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Tencha served with pickles

(Part of the Tsuzumi Menu $240)

Japanese Daikon Salad with Fried White Bait

(Part of the Tsuzumi Menu $240)

Tempura - Japanese Tiger Prawn, Ginnan, Kisu, Japanese Lotus Root, Tachiuo, Hotate, Maitake, Uni, Anago, Japanese Sweet Potato

(Part of the Tsuzumi Menu $240)

With fresh seafood imported from Hokkaido, it was truly a wonderful evening with Akira-san for my first ever Omakase experience. Akira-san was friendly and polite, and also introduced the dishes that he had prepared to enhance the experience.

Here for my virgin Omakase experience and I’m so glad I had mine at Tomidou. Akira-san was thoughtful, polite and skilful and I appreciate how he shared with us the origins of the food that we had. Food was delightful - fresh and melted in my mouth. Also, huge props to the staff who were super attentive to us. Would be back again.

I went to Tomidou with my 2 month old baby and felt very welcomed by the staff. Great service, helped me to move the plates /dishes closer so I could reach it while I was carrying my baby. Food was great and tasty! You could taste the freshness. Chef also made small talk with us while we were at the bar seat.

The restaurant's lightning and decoration gave it a wonderful ambience. We get to see how the chef prepared the food live. The food is amazing and the staff/ chef will explain to you about their history or the food origin etc.

Headed down to Tomidou for their lunch omakase the other day, the ambience and service from their chefs & staffs were really nice and i felt very comfortable. I must say that the ingredients used were very fresh and i really loved each and everyone of the dish offered during my course. If i had to choose one out of everything there, it would definitely have to be the filefish sushi that i tried for the first time. It was incredibly fresh and umami, as it was my first time trying filefish i tot that it might have a fishy taste or so but i was proved wrong. Also, we gotten a small bottle of sake to pair while eating and it was a perfect match. Definitely will recommend Tomidou to my family and friends to give it a try!

Came here for lunch. Space was really ambient and relaxing, and music was really zen. Green tea was also super fragrant. The dishes that stood out to me most were the filefish and the mini don. It was my first time having filefish, and the chef showed us a photo of it. It had the texture of swordfish while having the taste of salmon, one of the best sashimis I've tasted. The uni on the mini don was also fabulous, super fresh, and well balanced with the fish roe and freshly ground wasabi. Staff were also super attentive and paid close attention to what we needed. Overall a beautiful experience here at Tomidou with lovely service and food.

The omasake dining experience was amazing. I really enjoyed the chutoro nigiri. Even though it was served simply, just with a brush of soya sauce as the topping, it was flavourful. The sushi rice (made with vinegar) was fluffy and warm, the dash of wasabi, the chutoro itself all came together to give a wonderful medley of flavours in the mouth. Loved it.