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Actually the eating experience was better than it looked.
Thick warm Otah sitting on toast. Topped with an egg.
Sides of signature chips and fresh greens.


They call this "The Frozen Version Kinda Breakfast"!.

If that's the case, I'll definitely be up way earlier for this!. Haha, Jokes aside! That said, Fat Cat has released a Series Named: "Valrhona Inspiration". Featuring some of their Unique and Interesting Desserts that is on Rotation in this Series!. Avocado & Toast is one of them!

Not just that, Do also remember to try their Signature Waffles and Ice Cream because it's just mind blowing to an extent that I wouldn't mind ordering again! Yeap, Definitely visited this place more than just once!!.

Not a bad place if you're finding somewhere to chill in the east! Especially on a weekday! However if you're coming on a weekend! Do be here early to avoid queues!.

Lastly, thanks @eatmoresg And @wishuponatart for hosting! Not to forget @fatcatsg for accommodating us!

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Edible Tobacco? I doubted it's flavour at first sight!.

Surprisingly, it's made up of Rolled Up Smoke Chocolate filled with caramel and dusted with root beer snow that resembles as ash!.

Interesting Concept rolled out by the team behind- Fat Cat Cafe since last Christmas! Try it to know how it feels like!

Long queue but it moved quite quickly, so we got our bowl in just minutes! Saw some say that their broth is more towards the bland end, but ours today was pretty rich with sweetness from the prawns. Portion of noodles was great, ribs were tender and easily removed from its bones, while prawns were fresh. Definitely coming back again to try the dry version!

📍Ah Fu Prawn Noodle 阿福虾面
Blk 216 Bedok Food Centre & Market #01-78

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Awesome dish of beef lasagne.
Simply lovely and delicious.


Combining best of both Singapore’s favourite flavours - mao shan wang durian + kaya gives you the perfect local blend of ice cream, sandwiched between waffle biscuit which is half-coated with matcha. Time to try this now? 😊
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Here's a unique hawker dish that's almost impossible to find anywhere else - a Chee Cheong Fun x Yong Tau Foo mashup.
The smooth, slippery, slightly chewy rolls of thin rice noodles / chee cheong fun, are coated in a generous amount of silky pink sweet sauce and white sesame seeds, along with a drizzle of fragrant sesame oil.
You can choose to add-on pieces of yong tau foo from a small range; most people go for the stuffed tofu beancurd, fish cake wrapped in beancurd skin, or stuffed vegetables. These are deep-fried, and lend a delightful crisp crunch with the natural bouncy texture of the tofu beancurd and fish cake.
Each order is topped with a generous amount of crisp fried tofu beancurd skin, which lends a satisfiying crunch.
They also offer a version with chang / glutinous rice dumplings, for those who want something carb-heavy.
Delicious and novel Singaporean hawker dish. Worth visiting.
216 Bedok North Street 1 #01-77
Singapore 460216

Gourmet dessert in a slice. ($8.80)
Smooth velvety chocolate texture, not too sweet and not so bitter.
Simply loving it.


Managed to locate Hock Hai Curry Chicken Noodles and decided to order it instantly!

At $4, you get a choice of noodles (I went for 粗米粉/thick bee hoon) and thinly sliced breast meat topped with their thick coconut curry broth with chunks of potatoes and taopok. Due to the changing palate, the curry itself isn’t as spicy, so feel free to add on the chilli paste on your own (refer to the dollop on the top right) to decide on how spicy you’d like your noodles to be.

This bowl brought me back to my childhood days where this hawker was a weekly stopover for its variety of food. I’m glad to say, the standards have not changed after so many years.

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Thanks to my darling for these yummy mooncakes. Really low in sugar and flavourful. The nuts blend so nicely with the paste and quite shiok with a cuppa or tea. I just love white lotus paste as compared to the golden ones. When I was in HK, I always aimed for Wing Wah ones but the price of gaining weight came with it. 😥

The best thing is, it has a cover below each pack so that you can save the mooncake for later! Very thoughtful of you @peachgardensg!

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Mooncake Festival cos the real festive name doesn't count when food is concern. 😬😋😋 #eatwithroy #eater #lovefood #eatingfortheinsta #foodfetish #foodpics #foodgasm #foodstagram #sgig #singapore #sgfoodie #foodblogger #burpple #foursquarefind #thisisinsiderfood #singaporeinsiders #8dayseat #mooncake #peachgardensg #whitelotuspaste #notsponsored #midautumnfestival