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Oysters are fresh with no fishy smell. The eggs and tapioca flour are mixed fried with silky texture and wok hei. The winning ingredient in this is the chilli so aromatic and flavourfully spicy.

Possibly rarer than the pig trotter version these days is the shark meat jelly, another traditional cold dish popular with the Teochews.
Each springy piece has chunks of shark meat which are very soft, almost disintegrating to a powdery texture to be specific. Have no fear of fishiness as the smell and taste is neutral. To eat, just give it a quick swish in the accompanying dipping sauce which has a bit of chilli.
This delicacy is fast disappearing from our local food scene. So if you are open to trying it, please visit “Lao Liang Pig Trotter Jelly & Shark Meat” (stall 37) at Jalan Berseh Food Centre.

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How incredibly good this simple slice is! Doesn't need any cream at all as it was moist enough on its own. Texture is utterly spectacular as it is super soft and airy but as you chew it melts into this creamy substance before disappearing entirely, leaving behind only the wonderful aroma of Kaffir lime. Exceptional and really puts most of the 7-8$ sliced cake places to shame

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Tom yum consomme is exactly how you would expect it to taste, but it wasn't very spicy. Quite refreshing actually and really fragrant, and went really well with the crispy bits. The crab meat were quite strong and probably sweeter, whiter crab meat would work better with the profile of the consomme. The udon tasted like normal noodles here for some reason, quite lacking in chew.

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The bakes are from Mother Dough. Good pair with the coffee.

High Quality Coffee with good price tag !
Really love the simple & clean white interior.

Feature Sesame Witch Lava Cookie.
Vanilla Butter Cookie with baby sesame lava ,orange Pumpkin ice cream and top it with a very cute witch hat from Oreo n Hersey. And sprinkles with popping candy, pumpkin seed and pumpkin sauce.
I love the orange pumpkin cream. It’s really refreshing..
available until end of this month, 31st oct .
139 Tyrwhitt Road, #01-03.

One of the flavor is this Baby Frankenstein which consist of Matcha Cookie with baby milk lava and layered with Pumpkin ice cream! To round it up, it’s top with a special witch lava cookie! This combination is certainly instaworthy and help save the trouble of renting costumes!!😬
Thanks to @kenpgl for the invite and @creamery_sg for hosting us

Another +15min dish. This one is slightly more value for money though due to the chunk of fatty pork collar. Well seasoned (though not evenly so) pork collar that could be torn apart using chopsticks went very well with the curry(tasted like green curry tho) which cut thru the fattiness. Curry is pretty legit as it was very strong and full of spices. Overall it's a great dish to share otherwise it's gonna be surfeiting despite the small portion

(15min wait) is a big jk lol they mean 15min extra after the rest of the dishes are served.

Rather citrusy and slightly sour chicken leg, with a piquant chili sauce. Lime was completely unnecessary as the chicken and the chili sauce are both sour already. However for such a small chicken thigh the price is really sth

The stunner of the night. Show stopping esp since it's immediately after the luroufan. Perfectly crispy and moist duck leg, with a nice hint of sweetness from the kecap Manis. Sambal was also divine, with a depth of flavour and not too spicy. A must-have from little bastard

Meat was tender but we didn't like the sourness(from the black vinegar). The rice patty was also rather pointless as it just tasted like normal rice. Taste quite off from normal lu rou fan and not in a good way. The pickles were quite well marinated and strong though

However, as a gesture of their immense hospitality, upon finding out that we didn't like the sourness, they not only did another batch for us without the vinegar, they even treated us to another dish!!! ><

On the first round the meat was room temperature which really pissed off my chef friend tho :p the second batch was more well heated

Tl;dr better to get other items from the mains than this