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Interesting to have found mee hoon kueh on the cafe’s menu, but pity it didn’t really work out for us. You get to pick a spice level between 0-3 and we bought 2 bowls with Burpple Beyond, and tried both levels 1 and 2. Disappointed that our mee hoon kueh pieces were doughy in the centre and the sauce wasn’t very flavourful, leaning a tad bland from what we’re used to. While we enjoyed the huge portion of crispy fried egg, found it pricey for its toppings of mushrooms and fried anchovies.

There’s also a vegetarian version of this mee hoon kueh that’s served with broccoli, mushrooms and minced vegan meat at the same price. Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 is available here too for their all day breakfast, mains and meat-free menus!

Also tried their Pig’s Organ soup whilst I’m here. It was ok, but not fantastic. Fair amount of pig liver and stomach and some pork slices. I wouldn’t order this again if and when I return though. I’d likely their Pork Trotters.

Came to try their Vinegar Pork Trotter. I’d say for the price $7, it’s rather good portion of meat which includes an egg too. Although I found the vinegar gravy a little watery.

The appearance wasn't that appealing due to the colour, shape and texture of the you tiao. But the taste of the youtiao and ice cream is nice. We finished the dessert.


Decent portion but could have more mentaiko sauce. Personally find it abit dry. Took awhile to serve the dish too.

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Wow yknow I didn’t expect to like this because I saw pics of their wanton mee online, and this is the thicker type of wanton mee that I don’t rly like. But their sauce is sooo nice that I am able to accept the noodles! there’s a slight alkaline taste still tho. The highlight is the sauce, which is v fragrant and yummy! it’s a mix of lard oil and soya sauce (we think). The charsiew is decent, it’s lean and pretty thin - don’t expect roasted meat stall standard, but it’s not dry by any means! Dumplings were ok only, not memorable but there was adequate filling!

Definitely expected more of this Hojicha Tiramisu - the hojicha wasn’t distinct and tasted a lot more milky, while the fingers were a tad too dry. Think the jar was stored frozen, so we had to sit this aside for a while before digging in. Was a miss for us for this flavour, but they have a pretty big range of other ones like lemon lavender, lychee rose, speculoos, etc.

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These are full dons, which were very generous in my opinion. The Mayo karaage Don was surprisingly the best one among the bowls, the chicken was tender and juicy even though it was deep fried. Nice space, I might come around again if dining in is allowed.

Tried their signature youtiao icecream and was blown away. The youtiao is not oily at all and goes perfectly well with the ice cream. It is warm, crispy paired with the cold icecream. A very new experience and absolutely loved it.


Went down to takeaway my dinner earlier and ordered their youtiao ice cream while waiting. Awesome food and interior with great service staff. Really felt like i was in a sketchbook. Their unique youtiao ice cream is definitely a must try. Price is wallet friendly i must say.

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Only during covid lockdowns!

Turkish-style pide pizza, abalone mushroom, smoked cheese, egg yolk, garlic butter, 8g shaved truffle 💗

Hop over to this Muslim-owned cafe along Hamilton Road for your fill of buttermilk belgium waffles and savoury wraps & sandwiches. For a hearty lunch, order up their Faye's Spicy Chicken ($11.90) and Specialty Satay Chicken ($11.90), with a choice of tortilla wrap or sandwich, and served alongside with nacho chips and nachos sauce. Don't forget to add on a cup of their specialty lattes — Toffee Nut Latte ($4.90), Choc Cookie Latte ($4.90) and Gula Melaka Latte ($4.90) to go along your sandwiches!

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.