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Small but good. u prob need to have 2 bowls to be full.

[12 October 2019]
$5.80 - lemon tart
$7.50 - iced mocha
$8 - white cold brew (throwback blend)

Elite but visit at your own risk. I always found the estrangement between old and new Singapore sharpened in hawker culture. New Singapore is orderly and mechanical, old Singapore is informal and spontaneous. So you get customers who struggle to order in Mandarin/dialect, you get confusion in the system, and other angst. This coffeeshop is a classic example. They're very busy, they have no structured ordering, they allow callers to jump the queue, and they're one of those notorious hawkers who take liberty with your order, which is neither a good nor bad thing lah. My queue took half an hour although there were only five customers ahead. There, it splits into beef noodle and yong tau foo - and they seem to inter-cook! Both stalls would serve you what's left or what's convenient - that's how we ended up with ytf mee kia. On the food, the balls and soup were first-class. Balls were plump, flavourful and juicy. Soup was so sweet it demanded respect. I think they used the same soup but the sliced beef gave its soup a meatier profile. Although this beef was inferior to the balls, its texture was unique. The noodles and Hakka minced meat were good too.

Got the lobster combo - ~$30 and combo 1(chicken+sotong+scallop) ~$16.
All combos comes with a side of vegetables and rice.
Honestly I really didn't understand the hype and long queue at the outlet other than the generous portions and efficient service.
- the rice was mushy
- the ingredients (ie. seafood) were not fresh
- the chicken was hard
- the vegetables were too blanched
- their signature black pepper sauce was meh imo.

Not really worth the drive and honestly not worth the money too. Teppanyaki express is better I think.

Still they do have repeat customers so maybe I went on their "off" day.

[28 July 2020] Went there on a lazy Tuesday noon-time. Ordered the Cloud Beta v0.1 ($9) despite the price and a strong white ($5) which has lesser milk as compared to a standard flat white (which is called Milky White in the menu).

The basil in the strawberry basil filling of the Cloud Beta had felt rather odd, but the flavours (white chocolate mousse, filling and shortbread base) were rather harmonious in general. But for me it's more of a 'try it for the hype' pastry that I probably won't order again. The other pastries do look promising!

As for the strong white, the coffee flavour is indeed stronger, though it still feel like a standard flat white hah.

It's a nice place to chill / read quietly / do work (some of the tables are placed near power plugs), despite the location a bit out of the way. Might go back when I'm in the neighbourhood.

I’ve heard of Wimbly Lu before but have never went down so since we were at Creamery Boutique which is just nearby Wimbly Lu, we decided to head there. From the outside, the ambience and interior already made fall in love with this place; it exudes elegance and a chill vibe with the dim lightings and vintage furnishings👌

Ordered their Waffle with Truffle Chocolate ice cream ($10.50) and for a place like this, no service charge? 👏 The waffle came not too long after while we were busy admiring and posting on the beautiful interior, we realised we were given 2 scoops of ice cream and it has been decorated as a bear 🐻!! So cute of the staff who prepared it. Might be because we waited outside for a good 15 mins due to social distancing. Really thankful to the staff ☺️

Back to the waffle. Holy cow!! The waffle is so light and airy yet perfectly crispy on the outside it reminded me of Hong Kong Egg Waffle! So delicious and the portion was well worth the money🤤 paired with the generous ice cream given, it went so well together 👍 I have found my new favourite waffle spot and I definitely will be back to have more of it and try different things 💯

Came on a Wednesday evening and pretty packed. Small place. Got their Volcano which is charcoal cookie with salted egg molten lava filling and atop we went with ice cream choice of Toasted Bread which is vanilla. Pretty underwhelmed by the size when it came as it was pretty small given the price of $10.90. However, taking a boomerang shot of the lava oozing out is a must and we ate it while its still hot.

Wow, the combination of the crumbly charcoal cookie which is already yummy on its own paired with the flavourful salted egg and vanilla ice cream went extremely well together! 😍 The salted egg wasn’t so heavy and thick which didn’t make it feel jelat after a while 👍 Couldn’t stop going for more bites and it was finished in no time (even mopped up the bits) cuz its sooo good! Will be back for the Volcano and try a different combination as well :)

The ice cream on top of the gooey lava cookie was amazing!

Pistachio: Nutty, creamy, full of pistachio flavour without that artificial flavour and not sweet. Solid classic flavour done really well.

Sakura smoke, artichoke & pear compote: The smokey flavour is really strong - almost savoury smoked meat like. It is not as creamy as the other 2 flavours. So hard to describe the flavours I may have to eat it again 🤭

Kyoto Shizo & yuzu jelly (not pictured): Leafy earthy taste but with bits of refreshing tangy yuzu jelly in between - sounds strange but it works! This gelato is also creamy.

All of their flavours are not too sweet. They are definitely not your run of the mill flavours that you feel meh~ about. I’m really impressed and will go back to try more flavours.

The place had an interesting layout, artistic hipster decor. Nice place to get drinks and run errands on the go!

Staff was warm and friendly too! Didn't managed to take a pic of the croissant but kaya croissant is strongly recommended when visiting here as it's super yummy! 😋🥐