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The pulled duck quinoa bowl comprises a myriad of flavours. The savouriness of the duck, sweetness of the orange wedges and tartness of the salsa made the dish pretty appetizing.

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Don鈥檛 let the name mislead you, this has the texture of porridge with the gentle sweetness of soy beans. With the pickled radish, spring onions and Szechuan chilli oil, this is a wonderful bowl of reinvented comfort food - eat it with a spoon or dip the Chinese donut (aka youtiao) and get enjoy some crisp with the 鈥榩orridge鈥. If you鈥檙e up for some adventure this Chinese New Year, @alittletashi is open from today onwards for dinner. Don鈥檛 forget to order some sugarcane mojitos, pickles and bar bites and hang out at the steps of the Laundry Room (back of the restaurant). Thanks to @burpple for the invitation, and @iamjaynedoe and @alittletashi for hosting us!

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The bravery is definitely a familiar cafe to all. I love beef so I gravitated towards the beef brown rice bowl. Beef was good. However would have expected more seasoning for the rice or even a sauce. If the egg was a little more runny, it wouldn鈥檛 have felt as dry as it did. But with that said, it was still a good meal. I would definitely head back to try their mains cause they look & sound really good.

The Jalan Besar area just got a little more interesting with the opening of 鈥淎Little Tashi鈥 - a cool and casual spot to unwind over drinks and an eclectic mix of sharing plates, both big and small. Inspiration for their cuisine is drawn from all over the world but the Asian influence remains strongest.
The standouts for me from our meal were the vegetables (priced between $7++ and $16++, they鈥檙e very far from boring in terms of execution and flavour) and the rice cakes (I couldn鈥檛 help but think of them as a mochi and 鈥渒etupat鈥 hybrid). They tasted incredible smothered in the miso cream, one of the twelve available house-made sauces.
The other popular item amongst the folks at the tasting was the pork collar skewers ($16++ for 4 sticks). I wasn鈥檛 too fond of it personally but it was a hit with everyone else. I enjoyed the baked Mozzarella sprinkled with furikake ($10++) and the Vietnamese-style blood cockles ($14++) a lot more. The latter was a mouthwatering delight as it had been stirfried in chilli jam, crispy pork fat and fish sauce caramel.
Don鈥檛 forget to check out 鈥漷he laundry room鈥 at the back of Alittle Tashi for its eye-catching light design. In fact, you can choose to sit in that area to have drinks and bites too.

I got myself a beef quinoa bowl. Beef was medium rare and had a good accompaniment of sides. Avocado, egg, orange and salsa. Though the bowl was pretty holistic, I would probably recommend glazing the rice with a light sauce. That would really bring the flavour to the next level. Other than that, it鈥檚 worth the try, but I鈥檒l probably only go back when they start adding more items to their menu.

Checked out alittle tashi at 39 Tyrwhitt Road for a Burpple Eatup recently and must say that I have left pretty impressed. The concept serves up simply done Mod-Asian fare in both their Laundry Room and Dining Room menus 鈥 expect bar bites and communal dishes here served alongside alcoholic drinks such as sake, cava, red wine or even cocktails (non-alcoholic choices include pour over coffee and single-pressed sugarcane with Lemon amongst others). What left the strongest impression on the vibe was probably the Laundry Room; a unique concept where patrons can sit on steps to have a tipple or two 鈥 the 鈥淟aundry鈥 lighting hanging inside at the back of the shop just magically blends into the environment surrounding alittle tashi, providing a hip, modern look against the rustic surroundings that is attention-grabbing without sticking out like a sore thumb (its easily my favourite detail at alittle tashi).

We got to try a couple of bar bites from the Laundry Room menu, as well as a few small and bigger bites on the Dining Room menu. Highlights from the Laundry Room menu includes Mozzarella (stretchy, baked cheese on skewer for the cheese pull that鈥檚 sprinkled with furikake for flavour), Spicy Vegetable Chips (crisp, thinly cut lotus root and other vegetables that are lightly salted for flavour 鈥 the light bite one would munch on while keeping the conversation going). Pickles were also served alongside to compliment both the bar bites and the small/bigger bites; the Garlic Cucumber comes with a juicy crunch that provides a good tang , while the Pickled Beetroot whilst being sweet carried a hint of aroma from the Szechuan Chili Oil that added a nice contrast to the beetroot similar to Ma La without being numb or spicy.

Out of the small bites, bigger bites and bowls of comfort section of the Dining Room menu, highlights include the Brussel Sprouts served with charred miso sour cream (fried greens that is all savoury and crisp; a seriously addictively dish that changes perceptions on the usually unappealing green; for me at least), chargrilled Baby Peppers with melted goat鈥檚 cheese (juicy peppers that explode in the mouth; the cheese being the crowd-pleaser that adds another dimension of flavour to the peppers). The Hot Salty Soya Milk would be an item great to share at the table 鈥 unlike the usual smooth and silken soya milk, it comes slightly grainy; almost porridge-like and totally love-able for a savoury dish. Coming with pickled radish, Chinese Donut, Szechuan chili oil and spring onion, the Chinese Donut was a mini You Tiao that had a texture similar to Hum Cheem Bang, while the pickled radish provided a zesty crunch to cut through the heaviness.

alittle tashi also has a staples section on the Dining Room menu that carries all the carbs; the Rice Cakes are recommended 鈥 another unique item to alittle tashi, the texture resembles pan-fried carrot cake, carrying that bounciness and crusted exterior which is pretty unexpected but delicious on its own. Dip them in any of the 12 sauces that they have to offer; the Skhug works as a sauce with a Middle Eastern flavour that was like a crossover between pesto and hummus, while the Ssamjang is all sweet like how Korean chili paste is known to be. My personal favourite has to be the Miso Cream; all savoury and buttery, it鈥檚 all artery-clogging sinfulness but works well with almost everything on the table from the meats to the greens and even with their Tashi Rice 鈥 absolutely amazing (don鈥檛 even leave alittle tashi not ordering this 鈥 it鈥檚 just that delicious).

Really glad to have the opportunity to attend the Burpple Eatup at alittle tashi; a place that serves up simple, Asian-influence dishes with their own unique twist 鈥 the food is in no way complicated and fancy schmanzy, but I did enjoy how everything came with a subtle attention to detail where they add an unconventional flavour that blends in well with the main star of the dish. Thanks to Burpple for the invite, as well as Jayne and her team for hosting; certainly enjoyed the food here 鈥 a place that I should really find some time to return to another day.

Had this one with berry cheesecake to give some sourness. Saltesld egg waa grainy rather than jusy sweet, cookie taste waa good but a bit dry 4.25/5

Curried crunchy chicken skin.
Crunchy curried chicken skin.
Bloody addictive whatever you call it.

Soya milk could possibly be a misnomer here, as its texture was closer to a sandy gruel than anything milk-like in consistency. Whilst I loved the idea of a savoury soy milk with cai po(pickled radish), Szechuan oil and spring onion, this dish is definitely an acquired taste that might need some tweaking to make it more accessible to the masses.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite and @alittletashi as well as @iamjaynedoe for hosting!

Taste: 2.5/5

These smooth and delicate rice cakes were a thing of beauty. Nothing like the hard and mushy ketupats I assumed them to be, they had a sweet, mellow flavour with an afternote of char. Though you might balk at its price, I absolutely insist you order a saucer of alittle tashi鈥檚 heavenly miso cream ($5) to dip your rice cake in. As a matter of fact, you might find yourself reaching for whatever you can find on the table to plunge into that dollop of buttery, salty goodness.

The spicy Korean ssamjang and coriander and hot pepper-based Yemeni skhug sauces are exemplary as well.

Taste: 5/5

Nothing like seeing big hunks of grilled meat on a stick to work up the appetite. The garlic fennel spice-rubbed pork collar is big on strong flavours (which I like very much), nicely contrasted by the mellow pineapple sauce.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite and @alittletashi as well as @iamjaynedoe for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5

Squid, simply grilled till tender, served with a
sweet and slightly spicy Asian chimichurri and mixed lettuce. I think you鈥檙e supposed to have the squid wrapped in lettuce leaf but I preferred doing a quick dunk in the sauce before chomping down.

Thanks to @burpple for the invite and @alittletashi as well as @iamjaynedoe for hosting!

Taste: 3/5