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From the ‘85 Western Food’ Stall.
It was sufficiently delicious but the portion for $6.50 was a tad too small as I believe I can find bigger portions elsewhere! The only thing that was generous was the black pepper sauce at the side; but overall, chicken, albeit looking big, was thin and the portion of sides were pretty small. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent dish.

From Shanghai Xiao Long Bao stall, which is bustling for their famous Xiao Long Bao, which can be sold out before the day ends. When I went, they only were selling noodles, so I went for their zha Jiang mian. For $3.50, it was a small portion of not too thick, well textured noodles, but extremely dry. There was essentially no sauce at all, and I solved this with the chilli that they provided. I must say that the chilli was slightly spicy and sour which really gave an added layer to the zha Jiang mian. I can’t imagine how dry it would’ve been without the chilli, and I was personally disappointed by how it was initially served; it was only the chilli that gave saving grace. But for $3.50, I don’t wish to expect much as well!

You know you are near bedok 85 when you smell the smoke coming out from the many grill stalls in the Hawker centre. Chong Pang Huat is one of the cheaper stalls there selling satay and chicken wings, and that does not stop them from serving up quality food. The chicken/pork satay (60c each) have nice charred bits and were really succulent, especially the chicken one!

The chicken wings ($1.30 each) are also really smoky and is seasoned just right. I love how it isn't too sweet as well. Will definitely be back for more 😍

Generous portions with homey neighbour ambience! Very close to the famous blk 85 hawker center, this is an ideal spot to catch up with old friends if you are in the east. Service is very fast and staff are friendly.

The 1-for-1 Burrple deal is super worth it. Both dishes Lu Rou Fan ($8.50) and Claypot Curry Chicken ($8.50) are filling and authentic. Sauce on the Lu Rou Fan is the star for me. Also ordered the Matcha and Hojicha Latte ($4.30 each) from their Specialty Tea Set.

6 Jul’19, Sat⛅️⁣
📍Percolate Coffee⁣
- White☕️⁣

Caffeine overdosed for the day, no need sleep already...🙃⁣

Been on my bucket list for a long long time, finally tried this cafe out!😜⁣

Find the coffee little towards light-medium bodied, with chocolate finish...

Damage: $4.50

noodles texture was pretty decent, and the bowl of noodles were served a variety of ingredients like minced meat, braised mushrooms, vegetables and crispy ikan bilis. i would prefer it more if the sauce has a spicy punch. overall, a decent bowl but would not travel to the east especially for this (as a west sider).

Spicy Thai Thai serves the best lala bee hoon! Very generous portion just for $15. Can easily feed 2 pax. Tom yam soup is tasty but abit salty. Will definitely be back for the lala bee hoon!

This is supposed to be a set, priced at $12 plus for takeaway. Not worth the money. You get better quality food and bigger portion elsewhere.

This is quite filling, with a heaping mound of rice fried with black olives, minced chicken, and egg, giving it a unique dark purple colour. Has distinct earthy savoury salty eggy herbal flavours.
Served with juicy cucumbers with vegetal sweet flavour, crisp red onions with sharp vegetal spice flavour, crunchy cashew nuts with nutty earthy flavour, spring onions, a lime wedge, and chopped red chili.
I love the spicy kick from the chili, which had a sharp spicy burn.
Nangfa Thai Kitchen
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Of the 5 items I tried at Bedok 85, I am declaring this as my favourite. I love that the sambal chilli wasn’t too overwhelming, and there was a balance between the stingray & chilli.

#01-44 Chomp Chomp BBQ
5pm ~ 12:30am

BBQ Stingray $12

The warm, rich green curry is thick with earthy herbal sweet spice flavour, resulting from the blend of green curry paste, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, basil leaves, lime juice, sugar, fish sauce, lemongrass, ginger, and garlic.
The garnish of crunchy string beans, tender boneless chicken, soft pea eggplant, and sliced red chili work perfectly together, and pick up the green curry well. Best paired with white rice.
Nangfa Thai Kitchen
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