Tiramisu specialty cafe serving more than just desserts and drinks but also a wide array of savoury fare and handmade tiramisu of up to ten different flavours.

121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 12:00am

11:00am - 12:00am



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Reviews at The Tiramisu Hero

Reviews of good food at The Tiramisu Hero

Ordered this garlic butter shrimp pasta. Not very fragrant leh.. and bland too. The only saving grace is the fresh and succulent prawns. 😂 definitely wouldn’t order this again.. btw it's #feedthetheme pasta week 🍝

#tbt are you craving for some tiramisu? I also took an #ootd that day with their mascot. LOL

Asian twist to Italian dessert. Love the strong durian flavoured cream, but did wish the cake fingers were more moist. Love the cute packaging!

Must order their tiramisu coz that’s what they are famous for! I must say their container is so cute!! You get to keep it too. We were reluctant to ask her initially coz paiseh.. but she got the hint and offered to wash for us to bring it home. We ordered the horlicks and Oreo flavour. Horlicks one not as strong as the Oreo one, but overall both is quite tasty! Merry Xmas everyone!🎄🎁😍

Ohh lovely! 😉😘 I was just walking around when I walked past this super cute café! As someone who adores cats, this place has therapeutic effect although there are no real cats. HAHA. The decorations and wall doodles are admirable. The ambiance alone is something I would want to visit again. 😍

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Earl Grey Tea - S$6.5
Tiramisu in a jar - S$7.5 onward
📍: @thetiramisuhero

Ordered the Lemon Lavender Tiramisu - Momma Size ($7.50) and Latte ($5.50)

Tiramisu's sweetness was just right, in a way that it's not too overwhelming sweet ^^ For this flavour, you'd taste the lemon first then an aftertaste of lavender. On size, Momma's the perfect size for spoiling yourself even though it's advertised it's good for 1-2pax.

Nothing much to comment on the latte. Just wanted something hot to down the tiramisu.

In all, I'd go here on a weekday afternoon to get away from the usual crowded cafes and get some reading done :)

Just wanted a little something go with my long black.
Great place for an afternoon chill out.

Original Flavour - $7.50
The Tiramisu Hero

Can't go wrong with freshly made crunchy and soft waffles. The warmth of the waffles with the richness of the nutella take you to heaven. Though this place is famous for their tiramisu, their other desserts like this one is definitely worth a try.

When the Tiramisu Hero is out to save the day, I had my sweet tooth fix with this Dark Chocolate Lava Cake, and here's the reason why it was good: there's so much "love" in the relatively thin-walled cake that I had more than enough to eat with the whipped cream and the soft-serve ice cream.

Speaking of the soft-serve, it also tasted a wee bit saltish, and that was excellent in making sure that the dessert does not appear flat in taste.

Given the price difference between this and their Mommahero tiramisu, I will say that this S$12.00 sidekick is a better choice, if you want a dessert to share or to indulge alone.

menu said this is 1-2 pax sharing size. so so delicious! the cafe somehow was not friendly to singtel users as my friends and I couldn't even get ANY reception (emergency call only)

Heard loads of good reviews for this cafe and they did not disappoint!!

We already had lunch before coming here and felt a little regretful cause the Menu looked REALLY good for both mains and desserts! 😍😱 Definitely coming back here next time, but for now we tried their mini tiramisu as we were way too full for more.

The tiramisu was really GOOD! The coffee was really strong compared to other ones we have tried (some are more creamy) and overall, it was the best tiramisu we have ever tasted! 😋

We'll be back soon to try everything else 😎👊🏼

🌚Damage: $3.50
✏️Rating: 9/10

A classic Italian dessert that I never learnt to appreciate, I was so glad to know that Tiramisu Hero’s version apart from their original, lacked the strong taste of coffee and rum (I am just strange like that). Having the Milo flavoured MommaHero served in a cute jar with their signature mascot, I really enjoyed the interesting offerings that are able to cater to customers such as myself who are not very fond of coffee. A twist to the traditional sweet, the milo infused mascarpone cream cheese was light and didn’t take away the subtle taste of malt. The ladyfingers had a nice texture too, though I would have preferred it to be softer and more moist.

A cute, child friendly cafe nested in Jalan Besar stadium. The risotto is a must try dish. Not the conventional creamy type. It is light and well balance. The tiramisu is also a must try item. A perfect hang out place with your kids. Nice food, great ambience. But.... Prepare to wait...

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