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Two plain (7 inches side) Roti Prata, one egg Prata 6 inches round and a cup of Teh Tarik. Total cost $4.70
Friendly service and great curries!



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1. The ondeh ondeh lava cookie - Pandan cookie with gula melaka lava 🌿

Pandan + Gula melaka is rly meant to be tgt. Add on an eternal garden tea ice cream. Ah~ Yumz

Available from 14 July - 9 Aug 2018

2. The chilli crab lava cookie - Brownie cookie with chilli crab sauce 🦀

The cookie, sauce & ice cream tasted good individually. But tgt, the taste is confusing. Let's just say tt this is an acquired taste.

Available from 9 - 31 Aug 2018
📍139 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207557

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Man, this place is convenient. It’s basically open nearly all hours of the day, so whether you want a super early morning breakfast or ultra late night supper, you can get it here. Food wise, the menu is actually super extensive - it’s almost like 2 to 3 stalls in one. It’s got everything from the usual Indian food you’d expect, to fried rice / Thai-ish food / western stuff as well.

The prices are pretty much standard for a place like this; I didn’t check out everything but I’d be surprised if they had anything over $10. I ordered one cheese prata and one plain prata. Not much to say, besides that it was fine! Loved the curry as well. It’s a pretty popular lunch spot, and can get a little crowded, so you might have to be prepared to wait a little. It’s nothing too bad, though.


With so much meat dishes we ordered, this plate of green vegetables is to balance the diet so to speak.
Nai Bai is a variation of chinese Bok Choy or alias as milk cabbage too.


✨ Garnished with coconut flakes and heaps of milo powder, the milo ice cream seemed to have stolen the limelight here, with its chocolatey, malty flavour overwhelming the gula melaka lava. Would be good if there’s more coconut flakes instead of milo powder! Pandan fragrance was pretty mild in the cookie, but I still adore its texture very much and this is also the key factor to my repeated visits - a dense, sufficiently moist and slightly chewy interior coupled with crisp edges! 💖Kinda like a subway cookie which I am a huge fan of, that’s thicker and more fudgy. Would have been great if there was more gula melaka filling though, as there seem to be a mere presence within the cookie after the eruption 🙈 .
[PS: Get your 2nd cookie set at 50% off from 23-27 July, 4-7pm with a purchase of this ondeh ondeh lava cookie].
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Hock Prawn Mee’s dry Prawn Noodle - The starchy yellow noodles were springy, and had an eggy flavour that paired nicely with the robust chilli sauce.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/hock-prawn-mee-jalan-besar/


It’s so tender yet thickly sliced. Really impressed by the Chef’s skill.
Classic Hokkien dish, looking simple yet so delicious!


A signature dish, deep fried golden crispy balls.
The flavours simply came ‘alive’ in the mouth.
Quite an enjoyment indeed.


Stirred fried traditional sweet potato rice cake (Rare in local restaurants).
Very delicious and appealing to all of us.
Specialty dish that requires many preparation steps.
Definitely will return for this!


Crispy fried whitebait deliberately sprinkled onto the fried tofu.
Surrounded with blanched broccoli.