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Generous almond slices topping and quality chocolate.... :") one of the best chocolate bread around that i have tried!

This is different from the ones i see/tried bc it held up the crisp on the outside well. But I havent tried Keong Saik's one la HAHAHAHA hopefully to try it sooooon ;)))))) love the thick chocolate ganache with light espresson flavour! Nomznomz

Amuse Bouches
Fresh Hyogo Oyster w/ Ponzu Sauce ⭐️
2-kind Sashimi (Flounder & Chutoro w/ Caviar) ⭐️
Beancurd Skin
Flower Crab w/ Vinegar Jelly
Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki ⭐️
Kinmedai Nigiri
Otoro Nigiri
Kanpachi Nigiri
Surf & Turf Nigiri (Beef Tartare, Sweet prawn, Uni & Ikura) ⭐️
Aburi Sanma Nigiri
Anago Nigiri
A4 Wagyu w/ Tuna Fats ⭐️
Cheesecake w/ Sorbet

⭐️ being my favourites

Double chocolate cornetto from Dolcetto! This place that i happen to chance upon truly became one of my top few to-go bakeries!! Welp.me.!!!

Waffles were crispy on the outside and soft inside! It was quite oily due to the bacon but was super delicious with the cheddar cheese and bacon bits in the waffles! Also came with a few strips of bacon at the side which were super crispy! Sour cream was given too!

4⭐ High tea affair with sis. We chose their high tea because there's 1 for 1 weekday high tea promotion until end of Nov for HSBC cardholder. This is a much better promo than the current 50% off for 2nd diner found on their website. There's only 1 seating on weekday 2pm - 5pm.
Every diner have a choice of 2 tea/ coffee served. We had Tiramisu black tea, Fruit Symphony tea, Calming Spirits tea and Apple Strudel with Pistachio tea. Avoid Apple Strudel with Pistachio tea as it doesn't taste good. The savoury food are better than the desserts and all are refillable. We particularly like the salmon macaron and quiche which we ordered again. My sis laments that the scones are not serve hot and she missed the scones we had at Fraser Hills 10 years ago which we agreed that it was the best scones which we ate. 😂
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📍Fat Cow, Camden Medical Centre📍
💸 Fatcow premium donburi (Miyazaki A4 wagyu): $128++ (we used the Entertainer 1-1 deal)
Just the look of this decadent wagyu beef donburi and you can tell that Fat Cow is definitely a luxurious treat.👑 It is an ensemble of premium miyazaki A4 wagyu beef, foie gras, uni, caviar, fish roe, onsen egg and truffle flavoured rice. All that goodness in one bowl!🐮 But did it live up to its expectation, especially at its price point?🤔 While the beef was to-die-for, we felt that the balance of the whole donburi was kinda off. There were just too many heavy-tasting elements in the dish, such that we felt jelat after a while...and craved for something lighter on the palette instead.🥴 Overall, Fat cow is great for enjoying good quality beef but should we ever return, we would probably give the donburi a miss or share it with others!😬

Desserts and bakes here are drool worthy, and thats what prompted me to take a trip there! 🤤

Brioche Donuts: Ordered one each of the chocolate & kaya to try, the chocolate leans towards dark chocolate which I don’t prefer but the kaya one was an absolute delight! Kaya itself is cold which I find it more enjoyable and delightful!

By the time we were done with the meal it was almost 2pm and some bakes were sold out, the kitchen were preparing to roll out new batches.

Head there early and place your takeaway orders with them during your meal to avoid disappointment!

Desserts and bakes here are drool worthy, and thats what prompted me to take a trip there! 🤤

Kaya Fluff Cake: Home made kaya between these chiffon layers, cream cheese frosting with toasted coconut flakes and pumpkin seeds. Homemade kaya light, fragrant and not sickly sweet - it does leave an impression on me.

By the time we were done with the meal it was almost 2pm and some bakes were sold out, the kitchen were preparing to roll out new batches.

Head there early and place your takeaway orders with them during your meal to avoid disappointment!

This was one of those things on the menu which was stated as ‘Seasonal’ and ‘Ask the chef’ for more details, which people typically tell you to stay away from 😛 but boy were we glad that we took a leap of faith and gave this a try - the pork was perfectly cooked and seasoned, accompanied with a young papaya (!!!) sauerkraut, Genting tomato salad and fries. True to its philosophy, the food we had that day allowed the quality ingredients to speak for itself - clean flavours and harmonious pairings that comes with respect for the food put on the table 🙂

+ the cosy and chill vibe and excellent service (shoutout to you Xavier!), we’re looking forward to our next visit.

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(Hosted) Head @Chef.pinaki had joined @yantrasg just before Covid hit, so timing wasn’t great but based on our recent dinner at the surprisingly spacious and elegant restaurant, I think he has used the unexpected gift of time to great advantage - by creating new dishes and tweaking the flavours of existing ones to improve them. My family and I felt the Tasting Menu he served us, was most delicious.
Inspired by tradition as well as modern influences, the cuisine at #YantraSg is a fine balance of classic and contemporary. There is an a la carte menu of course but Chef Pinaki’s Tasting Menu allowed us to try a wide variety which is what I prefer when visiting a dining establishment for the first time. We did however, also enjoy a couple of other items outside of it, such as the Rajasthani Mirchi Yade, a traditional stuffed and batter-fried green chilli that was irresistible with its filling of spiced potatoes, and a fabulous Chicken Biryani that smelled and tasted as appetising as my video suggests.
Arriving first though were the amuse bouche of Papdi Chaat and Dahi Puri - a pair of exciting bites of contrasting flavours and textures. I was especially infatuated with the latter, a delicately crunchy ball filled with cool yogurt.
Head @chefpinaki then presented a starter featuring the meat of a young goat from Australia done in two ways (unlike most places, the mutton used at Yantra does not come from sheep). I found both preparation methods to result in deeply aromatic tenderness, with nary a trace of gaminess. But if you aren’t into mutton, fret not because you can opt for the alternative starter - a duo of Chicken Tikka and Chutneywale Fish Tikka (it features local seabass marinated in coriander, mint marinade). My mum who had this, liked it a lot and successfully pried the recipe from Chef 😆.
Next came the Macher Paturi, a speciality of Bengal which is where Chef Pinaki hails from. It showcased fresh local seabass marinated in mustard and coconut and cooked in banana leaves. I was reminded of Otah while tucking into this delectableness but the spice profile was completely different.
An intermezzo of Milagu Rasam followed. I loved the steaming hot, sour and peppery broth so much, I had to have two cups.
The main course comprised of two dishes to be savoured with saffron rice. One was the signature Chicken Tikka Makhani which had very tender boneless pieces of chicken in rich, thick and mildly spicy tomato-fenugreek gravy. The other, which had me scraping the bowl clean, was the humble looking but too-yummy-for-words Dal Makhani. After simmering for more than 24 hours on the tandoor, the black urad (lentils) were unbelievably soft and creamy.
We were also served a big plate of spinach to share. Cooked till mushy, the iron-rich vegetable was abundantly fragrant and flavoursome due to the large amount of peppers, spices and garlic used.
None of us could stop munching on the freshly-made garlic naan either, as it boasted a crisp bite rather than being limp and doughy.
Dessert was wonderful as we got a mix of Indian specialties. Served warm were the classic Gulab Jamun and the Gajar ka Halwa, a carrot compote (I really liked this), and in-between them sat a scoop of housemade “cream of milk” ice-cream which turned out to be a good complement.

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【Fatcow 2.0】
Sliced 21 Days Dry-aged Nagasaki A5 Wagyu on rice, uni, caviar, foie gras, onsen egg, truffle oil ($148++) .

BUT if you have @entertainersg it would be half price, isn’t it fucking worth it? OMG! The charred on the foie gras was absolute bomb! The ooze from the onsen egg, the super thinly sliced Wagyu so tender, the uni, caviar = perfect combination! 🤯

I was so famished and cold I finished the entire bowl with no grain left behind. 🤭😍🥩
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