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Sadly, when they arrived, one had already burst and had its contents oozed out 😢.
Texture and taste wise though, they were definitely on point. I loved the unique take on the usual steamed liu sha bao; this reminds me of the cookie layer on melon pans and was sweet with a very nice crispy and chewy combination. They were a little small, but a delightful way to end the meal.
We had also ordered the Baked Salted Egg Pumpkin Tart ($3.90++), and while the pastry was nice (buttery and flakey), the filling didn't impress much, and was just sweet. So I'd say skip that one and get these if you're deciding between the two!

From top left, pictured are the:
1. Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce ($3.20++); This was just an average dish for me. Wasn't particularly soft, and a little dry.
2. Siew Mai ($3.90++); one of a must-orders for most during dim sum, it wasn't incredibly mindblowing but I liked that it felt lighter than your average siew mai. I'm just hazarding a guess, but I think they might've used more shrimp because it didn't feel as meaty as other ones I've had, which personally, didn't bother me too much.
3. Crystal Skin Mushroom Dumpling ($3.90++); I liked this! The skin was thin enough, while still retaining its slight elasticity, and the mushroom flavour wasn't too overwhelming.
4. Steamed Charcoal Dumpling ($4++); The dish I was looking most forward to, and I'm glad it didn't disappoint! Definitely a lighter "siew mai", and I know this is because they used chicken instead. What was particularly memorable was the roe on top, which gave a very pleasant crunch and a slight saltiness to the dish!
5. Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling ($3.80++); The same plump shrimp used in their other prawn dishes, but the fried wanton skin encasing it we weren't particularly fond of.

Preferred their other Christmas special - Whisky Lava & Berry Cheesecake Ice Cream (or any of your choice of scoop) more than to this but this will be up your alley if you’re more of a sweet tooth. I did like the intensity of the matcha lava though! Again, the service here's always super friendly, so if you're not sure which pairings of lava cookie and ice cream to go for, just approach them!

Just a month away to Christmas and Creamery Boutique's all ready with their Christmas lava cookie specials - Red Velvet Matcha Cookie w Apple Crumble Ice Cream & Whisky Lava Cookie w your choice scoop. The latter was the winner for us with its rich bittersweet chocolate+whisky filling, that went pleasantly well with their Berry Cheesecake Ice Cream. All their cookies are served piping hot and oozes generously once topped with a scoop (liked that they were all not too sweet)! Their portions aren’t too big, so it is actually possible to finish one by yourself.

A huge thank you to @creamery_sg for having us and @kenpgl for the invite! 🙆🏻

One of their Christmas specials, the red velvet matcha lava cookie goes really well with the secret garden ice cream, a light floral tea flavour!

To be fair, I had high expectations for this having read very positive reviews. Also, I love the combination of youtiao in rice rolls, something that I enjoyed much more in Hong Kong but for some reason, less common here.
While the fresh prawns made a welcome appearance again here, the rice rolls were too soft and thick, which made the balance of the dish a little off. Sauce was also a little too sweet for me!

This is one fried item worth ordering! The use of the beancurd skin made this light despite being deep fried, while still leaving this dish with a nice, satisfying crunch!

Thought this was rather decent; while it's nothing like the banana bread with mushy banana that I love, it was pretty light and fluffy with a whiff of banana sweetness. Pairs well with a cup of coffee on the side.

From The Wired Monkey at Dunlop Street; a new cafe that serves up specialty coffee and other cafe grub as well — the current menu consists of only two burgers, a single toast and salad. Sides and pastries are also available as well.

I am pretty much a fan of chickpeas and falafel so this burger pretty much caught my attention when I was skimming through the menu. This reminds me of middle eastern food; really liked that smooth, mushy chickpea patty that is all crisp with its fried, crusted exterior — it comes with nibs of corn for some texture too. The entire burger was flavoursome; the combination of the Falafel Patty, the Tzatziki, Kale and Tomato Compote was everything tangy, zippy and savoury, while the buns were pretty light and fluffy. The sweet potato fries are well-seasoned with salt while sweet inside; pretty crisp though turns a little hard if left alone for a while. A steal at $12 — the portion is actually pretty substantial; definitely leaves one full after wiping out the entire portion.

From the “Blanched” section of the menu, I chose the hairy gourd with preserved vegetable minced pork sauce.
The taste reminded me of traditional homecooked fare (in a good way) but visually, simple elegance reigned.
Although somewhat muted compared to classic renditions, the braised “mui chai” paired very nicely with the gentle sweetness of the tender hairy gourd.

This new-ish Chinese eatery has quite a few tasty appetisers to keep one happily nibbling.
Besides the Organic Okra with Pickled Chillies, the other that I liked a lot was the Smoked Cherry Duck with Garlic Vinaigrette.
Sparks flew when the subtly smoky, sweet meat got together with the sourish, chopped garlic-laden sauce. A very moreish combination it was.

After seeing Burpplers @ShawnLoh and @XingWeiChua’s recent posts about this new-ish Chinese eatery (they opened last month), I decided to lunch there this afternoon. What I liked most is their variety of appetisers that I‘d be happy to fill up on. In fact, we had more of those than the hot dishes today.
Pictured here is the first few that landed on our table. My favourite of these was the Organic Okra with Pickled Chillies ($6++). The lady’s fingers were cooked perfectly for juicy crunchiness and devoid of fibrousness (my pet peeve), but it was the chilli and garlic topping that‘s the star with its very appetising balance of sour, salty and spicy. I felt it bore a similarity to the “sambal belado” served at Nasi Padang stalls, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
The Pork Trotter Jelly ($8++) was pretty good too. Although I found the sweetness in the accompanying curls of passionfruit-infused cucumber a bit much, they did offset the savouriness of the jelly pleasantly enough.
As for the Shredded Pork Ears ($6++), well, I wish the ears weren’t sliced so fine because I feel the whole point of eating that part of the pig is to be able to enjoy the crunchy cartilage. On the whole though, as the pig’s ears were tossed with blanched beansprouts in a fragrant oil, I was picking at it non-stop.