooth and heavy instead of chewy and springy as it should be for chili ban mee

Overall its decent, don't make a special trip

It's a special bean curd that's stir fried, theres this very very unique aroma to it, and it's a dish w many layers of complex aromas

Quite tender, generous portion, seasoning was on the mild side

Ingredients were average, their usual unique spice blend for the noodle sauce, but the mee sua clumps tgt a lot, it's very difficult to eat and is not particularly good

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Rlly quite subpar

The shaorou was very salty and quite tough, not crispy at all too. Char siew didn't have a very natural bounce, is somewhat tough as well. Noodles were alright, they don't have shuijiao the guy keeps on trying to tell me their shuijiao is smaller but that's not how it works, that's just wanton. The wantons were quite meaty. Noodle sauce was way too plain

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The mutton is abit tough and dry, from jumi's kitchen

The gravy is very unique rlly, a deep dark flavour and not v strongly spiced at all in the traditional way. I didn't like it

The sambal is rlly good. Very soft and flavourful chili, spicy too

Overall v meh

The pork ribs were reasonable tender, broth wasn't v strong

Overall it's passable

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Each meat goes for 2bucks, including the pigskin which I'm annoyed by since it's got a lot of hair, and veg goes for 1.5?

Can't rmb but v ex

Pork belly was rather tough and dry

The brinjal wasn't the best either

Their pig skin has hair

Not their best items

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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