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A different option from the usual sweet suspects, it makes for a great end to the night with a citrusy, refreshing finish.
Find out more at
Open Farm Community
130E Minden Rd
Singapore 248819
Tel: +65 64710306
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening hours:
Mon–Thu: 12pm – 4pm, 6pm – 11pm
Fri: 12pm – 4pm, 6pm - 12 midnight
Sat & PH: 11am – 5pm, 6pm-12 midnight
Sunday: 11am – 5pm, 6pm – 11pm

My boyfriend and I went to Fat Cow on 21 September to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We ordered the Miyazaki and Ohmi steak and it was superb. I even kept gushing about it to my friends thereafter. However, one thing that truly miffed me and marred the entire experience was when my boyfriend ordered a glass of whisky, he asked for an ice sphere, but was told there wasn't any.

The menu clearly states that we are able to choose between ice cubes or an ice sphere for the whiskies, which we pointed out to the waitress. However, the waitress told him that they do not currently have an ice sphere, she did not even check in with the bar, she immediately stated that they do not have it. The last time when we went to Fat Cow on 2 May, we had asked for an ice sphere to go along with our whiskey too, but they persisted in saying that they do not have it. So we took it as it is and just ordered the whiskey with ice cubes, which rapidly melted and diluted the whiskey.

Towards the end of our dinner, a middle-aged white gentleman who was seated next to us ordered a glass of whiskey and they served it to him with an ice sphere without him having to even ask for it. Judging from how some of the waiters greeted him, we gathered that he is a regular. But even then, if you are going to omit certain parts of the service that is clearly stated in the menu as an option, lie about it, and only serve it to customers you favor, then why even bother stating it? Does the service staff not realize that new customers are potential regulars too? I truly loved the Ohmi and Miyazaki steaks, but this is the second time we have been discriminated against, so we will be steering clear of Fat Cow from now and getting our Japanese steaks and whiskies elsewhere.

Celebrated our 4th Anniversary on 21 September by gorging on the most divine steaks in Singapore. The A4 Miyazaki is inundated with a labyrinth of glorious fat. This intricate marbling gives rise to one of the most decadent pieces of meat ever. Every bite that punctuates the succulent wagyu beef yields a deluge of creamy fatty juices.

After my tongue was bathed in the savory, sweet, umami and gelatinous richness of the fat, I was awarded the ultimate pleasure of experiencing the intensely tender beef rapidly melt from the heat of my mouth like it was made of the most delicious snow. Truly an orgasm in the mouth that is up for debate whether it's better than sex.

Am right back at my favourite cafe for a homely affair of cake and coffee .

The carrot cake is extra moist and filled with chunky walnuts and a good hint of cinnamon.
I liked how light the cake is and that it wasn’t too sweet and it didn’t have that cloying feel of butter too which some bakeries tend to use for their carrot cakes which really destroys the whole healthy feel of a carrot cake .

Coming from someone who loves baking and loves cakes - butter is a no no for carrot cakes .
Just any vegetable or light testing oil works best and I believe this was what cafe beviamo used .

The frosting was just nice and I liked how that it was not sandwiched in between the cake like some carrot cakes. The frosting is on the top of the cake and you can easily scrap it off without wasting too much cake if you are not a fan of frosted cakes .

My all time favourite :)

Do give a try to their sticky date cake which come with a generous wallop of ice cream .

Not sure why the cafe took the listing of desserts off the menu and it seems like a “ secret “ for regulars and old timers to know that the sticky date cake exists because it is not displayed on the cake shelf .

Very weird marketing strategy - nevertheless - reminding myself to just eat cake and don’t complain 🙈!

Really delicious home made pasta over al dente pasta .

The pesto is homemade - evidence from the slightly bigger pieces of basil 🌿 leaves .

Throughly enjoyable - I find that pastas cooked in simple pesto , aglio olio or homemade plum tomato sauce is always the best .

It was okay, not bad but not that good as well (maybe I should not switch to wholewheat).

If you come to nassim hill bakery, this is one of the thing that you MUST order! Though it’s humble appearance doesn’t look convincing, the first bite will blow your mind.

Despite the generous portion of the ribeye steak, the meat comes with lots of fats. The taste was “okay”. Good to try but won’t repurchase.

A couple of nights ago, TH and I had a really lovely meal at Fat Cow. We were there specifically for their “Autumn Menu” and to our delight and pleasure, it proved to be a fabulous feast featuring top notch Japanese beef and seafood, each course as satisfying on the tastebuds as it was on the eyes.
We eased into dinner in the very best way - by sipping on Fat Cow’s own exclusive brand of Junmai Daiginjo sake. The crystal clear, very pale gold liquid was a veritable bouquet of fruity and floral notes.
As the weather has been rather rainy and cool of late, our first course of a hot sea bream and clams soup was the perfect starter. I loved it for its sweet richness and depth of flavour.
The second was a fabulously colourful and decadent version of “surf & turf” by way of Japan. Cut thick, the Mejina, a cold season fish, was lightly seared and carried a hint of smokiness. The Wagyu Yukke tartare was crowned with a quail’s egg that had to be broken and stirred in. This gave the slightly spicy raw meat a silky coating which I found very sensuous.
A trio of tempura of Uni Norimaki, Eringi and Myoga arrived next. The sea urchin roll was very generous in size, the king mushroom was meaty and the ginger flower was deeply aromatic. The deep-fried batter encasing each of them seemed more flavourful and crispier than the usual. TH was so impressed by this course he proclaimed it one of his two favourites from the dinner.
The fourth item was a seasonal fish. Presented on a huge Hoba leaf, the Autumn Salmon was still simmering away in a sweetish Hatcho Miso when it was placed in front of me. Execution was on point, resulting in very moist, cottony-soft flesh.
Then came the night’s highlight, the Bincho-tan grilled Miyazaki Wagyu. With its flavour intensified by a brief time over burning coals, the A4 marbled striploin melted in my mouth like butter on a hot pan. It was heaven.
Our meal was brought to a refreshing close with a slice of Shizuoka musk melon and a scoop of refreshing peach sorbet.
If you’ve always ordered your usual at Fat Cow or have never visited this restaurant, I recommend giving their seasonal menus a try. Quality is undeniable and the dining experience is elevated by the team’s warm, sincere service.