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If I ever needed a caffeine boost, this signature Coffee Baller by @therefinerysg is IT!!! ☕️👍🏻🥛

A potent espresso ice ball slowly melted down with warm milk, it's definitely a great perk-me-up with its smooth velvety texture! In fact, it was so good, I ordered a 2nd cuppa milk, and the latte that resulted was still intensely creamy and strong! 😱❤️❤️❤️ Gonna be back again for sure!!!

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I think it is supposed to be a really sweet tasting but that sourness really cuts it. oh the tart itslef is really crunchy, crumbly, definitely of the better tarts. 4.25/5

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Served until 3 pm. Actually tried it already 😚, but i do like it. a bit drier than what i rememberex but gula malaka sauce and pandan scene and flavour is delectable 4.25/5

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This was $7. Some kind of glorified interpretation of carrot cake.

As far as I'm concerned, every day is a good day to eat the super shiok pig's organ soup that Cheng Mun Chee Kee makes. This is one of the OG soup stalls - they're very much no fuss and no frills, which is great because that means all the focus is on serving up the amazing soup they have.

What makes the soup here so good is that it comes packed full of a ton of flavourful parts, but somehow (don't ask me how) the overall balance is light, savory and surprisingly delicate considering how much they manage to pack into each decently sized bowl. I have no idea how they do it, but it's very impressive.

Frankly, just the soup and the rice is more than satisfying enough, but if you want to spoil yourself them you should totally get a rou bing / meat patty on the side. And don't wait for a rainy day to go down - if you're in the area, this is a real must-try!


I've been here a few times now, and I have to say it's a real value for money lunch spot. Quan Co Ba serves up fresh, delicious Vietnamese food for half the price you'd pay if you were in a regular sit-down restaurant, and they have everything you'd expect.

I personally enjoyed the grilled chicken with bee hoon ($6) the most - it's a deceptively simple name, and the bowl comes with a healthy portion of savory chicken, soft noodles, assorted vegetables and peanuts. It's surprisingly refreshing, and a great lunch on a hot day.

To put the price of food here into perspective, a super filling, toasty and fresh Bahn Mi is $5. A McGriddle a la carte is $5.40. Between the both of them, what you get here is more than worth it.

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They have a small menu dedicated to ‘Pu Tien Specialties’ and of course I had to get the Heng Hwa Fried Bee Hoon! It was a tad under seasoned and a teeny bit floury, but I liked the texture of the bee hoon here (not too soft) and how it went well with the chili given.


Crispy battered pork chunks (plus just the right amount of chewy, softened batter in there too) slicked in a well-balanced sauce. Hard to go wrong with this crowd-pleaser.


Think PUTIEN's Heng Hwa Bee Hoon but a dressed down version to match the more affordable price tag. Seasoning wasn't too heavy so you can spam more chilli sauce.


So simple but this really hit the spot. Bittergourd slices still had a nice bite, while the egg was seasoned just nice. Get this to share!


Flavourful with a touch of wok hei, except that it was a little more oily than what we would have liked. Pretty good!


I tend to incline towards ordering Har Cheong Gai at zi char meals cause of how reliable they usually are. This was crispy and marinated well!