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And my personal pick, being the sweet-tooth that I am, was the Chinese Taro in Hot Toffee ($12/small). Well-executed, the dessert is made to order and presented at the table with the staff separating each piece coated by the molten syrup by dunking them into ice water - creating a crystalised shell and then sprinkled with sesame seeds. Grant with a choice of Yam or Sweet Potatoes, we had the former and it was so good. The tender bite of yam is accompanied by the caramel sweetness of the crunchy exterior. Hence, I would highly recommend all to order this to end off your meal. Think a warm, glossy, honeyed glaze coupled with the natural earthiness of the root vegetable.


On a roll, their rendition of the classic Xiao Long Bao or as known on their menu as Baozi Stuffed with Juicy Pork in Bamboo Steamer ($5/Small, $8/Medium) were definitely crowd pleasers. Wrapped in respectably thin dumpling skins, the staple dish was slightly larger that those I was familiar with and that was really a plus point in my books. With the increase in size, there were more broth and ingredients in each mouthful - the proportion of each element just right. The soup itself was lip-smacking, light and fresh-tasting.

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Thin and beautifully crisp, the Fried Dumplings with Leek, Pork and Shrimp ($7.80) were a tad greasy in my opinion yet oh-so-good! The minced meat filling being both savoury and fragrant. Love that you get the satisfying crackle from the lattice and the silky smooth skin of the dumplings. The hint of sweetness from the plump chunks of shrimps as you bit into the juicy packages were icing on the cake. Do note to eat it while it’s hot.

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Packed with a good number of Japanese expats on a weekday evening, Hand in Hand Beijing’s items certainly appeared to appeal to their palate; and after our meal it was safe to say that we were on the same page. For starters, we had the Steam Chicken with Chilli Sauce ($7.80/ Small) which was a hit at the table though I found certain parts a little dry. It was mildly spicy but the tantalizing heat was pleasant and addictive. The flavours wasn’t too heavy and worked out as a chilled teaser to whet our appetite for what were to come next.

Sweet Potato Salted Egg Pao (forgot the price, around $2~$4)
The salted egg paste inside is actually a bit dry for me, so it depends on your preference, but I love the crispy anda bit salty/sweet taste of the pao! It's not sickening type of sweet and the crispy texture makes it fun to eat.

Rice Roll With Prawn ($3.8)
Swee Choon is famous already and I think it's a no wonder they're famous! It's not that expensive and yet the taste is sooo good and fresh! There's 4pcs i think in 1 portion, and it's so fresh! I love the soy sauce that comes along with it, it's not the sweet sauce they usually serve in Singapore, but the salty Hongkong style and so I love it!

Prepared with garlic and fish sauce, it turns out a little savoury with saltiness from the roasted pork which goes well with plain rice. Comes with fried garlic sprinkled at the top.

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Chose the clear soup which came moderately spicy, packed with flavours and tanginess. The portion and ingredients is good enough to share among 2 pax.

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One of the most common street food found in Thailand that usually comes with chopped long beans, onions, oyster sauce, chili padi and basil leaves. Except being a little salty else everything went well and pairs well with plain rice.

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After work, come with the colleages for simple dinner and drinks. Note-worthy dishes include their Pan-seared Salmon ($16) as well as their aromatic Prawn Aglio Olio ($13). Be sure to wash all that down with a pint or two of Little Creatures IPA ($9).
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