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I can’t even begin to describe how crowded 216 market is on a weekend, and when Chris Kway Chap is closed, the queue for Chai Chee Kway Chap gets even longer. Waited for around 1 hour just for my turn, and honest verdict - never again. Granted this was a decent bowl, with soft kway and herbal gravy, and actually very chew intestines. But that’s about it, nothing mind blowing nor worth fighting with the crowd. So queue at your own risk or choose a less crowded timing to try this!


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Exploring another food centre that I haven’t visited before. This place is just a short walk away from Bedok MRT Station, offering lots of food choices in the morning.

As I exploring the options here, I saw this stall constantly formed a long queue in the front. Warong Jawa is popular for their Malay dishes such as Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus and etc.

They has been serving authentic Malay dishes for many years here, and most people would come here for their nasi lemak. Comes with fried chicken, ikan bilis and egg, I recommend to addon a piece of bergedil.

The rice is fragrant and kick when you mix it with the chilli sauce. Enjoy much for their crispy fried chicken and ikan bilis.

The prawn cheong fun is especially good, carrot cake not bad too

Soon Kueh (S$1.20/ pc)
Egg Tart (S$1.60)
Custard Puff (S$1.60)

Beauty Soup 养颜汤 (S$5.50)
Mixed Vegetables 什菜 (S$3)
Rice 白饭 (S$0.50)

Chicken Onigiri Set (S$10/ 3 pcs)

- Original
- Egg Mayo x 2

Triple Prosperity Meal (S$8)
comes with 3 types of chicken (soya, roasted and steamed), an egg and some veg.

Personally it didn’t survive the trip well especially for the rice.

The prawn cheong fun is fantastic! The Chinese food in the same coffeeshop cheap n good too

The more gratifying waffles I’ve ate as of late sweetened by the Burpplebeyond deal. 10/10 worth revisits!

I love this fish&chips deal more than the aglio olio deal.
The portion is better - the fish is thinly battered and the tarter sauce is nice.
The fries and lettuce salad was a good side.
The mushroom soup is also a good pairing for when the fish&chips gets too dry.
The corn was not really nice.

Two aglio olio and two fish&chips deal added up to under $28 which is a insane value. With the deal it’s worth coming to give it a try.

Got the chicken and mushroom aglio olio deal, with the deal - price point is very attractive!
It’s pretty decent! Soup is a good pairing too.
Portion is pretty small but still felt full

It’s cool that the place has sofa seats but it’s a little hot during the afternoon.

From TBB
The butter croissant (flaky yet airy) and hot mocha coffee (rich and creamy) simply for a deliciously indulgent breakfast combo that will satisfy the taste buds.
Go early for seats. ✌️

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