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[CLOSED] Wednesdays Food Company

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A quaint western cafe in an oriental shophouse. Cosy ambience with all day brunches and meats galore!


From the Burpple community

Ok I'm back again. After my experience with the steak and eggs or as I affectionately coin it , " steggs" , I had to try another dish. So for $14.90 I can have a drink, soup and a bowl of beef stew with toast and salad on the side ? Fuck yes . The stew : beef chunks , soft like your primary school crush's lips before they started realizing life is shit and started cussing. The potatoes absorbs the gravy, making every bite feel like you're eating mash with the tears of a Titan . Don't even get me started on the carrots and onions. After you're done devouring the solids , then comes the gravy ; full flavored liquified beef heaven. " USE the toast , Luke", obi wan kenobi would say if he was there .. And if your name was indeed Luke. Dip into that gravy and forget that you need to breathe in order to live. Don't fuck the system , eat it . After the meal, I made my peace with the chef as she wanted to call the Police on me; I can't help it if I "ooooo" and "ahhhhh" too loud . Overall , this place did it for me again .


Remember how you felt when you had your first love ? Remember how you got when you saw your first born? Well , that first bite into the steak and eggs would send those feelings to the back of your head . Unlike other steaks I've tried when the first bite was good then the taste gradually wore off ( much like chewing gum ) , this steak disintegrates with taste in your mouth . The eggs ( I chose scrambled ) went with it beautifully like a pimp and his blings. Velvety eggs on top of garlic butter on top of that steak ... Please . After changing my underwear in the toilet from wetting my pants , I can't help but to recollect the joy of having a steak as good as this .


Found a hidden gem along the busy Jalan Besar Road at the former 7 Sensations, opened just a week ago! Had the Seafood Marinara with their own special Wednesdays sauce and my buddy had a good quality sirloin steak, all at really affordable prices. A must check-out!!

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Taking over 7 Sensations is this new cafe that only opened today that sells a range of items from mains to pastas to sides to even cakes! The Grilled Fish ($17) that comes drizzled with tangy herbed lemon butter sauce is tender and soft but these grilled dory fillets wasn't outstanding as the flavour of the sauce could not be fully tasted. The shoestring fries that came with is fine; it was crispy and slightly spiced, as with the mixed greens which came in fine as well.


From Wednesday Food Company at 279 Jalan Besar. This was surprisingly satisfying; grilled cod coated in peppercorn in a Lemon Butter sauce that was flaky and peppery with a bit of tanginess in the sauce to boost the flavour of the fish. Fries and garden salad that accompanies every main is equally good; fries well-seasoned in salt and garden salad tossed with ample amount of dressing. Come by carrying no expectations, throw away the thoughts of anything hipster and do not judge the plain interior; the food here is not meant for really hardcore foodies and you would definitely be satisfied by the honest, simple grub that they are serving up that's meant for the soul.


From Wednesday Food Company at 279 Jalan Besar. This was decent and comforting, fault-less and safe without anything gimmicky or fanciful with QQ squids and a slight crisp battered crust. Came with the option of an garlic aioli dip or tartar sauce (menu only states garlic aioli), and the garlic aioli seemed a tad different from the usual using caramalised onions instead, carrying a sweeter flavour.