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From the Burpple community

From 宝宝素食摊.
A simple plate of vegetarian fried noodles.
Variety on beehoon, noodles or flat kway teow.
With sliced mock meat, deep fried bead curd skin and crunchy cabbage.
Wallet friendly prices.

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I never regret queueing for this. The kway was swimming in a good aromatic broth that has spice notes. You have to go early as the stall closes just before noon.

Tasty classic typical plate of fried beehoon with fried egg and savoury fish cake slice.
Brisk queue.


Crispy fried sesame ball 煎堆 with red bean fillings.
Also my favourite fried mung bean fritters (kuih kasturi), really satisfying for once a while craving.
From Xi De Li.

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From Xi De Li, #01-157, fried carrot (cake) sticks 9 for $1.50, enjoy it when it’s fresh.


The soup was aromatic, full of Chinese wine flavor. The fried fish was fresh, with no flour coating, purely fried fish. Other than the fried fish, there are fried eggs, bitter gourd and seaweeds in the soup. Definitely one of my favorite places for fish soup!

合顺鱼头米粉 #01-167


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