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Singapore 258458

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From the Burpple community

Nigiri (Chutoro, Tai, Biwamasu, Tairagai, Anago, Tamago)
Mini Don with Uni, Kegani & Ikura
Miso Soup with Junsai
Fruit Moriawase (Melon, Peach, Grape, Raspberry, Blueberry)

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the sushi were all really fresh and i absolutely loved the unagi. it was cooked just nice and flavourful 💯 the service is amazing and the chef was nice as well

Omakase lunch at Tomidou was great intimate dining experience. Chef Akira created the sushi from fresh ingredients like pieces of art. Every single piece was so fresh and unique in flavours and textures. Of the many sushi, I loved the bluefin tuna which melt in the mouth, the mackerel which exploded with multiple flavours, the long-spiked sea urchin which reminded of the sea, and the shijimi clam miso soup which was so comforting and good for the liver.

Had an amazing dinner at Tomidou.
Right after stepping into the restaurant the staff made sure we were well taken care of.
The ambience was very soothing and great for an intimate dining experience.

It was such a privilege to watch chef Akira create the dishes which were like pieces of art from the fresh ingredients.
For someone who previously thought I was not a fan of sashimi, this has completely changed my mind! Every single piece was so fresh and goes well with either the wasabi or the ponzu sauce.

I also really appreciate the staff introducing every single dish to us when served and was surprised to learn that the shijimi calms in the miso soup served was good for the liver.

Would highly recommend to give this restaurant a try regardless of whether you are a fan of Japanese food!

Dining at Tomidou was an amazing experience! The service is top notch and both the service staff and the chef were very welcoming. The staff made sure to clarify all our food allergies before starting the meal.

Each dish was skillfully prepared by the chef directly in front of us and a quick introduction to each dish was given to us by the service staff which better helped us understand the different elements put together to present that one dish.

Chef Akira also personally explained to us different combination of consuming a single dish to get a variety of flavors.

Personally loved the charcoal grilled mackerel as I was blown away by the combination of flavors between the grilled mackerel and the vinegar soaked kelp.

Overall an amazing experience and will definitely be back again to try more of chef Akira’s creations!

Beautifully prepared fresh mackerel sushi. The unique flavour of the in-season mackerel fish is really heavenly. Oishii 🥰